Monday, December 21, 2009

Last Round of Performances for 2009!

There was an extended round of outreach after camp! and it was from the 18th till the 20th! =) so yup.. went to a few new places.. performances were much better this round i must say! =P

Jov dear. =) my bus partner on the first day!

Sunway Giza

LOL. i seee some tummmyyyy! =P

Aaron =)

On 2nd day of outreach, at timesquare.. kimberley darling came to support me! =)

I love you twin! =)

Time square =) love the stage and the crowd. =D i'm the middle one. hehe.

Then our last venue on second day was tropicana city mall! =)



Nick Di!



And calvin came with wei lim and may yi! i stunned a while when i saw them.. for like.. 1 sec! hahahahaha...

Traffic Light!! xD

BB and his stich. xD

In the lift!

Then on second day at night..

LYDIA darling came to see us at subang paradeeee!!!! =) wheeee~! hahahaa.. man we miss u so much u noe anot? =( it was so nice seeing her smilling while we danced. hahaa.. =) u silly sleeping hoho beauty! =P

Sheryl dear! =)

Di! u look funny here. hahaa..

South City Mall. first place of last day of outreach. =)

Pavillion! we rushed to pavillion after timesquare..

timesquare was the best best best time for me tht day. coz when i was performing we are the reason half way.. my best friend from JB aka Kaw Meng Chung suddenly appeared and stood right infront of me! and smiled. i felt like running down to hug him! but i couldn't! hahahaa.. but yeah.. i was so so so happy to see him! after so long! Even better! during my last dance.. the minute i went on stage. i saw a bunch of people standing infront on the first floor.. and all of them were just screaming jumping cheering and waving! ahhh.. they were my schoolmates from JB! they went for a trip.. and so happen was in KL tht day so i told kaw i was performing and they managed to see at least one dance! hahaa.. ahhh i felt so happy! tho i knew they had to leave right after i perform.. so when we exit time square at the entrance.. suddenly kaw pointed and shouted out my name! and everyone else started screaming and calling out my name..! hahaha all my AFC peeps were stunned a while. and i ran to them and hugged as many i could! hahahaa.. too bad i couldn't take a group picture with them.. =( coz we had to rush to pavillion.. tho shu xin managed to take a pic with me! hahaha.. coz she say she dun wan hug she wan take pic. xD after i left she go show off to everyone else saying tht she clever she took picture instead of hugging. xD but i loved all the hugs! ahh all of them so leng lui edy hahaha.. and leng zhai.. =) i miss them so muchhh! =/ cant wait to have a reunion with them next year! ^^ so yup! this was the highlight of my day! hahaa.. =)

so last venue was subang parade!

group pic!

Di .. =)

Haha. =]



Calvin and chee hau came to see! whee! =)

Chee hau! din see him since he went ns!

Calvin =)


Daniel! =)

with the jie jie and kor kor of AFC. =)

Aaron.. =)

Yogan and JJ! =)

so yup! those are my pictures. very lil! hahaha.. coz i took alot of videos this time round and yeah.. it took up my memory card space tho i emptied it every night! O.O the other pictures are with sheryl and janning! so yeah man. last night of outreach was just crazie and fun! hahahaha .. everyone was taking pictures and hanging out at the stage there.. =P took alot of jumping pictures too! =P

Anyhoo! its 4.30am. O.O =P and yeah. i better go to bed. =P hahaha.. was waiting for my hair to dry. so i thought, why not blog? =P
Woo.! christmas in a few more days!! so excited but cant believe time is passing so fast. =/
Good Morning! =)

Dance dance danceeeee~! =)