Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Up and Down and Up and Down

Lil bro randomly googled SMKSB and found my picture on the KDU website. it was pictures they took that day during the scholarship presentation. =D

The principle of KDU talking to us. lol.

Picture of my class. =D

And a picture of my lil bro's doggies. LOL. was taking the clothes in. then i realized. omg so funny. kesian them weih! hahaha. so i snapped a pic b4 i took them in. =P

Anyways.. trials were officially over on monday..
got results for few subjects edy.
Got an A for History,Maths,Chemistry,Addmaths,Bm.
Got a B for Physics. =(

havent got the rest yet tho.
Hopefully they make me smile! =/

Was pretty pretty down and emofied yesterday man..
In school after recess.. and at home at night. =(
Super emofied. ahh.
going for a jog later anyways. Go release stress.

Man, cant believe october is here again! its already the last day of September. Rawr. LOADS of birthdays in October in my calender! Including mine. wahahahahahahaha.. ANYWAYS...


& you've no idea how much it breaks my heart.. :(

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