Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Up and Down and Up and Down

Lil bro randomly googled SMKSB and found my picture on the KDU website. it was pictures they took that day during the scholarship presentation. =D

The principle of KDU talking to us. lol.

Picture of my class. =D

And a picture of my lil bro's doggies. LOL. was taking the clothes in. then i realized. omg so funny. kesian them weih! hahaha. so i snapped a pic b4 i took them in. =P

Anyways.. trials were officially over on monday..
got results for few subjects edy.
Got an A for History,Maths,Chemistry,Addmaths,Bm.
Got a B for Physics. =(

havent got the rest yet tho.
Hopefully they make me smile! =/

Was pretty pretty down and emofied yesterday man..
In school after recess.. and at home at night. =(
Super emofied. ahh.
going for a jog later anyways. Go release stress.

Man, cant believe october is here again! its already the last day of September. Rawr. LOADS of birthdays in October in my calender! Including mine. wahahahahahahaha.. ANYWAYS...


& you've no idea how much it breaks my heart.. :(

Monday, September 28, 2009

I DID IT!!!!!!!

I DID IT! I FINALLY DID IT!! I FINALLY GOT AN A FOR MY ADDMATHS! From a Fail to a D to an A! This was the 1st time i ever felt Delighted wit myself after gettin my results! this was the moment i hav been waitin & hopin for! Hard work does pay off! ALL GLORY 2 GOD!

& a millon thx 2 Kimberley darling for comin all the way 2 Kepong from Sunway juz 2 tutor me! thanks baby for being so willing to take the public transport.. to kepong from sunway every monday after ur class just to teach me! summore for free! Tho ur like SO tired after class but u still make the effort to go the extra mile for me! THANK YOU SO MUCH BABY! I HOPE I HAVE DONE U PROUD! =) Tho this aint the real thing yet, but its a stepping stone! it makes me wanna go the extra extra mile for you!! and everyone else! =) ISLY!

Kok Sime & Boon Sin!
Thank you so much for coming on Wednesdays to teach me! thank you for encouraging me everytime i feel so discouraged after getting my results. thank you for cheering me on! thank you for believing in me that you'd take the time to study with me! thank you for your patience! thank you for everything! =)

Kok Sime, i remember that day when i was so.. so terribly down that i cried when i got home. =.=... and ur phone was outta credit but you used your brother's phone to reply my emo smses. hahahah... it was that day when this Wednesday thing started. thank you for keeping to your word when u say u'd teach me. =)

that was also the day when the monday thing started with me and Kim. thanks baby for being there for me and believing in me. =)

Thank you to all my other classmates like chi wing.. for teaching me when ur free. thanks khai yein for entertaining me whenever i ask you questions.. thanks for being so optimistic! your always so positive and encouraging. hahaha. during addmaths class u always cannot finish doing your exercises coz i kept disturbing you with my questions. "WHY LIKE THIS?!" HOW TO DO?! hahahahaa. sometimes i become so annoying that you'd say.. i do first! dun ask me..yet! hahaha... but in the end when i asked you, you'd teach me. =) THANK YOU KHAI YEIN! hahahaa...

thanks to my other friends.. lyn yie.. jian.. dick shen.. jia yi.. weng yee.. may suet.. and so many more! =) sorry if i didn't mention ur name! ur equally important too! =)

Daddy mummy! thanks for sending me for tuition and nvr pressuring me to always score an A tho i may disappoint you with my addmaths results all the time. thank you for always believing in me. =) thank you for always being satisfied as long as i gave my best!

THANKS ALL! U made this possible! ♥ !

Friday, September 25, 2009

Kids these days are gettin smarter by the second.

Haha. was having a conversation with my 6 year old cousin just now. actually, i was having my breakfast.. and she just sat there talking to me. i just listened. i was eating cereals. =D

Kay: HL milk! i like!
Me: yea.. i like it too.. =)
Kay: you know.. my mum always make milk for us to drink.. but i only like HL milk..
Me: oh..
Kay: yeah.. got one day i ask papa to drink milk but he say he dont want. i ask him why.. he said he only like peanuts.. he don't like milk.. You know milk is good for health lerh.. he said he only like peanuts. PEANUTS?! u know peanuts is very bad for health? its like junk food.. and later his cholesterol alot then he fall sick then he suffer lorh? haiyah. this papa. give him healthy thing he dun wan.

and we talked alot more. my attention actually got captured when she said cholesterol and suffer and stuffs like that. i was like whoa. since when ur english vocab got so good?! hahaa. shows hw long i've not actually taken the time to sit down and talk to her. or rather listen to her talk. She has grown so much! O.O how do they even get so smart at such a young age?! hahhaaa.. cute la. =)

got tuition later.. replacement class. rawr. and have AFC later! =)
TGIF? x)


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Time Square and Sg Wang. =D

Its wednesday already! O.O

SO this is what happened. xD Ks and I planned to go watch a movie and then play bball. but at midnight Chelsea asked me whether i wanted to hangout with lyn,leb,him and xin ling at Time Square. HONESTLY? i've been wanting to go there! why? COZ thats the only place i can find those bag packs here. unlike JB, its everywhere! but in KL .. i only know tht area tht have these kinda bags. So yeah, asked ks whether can change plan and yup! agreed. ahaha. So the plan was to gather at the sri sinar bus stop at 9am. Ks would come walk me there at 8.30am. I set my alarm at 7.30am. BUT I NEVER WOKE! T_T......... wht happened to my alarm?! =/ i woke up when my grandma shouted...

You ren zhao Ni! (someones looking for you)
and i heard Ks's voice. i was like.. O..M...G!!!!!!

hahahahhaa. so i tot i'd faster brush my teeth and all tht. but then again, i'll feel bad making the others wait. so me and ks took ktm,lrt,monorail there while the other 4 took taxi. lol. SORRRRRRY! =( i nvr did this b4. =/ Neways, after reaching KL Sentral, we walked to the Monorail and waited.. waited.. and waited.. but it nvr came! O.O hmmmmmmmmmmm. then the announcer (very bad announcer. i cant understand a thing she said) lol. anyways said smth abt delay or smth. waited for half an hour.. and ppl were flooding the station..

Wait so long. it finally came. but guess wht.......

It broke down there. =.=........................ so we had to wait for the next one. rawr! anyways, finally reached TS by 11am. T_T so long. ahh.

They were playing pool.

So me and KS ambik gambar to burn time. WHY? COZ HE DELETED THE EARLIER PICTURES WE TOOK IN THE MORNING! ISH. how dare you! Hmmph! dun wan let u hold my camera edy. pfffffffft! anyways, after their game, ks and i battled against chelsea and leb. AND WE WON. mwahahahahahahhaa. tho we lost badly in the start. =P

Had MC Ds! =D and they had some offer. order large set and u get sundae cup ice cream, and a coca-cola cup! =D

Quite nice. haha. maybe coca-cola taste nicer with this cup. =P blek. hehe.
Then we went shopping! yay! =D GUESS WHAT I SAW! =)

WAHAHHA! CELINE FASHION! i din noe i had a shop in TS. =P i always see CELINI. CELINN. But no CELINE. this time really got! hahahahaha. =D cool cool! =)

Leb. =)

Chelsea. =)

Lyn Yie. =)

Xin Ling. =)

We walked untill all of us were really really tired. so we stoned at a bench for a while. hahahahaha.. then we headed to the bowling area! =P


Leb won the game with a score of 102. i think. =P

We all know where that ball went dont we? =P xD
Ks lost the game. Last. wahaha. =P

Chelsea! ended the game with a score of 81. Tie with me! bwahahahahah! =P

Caleb's pro shots. xD u can tell a story from it. xD look at the ball. dun look at me. ;)

Take 1

Take 2

Take 3. yay! middle! =P

No strike tho. =( left one


So in time square.. i bought ..

A belt! =)

and a cap for my lil bro as his bday prezzie. hehe. =)

then we headed to Sg Wang/Sg Wey . =D
btw. i was searching for them bag packs. saw alot in time square. both ex and cheap. but the designs.. hmm.. none that i was fond of. BUT! i finally felt satisfied with one. WOOT! =D

Nice nice nice?! =D my new baby! hehehehe... FINALLY WEI! ahhh. =) happy. xD tho looking for this baby wasnt a pleasant one! it was soooo tiring. i think i practically walked the whole of Time Square and Sg Wang for this bag. O.O tho i saw one .. really nice.. but it was ex. =( rm99.90. rm80 after discount. Rawr. no way. =( too ex. but i'm happy with wht i got. hehe. =) awesome! ^^ and the ladies there were really nice! =) they gave me a free gift after i bought the bag!

After i paid she handed me this. i asked her wht was inside. and she said, Open it and have a look urself. =)

Nice box weih!

Nice nice nice! =) so nice of them. hahaha. getting free gifts gives u a great feeling. really! hahaha. this was so random! coz all they sold were bags! and they gave me a pair of NICE earings for free! wow. =) with a nice box and nice wrapping summore! how niceee. and they din like give some cheap skit earing. hahahahaha. Yay. =D

So anyways, took the monorail,lrt and ktm home. and bro fetched me after tht. =) had a great day today. hahaha. feels nice! getting wht u've been wanting! =) Anyhoo.. i have decided for myself.. that today.. the outing with them would be the end of my holidays. =) its back to studying now.. and getting ready to retake my chem 3 and maths 1. and prepare for spm too. :D i had a nice 5 days of holidays! =) nice nice happening ones. hahaha. and i'm satisfied edy. ;)

So people! happy holidays while it last! haha. =)


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

One Utama With Janning. =)

YESH! went to OU with Janning and brothers today! =) hehe.


We wanted to watch movie but there were like gazziilllliiooonnnn of people lining up and there was no nice movie worth watchin. sho... we played pool! and snooker AND foosbaaalll! hahahah. =D

Then Joseph ong randomly sms-ed me. "Where are you?" told him i was at ou and he told me so was he. So we met up. =D DIN noe Jonathan Yap aka Dorothy's brother was in KL from terenganu! =) hahahaha.. cool! =) Joseph, Jesslyn,Dorothy and Jon were hanging out. SUDDENLY Owen appeared and said hi to joseph. then we all also saw each other and went EH EH EHHHHHHHHH?! xD yeah. cool wei. =) AFC ppl got fate. HAHAHA. =P

Cool cool. =) Owen's so much taller nw. Plus he buffed up. =P

Then we went to McDs! =)

And i bumped into Raquel and Elaine Yong too! hahahaa. cool cool. =) then we wanted to go to the secret garden but it was closed. in the lift.. we met owen again.but this time with his gf. =P hohoho. pak tor aaaaah. xD AND GUESS WHAT?! =D

I saw Jaclyn Victor! =)
yesh. i was in the lift and suddenly she walked into the lift and stood beside me. Tho,i wasn't quite sure she was her coz her hair was short! The first thing tht came to my mind.
then again. i thought twice. coz wasnt sure it was her. and the door opened.. and i had to go. I THOUGHT TOO LONG! it was really her. hahahaha. ah well. =)

So we headed to the batting cage! =D

Bullies! =P xD

Janning din want to play. pictures of us taken by her! =)

the roof top! hehe. some shiny er glass. =D

Shadows baby! =P so after this picture, we wanted to leave. but then..

Celine: Wait wait! take pic of me and benroy doing some cool pose. xD

so Janning helped us. =D

And then i saw this pic. i was like.. EH COOL! i like the lighting! =) but Janning was laughing at the last picture. coz we looked weird. hahahahahahaha... =P BUT GUESS WHAT? this picture was the start of everything! hahaha... scroll down to see wht FUN we had! =)

We took all of these pictures with TIMER KAY! PRO ARH! hahahahaha. =P

Every single time i look at this picture. i burst out lauging. hahaha. maaaan. this is epic! xD then we started jumping! =D TIMER ALSO. this one lagi hard! need to jump at the right time! xD LAGI PRO SKILL NEEDED. =P



Like FINALLY. hahaa. =P

Haha. stupid benson. kicking moi arse! *stares*


Take 1!

Take 2!

Take 3!
hahaha not bad right?! Love them! =)



Finally a nicer one of Jan. hahahahaha. She jump untill shoooooooooooooo Faminine! =P can do Silky Girl add edy. hahahahaha. SERIOUS. =P

Benson copy Celine!

And Celine Copies Benroy! =P hahahahahaha. MY HAIR LOOKS LIKE SOME FIRE BUSH! lol! aaaah. tak sampai. =.=! Bryan Yong , jangan kau action dgn ku! i noe u can sampai! pffffft!
so yeah wei! had a totally awesome day! =)
PLUS PLUS! i got tickets to see the ALL AMERICAN REJECTS in KL on the 10th of Oct! WOOT! FOR FREEEEEEEEE! =P hahahahaha. awesome awesome day! =) My holidays are so rawking. ;)