Friday, September 04, 2009

Update update~!

During the hols on wednesday, Ks came to moi hse to study addmaths. =)

Sunday went to CHC with Ah Sun Jie then went to KLCC. And kah fai, hoe hwa and chee keong was in Time Square.So they picked me up from KLCC and we went to One Utama. =D

At wong kok char chan teng. =D

Chelsea. =P

Kah Fai =)

Chee Keong =)

Cey, stand untill so bergaya. candid shot. =D

So yesh, that was my Sunday. =D pretty happening. hahahaha.. poor guys had to teman me go scout for shoes and all. WHY WHY WHY? coz ah sun jie offered to buy me a pair of shoes for my good results in my exams! =D i saw one in OU. a pair of white DC shoes but they were rm269 at 30% discount rate .. so it'll be rm189. but still, i've nvr bought a pair of shoes that were THAT expensive b4. =/ so yeah din buy it yet.

at 1.30am, made plans with Boon Sin to go Mid Valley coz i wanted to see if there were better options there. so we met and went there by ktm. =D went and see those nike adidas but dont have the design i want. OH YEAH. the night before i was hoping and wishing i'd find a purple pair of shoes. =P WITH the design i want. haha. =D so i went into EchoPark and guess what?!
Next morning,

TADAAAAAAAAA~! i saw this! nyahahahahahaha! its PURPLE k! the light made it look blue or smth. same thing with my ipod nano. ITS PURPLEEEEEE! hahahaha. =P So yeah, it was going for rm99. clearance stock!! there was rm69 but it was wiped out. haha. =P i was looking at this and another white one. but seriously, i didn't know which to pick. coz the white one would look more.. bright and attracting.. but the purple not so. BUT HOW CAN I RESIST PURPLE?! hahahaha. PLUS its unique. =) so yeah i got them! WOOT! first time ever i shopped so quickly! =P

AND THEN! i saw the caps! oh the caps tht me and benroy always walk in just to see. but wouldn't buy it coz it was like kinda ex. O.O but but but it was 52nd Merdeka day and and and they had 52% discount on those caps! OMGGGGGGGGG! =D OH YEEEEH!!! hahahahahahahahaa. i almost bought a white one. when when.. this purple one caught my eye! WOO YEEEHH!!! =D

awww.. lovely isn't it?! :D:D:D:D:D!

I did not realize my shoe was like.. LEATHER! hahahahaha! i took this picture. but din reli care wht it meant. i thought it meant fake leather or smth. HAHAHA. =P till benson said, You do know that ur shoe is completely leather right? u see, they even did this thing just to tell u its leather. i was like... O.O! SERIOUSLY?! mwahahahahah! wellll then this would be my first leather shoe. YAY! =D

the two things i wanted for so long is finally mine mine mine! =D

1st September! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BB! =)
You're like... 14!!!!!! hahahahahahaha. =DDDD

Brought him to cineleisure to watch the premier of Final Destination 4!

While waiting we played pool. yes. i'm starting to see the similarities in them now. =P

the funniest thing was when, we sang a birthday song before benroy broke the triangle of balls.. we asked him to make a wish. and he said..

he broke the balls and GUESS WHAT?! HE GOT HIS WISH! hahahahahahahahah! we were laughing like crazie people. xD =P But, the WHITE BALL went in! and that made us laugh even harder. =P

Oh yes, did i mention that a little darling tagged along? =D

in the car after the movie. =D

Jov dear. =)

overall, the movie sucked.
HAHAH. nvr saw that comin did cha? =P
well yeah, among the 1,2,3,4. this was the WORST! when everyone tot it would rawked ah well.

the most annoying part was when MOST of the time when they were gonna kill someone in the movie.. SOMETHING WILL DEFINITELY SPILL THAT WOULD CAUSE A FIRE TO AN EXPLOSION IN THE END! zzzz... Borrrrrrrriiinnnng.

i'm so happy i watched it for free. =P
if not.. ..... this movie is GONE. lol.
gone case and BLACK LISTED. x)

thats all for my happening 3 days. lol. pictures of mid valley is with Boon Sin! will upload soon. =D xoxo!


  1. i thought FD4 was nice!
    its sick but still...v sick haha

  2. no! it was the worse among the rest!