Friday, September 25, 2009

Kids these days are gettin smarter by the second.

Haha. was having a conversation with my 6 year old cousin just now. actually, i was having my breakfast.. and she just sat there talking to me. i just listened. i was eating cereals. =D

Kay: HL milk! i like!
Me: yea.. i like it too.. =)
Kay: you know.. my mum always make milk for us to drink.. but i only like HL milk..
Me: oh..
Kay: yeah.. got one day i ask papa to drink milk but he say he dont want. i ask him why.. he said he only like peanuts.. he don't like milk.. You know milk is good for health lerh.. he said he only like peanuts. PEANUTS?! u know peanuts is very bad for health? its like junk food.. and later his cholesterol alot then he fall sick then he suffer lorh? haiyah. this papa. give him healthy thing he dun wan.

and we talked alot more. my attention actually got captured when she said cholesterol and suffer and stuffs like that. i was like whoa. since when ur english vocab got so good?! hahaa. shows hw long i've not actually taken the time to sit down and talk to her. or rather listen to her talk. She has grown so much! O.O how do they even get so smart at such a young age?! hahhaaa.. cute la. =)

got tuition later.. replacement class. rawr. and have AFC later! =)
TGIF? x)


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  1. i prefer dutch lady low fat punya :)