Thursday, December 24, 2009

21st and 23rd

Couldn't sleep. decided to blog. =)

Went to Tropicana city mall on monday,21st! love the stage. miss dancing on it. =) was awesome.

Qian and Janning came to pick us from home..went to SS2 and we had dinner there.

BB came along. =)

Yep! 14 of us watched Avatar. the super awesome movie! loved it! the graphics,the scene, especially the night scene! the beautiful creatures, and the light that pops up wherever they set their feet on the groud. Loved the movie. =)! two thumbs up for me! better than transformers 2 or new moon for the matter. ;)

This Didi hor.. bluffed me! he told me he wasnt coming! but suddenly i saw him when i reached! and the first thing he said was.. "Supriseeee!" xD how can I not sayang this boy huh? =)

Group picture without jamie and joseph! the beauty of timer. xD. man, i din noe avin was behind me. if not i wouldnt have bent down. ISH. xD

Di <3
Thanks for the popcorn and drink and some of your fish and chips! =) haha. maaan, didi belanja jie jie instead of jie jie belanja didi. =P

Thanks for fetching qian! =)

Then we went to TTDI Mohsin or smth to eat. lol.

their moontage naan was aweesomeee! its rm5 tho. =P

Group. =)

Jov dear!

Janning and aaron! =)

This is Andrea's Bu Xuang face. xD
theres a story behind this picture isnt there? =P

Rmb our promise. =) See u tonight!!! <3

Then on the 22nd, tuesday, suppose to go out with lydia and jovenne. but plan canceled. =( sigh. when are we gonna finally go out again girls? =( sniffx.

so i went to OU with mummy instead. and we shopped till we dropped. i realized how boring shopping is. =X and had a long day coz had to wait aunt fetch from OU so waited till 10 plus only left OU. goodness. T_T then we went to dessert bar but the food and service kinda sucked really bad. =/ no joke.

anyhoo, i finally have two new skirts! jeans and black skirt. ahh finallyyy! thanks mummy! =)

then yday, 23rd..wednesday.. went to Timesquare with Lyn,Jian,TJF ..............Mm. lol. :D TJF sesat and slept and so we had to wait for him. so 3 of us just hung out at the playground and catched up. then we ate breakfast at mamak near mobil.

ehhh the roti telur there nice wei. so nice i forgot i had dull. LOL. serious. tho, their curry puff pwn ppl one. looks super filled with fillings. actually all air inside one. no joke! =/ and its 50 cents. zz.

Check this out. Ori pepsi? Naaaaaaaaaaaaah. LOL. sum retarded pepsi.

the ktm to timesquare reli sucked. it stopped at bank negara for more than half an hour for i dunno wht. zz. =.= dupid ktm. so at kl sentral we cant tahan edy. so we took taxi to timesquare from there. anyways right.. i encountered a blind lady.. when i was passing by she called out..

"Sister! sister! can u help me?"

i could not have ignored and not respond to tht call. so i asked.. wht she needed. and she said she wanted me to bring her to the lift at kl sentral. we were walking half way to the monorail edy. and i didn't noe wht to do. my brain told me.. just go.. ur friends are waiting for u. u wan go back all the way meh? but my heart and my legs and hands started to act to help the lady. =/ so i walked her till gonna reach then she asked me if i had rm1 coins. and my friend imeadiately pulled me away from her and asked me to walk on and leave. i felt bad. leaving all of a sudden. but then again, wht my friend said made some sense. if she actually needed help, she wouldn't have gotten this far. true. anyhoo, the minute she asked for money, i smelt smth funky. so yeah. i started to be cautious edy. anyways, i felt bad. but theres nth i can do.

ate Mc.D and they played bowling. =) i din join this time tho. =P

TJF teaching jian how to play. LOL

Jian nt bad wei. serious. =)

Lyn Yie. =) take 1

Take 2

Take 3. =)

so yeah, i shopped for some christmas presents. and after getting wht i wanted i shopped a lil for myself. =)

nail polish! smth i've not bought or used in a long time. =) its time! =P

And i bought myself an oh so pretty purple handbag! wheeee~!! =) first purple handbag for me! =) the purple is so pretty.. tho it looks like blue here. =.=

Picture with flash. LOL. another black bag caught my eye, but i only had enough to get one. oh hw i wished i couldn've bought both! =/

so yeah. that was my day. waited for Dad to come.. and he finally came at 8.30pm and we went to curve after tht.. ikea.. to eat.? lol. and shop for Bb's christmas wear.

Its christmas eve already coz its like.. 4.50am. =P
Cant wait for service tonight! everyones gonna be looking so pretty and handsome! =) i on the other hand is still thinking of wht to wear and wht to do with my hair! =P we'll see! =)
now, i really need to sleep.

feeling much better.
some people would know whts wrong when i stay up real late and dun sleep.
some. =)