Thursday, September 17, 2009

Rain rain go away, come again another day!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh. =( supposed to go jogging YESTERDAY and TODAY! but it rained! =( yday not so bad coz jia yi they all din come. but today chi wing, kok sime and jia yi came my hse edy.. we all bersemangated wanna jog and it started to rain. the sky was SO DARK. like the WAR OF THE WORLDS kinda sky. No no! THE DAY AFTER TMR! lol. ahh. so they stoned at my hse. and coz i kesian they come so far, i let them see my pictures when i was really young and chubby and dark and all! =X and and worse, they saw my childhood videos. O.O But yeah. specially for u guys only k. xD SHHHHHHHHH! =P

xD xD.

I din noe that holidays started today and tmr is already a holiday!
when teacher announced it in the assembly, i was so happy that i started to dance!
literally. xD =P SO whats my plans for the hols?

honestly, i have no idea. =/ but one things for sure!
and i'll be going to seremban St.Marks church this saturday for a youth rally called STOMP! =) wheee~! Gtg. =)

the more and more you try the further i drift away~


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