Sunday, October 04, 2009

Lyn Yie's Birthday!

Hello! =) on the 1st of oct , i had a really bad day at school. =(
it was just sucky. rawr. Anyways,
it was Lyn Yie's Bday! =)
so we celebrated his birthday at SBV. Sui Ba Vong. its somewhere near carefour. they mainly serve western food and their prices are not bad! =) and their drinks are oooh la la~! hahahaha. its not pricy like other shops. and its nice! =)

Chi Wing's Drink. =)

I was the first to reach. hahaha. then fish and chi wing came. i went early to buy the cake. =)

MINE! =)

Burger's! hahaha..


Yummy and FATTY man. xD

the water sprinklers spoiled my picture! hmmmm

The Birthday Boy! =)

THIS VANILA SHAKE IS THE BOM MAN! u needa try it! ;)

overall the party was alright but this! this stupid cards, argh. most of them kept playing chor dai di. SIEN ler.. =( no offense but but but... abit lifeless leh! in school free time they play. party, they play. =.=........ like nth else better to do. ISH! sry friends but i just tak suka. =/

"Leng Zhai Lyn is 17! =) "

Aww sho happy.

Happy Birthday Lyn Yie! =)


Hope you had a blast!


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