Friday, December 25, 2009

I Celebrate Christmas Because its His Birthday. =)

hello everyone! blessed christmas to u all! =)
christmas eve service yesterday was great! =)
took alot of pictures and everyone looked so leng zhai and leng lui!
hahaha.. and stayed longer this year coz benson drove us home..
plus.. we got to go yam cha after service too.. till 3am plus. O.O
this was the first eve service in st.pauls i got to sit inside weih!
i'm always late and have to sit outside. hahaha.. awesome! =)

so yes! pictures will be up soon! =P alot of pictures. xD
and yeah.. went to seremban to visit my aunties uncles and cousins!
my mum's side of the family. =)
it was so jaaaam my goodness! O.O SO JAM! on christmas!
and i had a long talk with sharon, my cousin who works in Astro!
she's gonna be the producer for Akademi Fantasia next year!
congrats couz! =) and yeah, she gave me a heads up about event managing..
and wht i may wanna do with my future..
and advice me and all that.. she even called one of her friends..
on the spot to get me a job interview for a company..
that'd take me as an intern in event management! oh maaan! =D!
yes, i'm actually too young but her friend helped to pull some strings! =)
thanks alot steph! ^^so yeah, steph suggested me to go for one of their events tmr..
at stadium melawati shah alam.. and to learn and see how things are done..
so tmr i'd be going there from 8am till 5pm! learning & working. =)
so i'd be sure whether i want to work with do events..
and actually proceed in this career! ahh..

Praise the Lord for opening doors for me..! =)
i'm more clear about event managing after talking to sharon..
but now i'm also abit unsure whether i'd wanna really go for events..
after sharon has cleared me about what are the pros and cons of it..
so yup. we'll see how tmr goes! =)
till then! merry christmas everyone!
hope you're having a splendid day! ^^

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