Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sorry Sorry Sorry Sorry, Naega Naega Naega Meonjeo

Hey guys! the week has been alright. got holiday from friday till Monday.
Loads of birthdays been coming and going kay!

12th October
Chun Yeow and me! =P

13th October
Roxanne Chong! my cousin. =)

14th october
Suey Pooey! and PakSon! =)

15th October
Joanne Chong! my cousin also! =) Iunni! and Eng Thiam!

happy birthday to u guys! =) tho i've already wished u guys. hahahaha. heres an extra wish. =P really tired nw, just got back from dance prac. but i feel like blogging. =P BTW, i seriously love my new blog song. first time i heard it was when kim and her friends randomly started singing it.. then second was when I went jogging yesterday, pak son was playing some song on his phone while jogging and he over took me and suddenly stopped and started dancing the chorus like the group "Super Juniors" did. haha go watch their mtv! its niceeeee! =P the dance steps are simple yet nice! and fun. xD its really catchy. go go see! NAO! =P xD 13 guys in a group yo! =P

hmm anyways i've been alright.. got my problems here and there..
my moments here and there..
but playing basketball this morning was fun.. =)
and jogging yesterday was fun too!

so yeah. but then again, problems i face every single day..
is still here.. but i've figured that this time..
i shall care less.. because this has happen for i dunnohowmanytimes.
and to be honest, i'm fed up. i really am.
So if this is the way u wanna be, then so be it.
theres nth i can do. i dun even freaking understand why you're treating me this way. some people say i should ask u but what use is it anyway when u wouldn't even look at me. huh?

so yeah. whatever it larh.
not like i can do anything about it. it feels bad.. but i feel better now when i'm caring less. less hurt. go gossip all u want larh. let the whole world noe. i dun even noe wht ur letting them noe. ah whtever whtever. Life's better somehow.. this way.
sometimes u ask urself, why should i do anything to fix this when i dun even know where i went wrong or infact did nth wrong in the first place? the thing is, u wont even layan me. SO FINE. i'm done trying to understand u coz its just so. so.. so.. very taxing.. very.. tiring.. seriously very.

Anyhoo! enough abt that. Haha.. u think u dun understand wht i just typed? NEITHER DO I! =D haha. so yeah, lets just pretend nth ever happened. xD whtever la. so yeah, although mum is staying here edy. its weird but. I miss her. =.= she's always working and coming back late. ya noe. last time in JB when she working she'd sms or call me. nw no more d coz she staying wit me. =.= but i rarely get to talk to her also. ish. =(

and i seriously really feel like swimming! ahhh.. wanna go sunway lagoon! =/ kay larh. i should go sleep. @_@ really tired now.. and tmr got practise.. and meeting. 0.0 oooh yeah! i have officially finished tuition! no more tuition for me! xD today was the last class. mwahahhhahaa. =P which means SPM is drawing near also. =P blek.
k larh k larh.

Dun wry about me! i'll be just finee. =)

*sorry sorry sorry sorry, naega naega naega meonjoe!*

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