Friday, September 18, 2009

Awesome first day of the Hollies! =)

Holla! =)
alrighty! holidays have finally started! so, wht did i do on the first day of hols?
nth much. but it was a nice day. well, so far. haha..
So i woke at 6.45am.. and went to climb a hill/ mountain. xD
sumwhere nearby my house. not bad la. quite near. xD
So who did i go with? =D

Tadaa~! Mr Pak Son. but i call him Parkson. =P
aiyo, see my blaaaaaack eye rings. =(
i need more slp. =P SEE WHT TRIALS DID TO ME! lol!

When we finally reached the top of the FIRST mountain we climbed. or hill. lol. Suprisingly,it was really tiring. T_T i lost stamina edy after staying at home... studying the whole day for almost a whole month! only went jogging 3 times or smth this month. =(

i was sooooo tired. and parkson pointed to that hill and said, okay, we're going there now. i was like.. O.O! whttttttttttttt?! T_T

See his keji jahat facial expression. xD
He went "Nyahahahahahah~!" =.=!
lol he's gonna kill me for puttin this up. =P

So we continued our journey to the next hill.. and rested at a spot for a while. there was some small garden there. hahaha. and i saw the most unique and special flower! i've no idea wht its called but it totally caught my attention. from those white ball shaped buds.. it blooms and from the middle of the flower, long long filaments grow out from the centre, not just one, but a few! =) those sharp sharp stuffs u see are called filaments, and the tip of the filament is the anthers. the anthers are like, PURPLE WEIH! hahahahahahaha.. cool right?! xD really cool flower. =D only wished i had my camera with me. then i could've used micro or smth. was using parkson's phone to take all these pics.

half way to climbing the next hill

this is the view when i turned behind. i was like, whoa, so fast..! from that electric tower.. to where i was standing. hahaha..


and we finally reached the top! and this view was much much better.. =) smth nicer to see! hahahahaha.. it was kinda foggy tho. on the left hand side.. the bottom part of the pic, theres a lake there. Thats the lake in desa parkcity where we always run! hahahaha.. SO SMALL RIGHT?! u can click the pic to enlarge it. =D

these are the side most end houses of desa parkcity.

From where we were, do u know what the cars on the road and all the houses looked like? u know when u go see show houses, they have a plan .. a 3D plan for the new houses? those tiny ones? YEAH. it looked like that. hahaha. pretty cool. =) and the cars looked like toy cars on a track. =P when super stress can come here to scream and shout man! hahahaa. =D


So yesh, the last pic before going down. it was so foggy it looked like we were in Genting. aha. =P

On our way down it started to drizzle and rain. but since we were under the trees , we couldn't feel any rain. lol. but yeah, we quickly went back down, coz dangerous la. =P

Reached home and grandma wanted me to follow her to the morning market. So yep, went and had PIZZA FOR BRUNCH~! yay! haha. my favourtie. =)
So, yesh, am satisfied wit my first day of hol. at least i did smth and din get wasted at home. hahaa. got tuition later. gotta bathe. i STINK. =P
Ciao people!


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