Monday, September 28, 2009

I DID IT!!!!!!!

I DID IT! I FINALLY DID IT!! I FINALLY GOT AN A FOR MY ADDMATHS! From a Fail to a D to an A! This was the 1st time i ever felt Delighted wit myself after gettin my results! this was the moment i hav been waitin & hopin for! Hard work does pay off! ALL GLORY 2 GOD!

& a millon thx 2 Kimberley darling for comin all the way 2 Kepong from Sunway juz 2 tutor me! thanks baby for being so willing to take the public transport.. to kepong from sunway every monday after ur class just to teach me! summore for free! Tho ur like SO tired after class but u still make the effort to go the extra mile for me! THANK YOU SO MUCH BABY! I HOPE I HAVE DONE U PROUD! =) Tho this aint the real thing yet, but its a stepping stone! it makes me wanna go the extra extra mile for you!! and everyone else! =) ISLY!

Kok Sime & Boon Sin!
Thank you so much for coming on Wednesdays to teach me! thank you for encouraging me everytime i feel so discouraged after getting my results. thank you for cheering me on! thank you for believing in me that you'd take the time to study with me! thank you for your patience! thank you for everything! =)

Kok Sime, i remember that day when i was so.. so terribly down that i cried when i got home. =.=... and ur phone was outta credit but you used your brother's phone to reply my emo smses. hahahah... it was that day when this Wednesday thing started. thank you for keeping to your word when u say u'd teach me. =)

that was also the day when the monday thing started with me and Kim. thanks baby for being there for me and believing in me. =)

Thank you to all my other classmates like chi wing.. for teaching me when ur free. thanks khai yein for entertaining me whenever i ask you questions.. thanks for being so optimistic! your always so positive and encouraging. hahaha. during addmaths class u always cannot finish doing your exercises coz i kept disturbing you with my questions. "WHY LIKE THIS?!" HOW TO DO?! hahahahaa. sometimes i become so annoying that you'd say.. i do first! dun ask me..yet! hahaha... but in the end when i asked you, you'd teach me. =) THANK YOU KHAI YEIN! hahahaa...

thanks to my other friends.. lyn yie.. jian.. dick shen.. jia yi.. weng yee.. may suet.. and so many more! =) sorry if i didn't mention ur name! ur equally important too! =)

Daddy mummy! thanks for sending me for tuition and nvr pressuring me to always score an A tho i may disappoint you with my addmaths results all the time. thank you for always believing in me. =) thank you for always being satisfied as long as i gave my best!

THANKS ALL! U made this possible! ♥ !


  1. yeah ;D
    God willing
    SPM sure another A for add maths
    maybe better, 101% marks, woots!
    God is truly great , ain't he? ;D


  2. Hey BIG BIG BIG Congrates to you Celine. You did well.. :) so happy for you. Lets celebrate this Friday.

    See ya at home,

  3. Chi Wing: Yeaaah. =) hopefully! hahahaha.

    Sun Jie: Thank you! =) i'll be at home at 11pm perhaps! i got to teach dance. =D