Thursday, December 31, 2009

Its the Last Day of 2009 Already! O.O

Whoaaa! can u believe it? its already the last day of 2009! time really flew by so fast this year! seriously. like whoaaa...

2009 has finally come to an end.
i still rmb me being at curve's countdown with PHw and Ck Wai and friends..
and spraying.. with the awesome fireworks..
ahh.. and we were just welcoming 2009!
and now we're gonna be welcoming 2010! wow wow! haha..

guess wht?
i'll be going to curve again for countdown this year!
but this year i'll be with a different group of people.. =)
i've a feeling its gonna be a better countdown this year!
coz i'll be with super special people.. loved and dear to me. =)
and watching the fireworks with them would mean so much more. =)
i really cant wait for later! haha.. its 3am now. =P
i had a long day yday. went jusco, then suppose to go to Hospital Serdang..

to visit Khai Yein. she had a spinal surgery yday..
and we supposed to visit her ..
as we were about to go.. we called her mum and her mum told us..
that khai yein was in ICU! =( ahhh. i hope and pray she'd be alright! =/
so have to visit another day.
all friends pls do pray for her kay? thanks alot! it means alot..

So went to one utama with family.. and met janning and qian.!
was supposed to watch sherlock holmes but there were no tickets! =(
so yep. we hung out.. played pool.. and bought some new shirts! heheee..
brothers and I got Body Glove Polo Ts. =D
then after ou went to Mohsin in TTDI to yam cha. =P

so yep, tmr another tiring long day. gonna meet qian at 1pm..
go ou and spend time with her..
then at 5pm she drop me off at curve..
and i'll go gai gai with Di.. =)!
then later at night Bb and aaron.. Li nar.. Alex..
Joe ong and many others will be joining us for countdown! aweeesomeee! =)
cant wait! till then, i really need my sleep. Seriously! @_@
so off i go. =)

loads of pictures to upload. i've been goin out almost everyday..
=P hehe. money running dry already! =/
gonna do an entry on my whole 2009.
highlights of my 2009. =) soon! hehe.


I miss you alotttt.. =/

Have a great new year's eve as we all reflect back on our 2009 and look forward to our 2010! Loves! =) xoxo

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    Kann ich so nur zustimmen