Wednesday, December 16, 2009


first day away from camp.
almost died uploading all the pics of camp to facebook..
now i'm thinking twice whether i should post up pics here. =P
uploading pics aint fun wei. hahahaa..

finally uploaded everythig by 3pm plus. like zomg man.
and went out just nw. yay! =)
went to ou with Zhong Hao and watched jump!
nt bad. a stephen chow movie. kinda funny and stupid.. xD
hoped to see more dancing tho.. but very lil..
and zhong hao belanja-ed me Pizza Hut! wheeee~! =)

Thank Youuuuuu! =]

so yes had a great day today.
nowww.. should i blog about camp with pictures? Thinks.. Hmm. =P

With the way that the soft snowflakes kiss us,From far above.

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