Tuesday, December 15, 2009


i'm back. and i'm missing camp so much.
the people actually..
and sumhow.. i miss those late nights.. altho they were so tiring..
but i miss it.. =)

i miss everything..
i left for camp right after chemistry paper..
so i couldn't feel or realize that spm is over..
and i felt like it was merely the normal school holidays.
and i was so busy at camp..
alot of ppl kept saying stuffs tht reminded me..
oh wow, spm is over.. i'm freee!..? x)
then a question mark comes up.
i guess i couldn't feel it till now..coz i was so busy in camp..
but i feel it now. like i'm so free.. i dunno wht to do. LOL.
at least not yet la. abit zonked out now coz i've nt enough slp..
yet. lol!

camp was great. i got to know people whom i've known for quite long but nvr really know KNOW them. if u get me. yeah. got closer with alot of people this camp.. tho i didn't really get the feeling i always get during camp. tht camp family feeling. mayb coz i was head of dance trainers this time.. and not a camper. but yeah, it was great. haha.. theres tonnes of pictures to put up. videos too.. but yeah i kinda dead at the moment. LOL.

not enough slp. tho i've slpt so much just now. O.O
still feel so tired. maybe i'm recovering all the sleep i've lost..=P
brain dead. gonna go rest and upload pics. =)
wait me sayangs! xD



  1. u nutcase.
    dun think u go camp boleh lupakan saya~
    i will haunt u~~~ haha!
    weh, credit xpire susah nak bug u la~
    marilyn got tell u bout plans to go jejalan?
    eh, looks like u enjoyed camp~


  2. u noob! hw can i forget u? just tht i've been pretty darn busy with camp and dance. haha performing again this weekend! come if u wan. i'll let u know details if u wan. hahaha.. no she said wan call me but din call me. =/ miss u guys wei