Friday, October 09, 2009

Up and About

Hey guys! Hmm. Not really in the mood to blog now. but anyhoo. heres wht i've been up to!

Went to my school's mooncake festival celebration on the 4th of oct. took super alot of pictures but since i'm not all out to blog today, there'll only be 1 picture. =P sry! haha. hmm.. wht else... oh yes, this week has been a super boring week. Since its the pmr season, everyone in school is on a holiday except the front 3 classes in form 5. Zzz. we've been having bengkels and all. and sometimes we just stone in school.

and the stupidest part of my week in school was when we had to ACT with a teacher that doesn't teach us. Since sum1 would be coming to observe her to see whether she can qualify as a guru cemerlang, she asked our class,( first class ) to act with her as if she's been teaching our class all the while. When she has never ever taught us before. zzz.

Teacher: Baik kelas, Minggu lepas cikgu dah ajar bla bla bla...
Celine: Ahhh the fake-ness. she's nvr even taught us before. =.=

since she didn't know our names. i had to write a list of our names for her. and the other stupid thing was when she called a name.
SYLVIA! and looked at the right hand side while sylvia was on the left. tht kinda thing ya noe? yea. zzz. she wasted our time. omgggggggg... and we had to act like goodie students, that'd raise our hands to answer every single time she asked and all that jazz.

Now, Question.
Arent teachers suppose to be like this all the while and not just when they want to upgrade their status to guru cemerlang or when someone from the outside is observing them? where's the responsibility and honesty? lol man. i'm not saying ALL teachers are like that. but MOST of them are. for me tht is.

Anyways, yesterday Ah Sun jie took me and benson to Impiana hotel for a buffet! extremely awesome buffet. different from others. WHY SAY SO? COZ THE ICE CREAM THEY SERVE IS BASKIN ROBBINS OH EM GEEEEEEE!!!!!!! hahaha. yes! u heard me! baskin robbins, unlimiteddddddd servings! zomg! xD hahha. tht was totally the highlight of the buffet. =D pictures? yep. but i'll upload some other day... =P

AND OH YESH. on monday morning, i woke up and my eyelids were rolled up. as in, i could see my inner eyelid. ya get me? yeah, and i saw a yellow dot there. first thought tht came to my mind. "OH WOW! my eyes are so smart! they roll up to tell me tht theres dirt there!" xD tried to fold it back down but it wouldn't! so i tried to take away the yellow dot but it wouldn't budge. so yeah, decided to skip school and saw the doc. Doc said my eye oil gland was stucked and the yellow stuff was pus. =.= And my eyes were too stressed. PC too much, Read too much. so had to take medication and antibiotics for my eyes. but they were in eye drops form. and the eye drops would flow down to my throat. SUPER THE NOT NICE. haha seriously. its not a pleasant feeling. anyways, eyes are better now. =) thanks for all the prayers and all. =D

Aite. i better get going. hmm.
Body is aching everywhere. Hands especially.
had a game of badminton as Di's hse yday.
Its been long. =)
and now, i'm aching everywhere! seriously.
Shoulders, arms, buttt! legs and all. =P
SPM is drawing near. 35 more days excluding sundays.
And we still aint boosting! Thats.. bad. xD
after trials everyone also tak de mood study.
but of course, its a must. =P
A special day for me is coming too. cant believe that time of the year is already here again. But i've a feeling things will be different this year. Hmm. I've already gotten two presents. the buffet, and my "NEW TOY!" :D shall review everything soon.

till then! Take care everyone. =]

Dont worry. I strongly dislike him too.
Ur not the only one. =) i bet many others feel the same way too.
I feel like deleting you from my FB and Msn. Urgh.
From my memory, and from my heart.
Fly away. Go. and Dont come back.

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  1. aw girl.
    i miss you so much
    i like that outfit you wore that you uploaded.
    i miss dressing up with you and dolling you up!
    in a way
    i hate that i can't celebrate your birthday with you on the exact date!