Friday, October 30, 2009

Sunshine. :)

Thanks alot Zhong Hao for making my day. =)
Seriously, thanks a million. :) i'm truly blessed to have a friend like you.
One call, and you fly to my rescue. haha.

Thanks for accompanying me to eat and for fetching me to get my things done. This is not the first time you've done something like this for me, but still, it does mean alot and i really appreciate it! hahahaa.. everytime we meet up, it still amazes me how we actually met each other and now become such good friends.! =P Bu Zhuo Yi Xia wor. haha..

Like i said just now, ni dui wo hen hao. BUT
i also dui ni hen hao hor! =P ahaha. blek. =)

love ya lots!

PS: ya la ya la. very leng zhai edy lar. your "outfit" just now make u LOOK very Pro. =P Your "outfit". =P you understand, i understand can edy la. ahahahahaha. =P but but but your hair.. =P hahahaha nvm nvm! grow longer edy. look better than last time. ;)

You're ma sunshine and hero of the day. :)

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