Sunday, October 04, 2009

Candles,Pop-pops,Lanterns and MASAK-MASAK!

YESH! i got to play masak-masak this year! hahaha. its been so long since i've last played masak-masak with candle wax as the oil, and leaves as the food! hahahaha. i ALWAYS played tht when i was young. :)

haha cute.

yay! masak-masak! xD

My cousins reminds me of me and my brothers or cousins when we were young. =)

Benroy is a BULLY! he kept throwing pop-pops at our legs. MEANIE. pfft.

This is serious cooking ok! hahahaha. =P need skill one arh! xD

My cousin's. :)

Love the hearts! =) mun yi and i did it together! hehe. =D

Posers. =P

Love this shot! its like theres 3 hearts! small, bigger, biggeer bigger! hahahaha. I had a great night! =) couldn't have been better.

and Btw! I've got a NEW TOY! =) a new precious one! hahahaha. =P Will tell more soon. :D
YESH. I GOT IT~!!!!!! ^^


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