Monday, October 12, 2009

She's Seventeen~!!!

Thank you so much darlings for everything!!!
Thank you for the calls, smses, wishes and comments on msn, facebook and all!
thanks for the presents!
and thank you for bringing me out dear classmates and schoolmates! =)

I'll totally post up tons of pictures coz i took tons of pictures! xD
seriously. hahahahahahaha...

I cant believe i'm already Seventeen!
I can already sit for my driving license! O.O
is it just me or is time flying?! hahaha. =)

I had a great day really! but i'm totally exhausted right now. haha. =P
And its only 10.34pm! =P
Spent the first half of the day with school friends, and the other half with family and kimberley darling! she came all the way here just to pass me my present! O.O hahaha.

So what say you about my day?! =)
A more detailed entry i promise darlings!

Once again, A million billion thank yous! =D

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