Tuesday, October 13, 2009

11th October. =)

Church in The morning! =) Help back up for Jan.

Met tristan again after a year. haha. went lunch with jj,jov,tristan,darren and brothers at Sri Pandi

Tsu ann, andrea and the rest came and join us after.

Had a crappy moment in the evening or rather a crappy 2nd half of the day. Was suppose to eat dinner with mummy to celebrate with my mum and then something happened between me and benson and i felt so emofied. i didn't even feel like celebrating already. So, me and benroy took a cab to the Ktm station and we took ktm to mid valley. it was amusing seeing benroy taking ktm for the first time. =P Reached there and in the end had to wait for benson to come after all. then dad came and join too coz he just came back from club med.

Some performance for Deepavali.
at tht moment, eunice mei called! coz she had curfew with her hp and all so yeah she had to call me earlier. i wouldn't want her staying up till midnight either. she has pmr for goodness sick. hahaha. so yep. thanks alot dear! =)

Sizzling Hawt or what?! tho, the playboy trademark totally spoilt it. ish

so we ate Mc.Ds. din go cut cake tho. coz i didn't feel like doing so. =/

mum went back to work and i hung around mid valley till 10.30pm. waited for mum to finish work. yeah.. first i went walking around alone... then went to the cosmic bowl and sat there. the atmosphere there was really suitable for my mood at tht time. lol. it was dark, the balls and walls were glowing in the dark and they were blasting music. just wht i need. =) and it was nice being alone for a while. then benroy came and teman me..

then we went to the pets store and those cute animals enlightened me. =) saw a dancing parrot which was cool. a scorpian out of the cage. and held a sugar gliner in my hand. =D that was my 11th of october.. lol.. well.. reached home, my eyes were hurting like crazy.. dunno why.. tired i guess. 40 mins before midnight, took my bath and all.. and beng called! but i was bathing. then she smsed wishing me and saying she cannot tahan edy need to sleep. hahaa. then i msged her back and she called! =) thank u apple. i've missed u!

so after bathing.. went online and my FB acc was already being flooded with wishes! thank u guys! =) and at 11.50, Karyn Darlyn called benson's HP. talking to her half way, Bryan Called my Hp!! hahahahaha.. omgoodness... i din noe hw to speak to two ppl at once! so i put both of them on loud speaker. =P and they were fighthin over the hp. since karyn said she had to go, i talked to her first and put bryan on hold. (Sorry bryan! really am!) then talked to bryan for not even a minute and mel called BB's HP! O.O and she started singing and all and if i dun listen like so bad. lol. so i put bryan on hold... AGAIN. Ahhh SRY SRY!! =/ then finally bryan could talk with me. xD and he asked me to tell him when its 12. coz he dwnloaded a song just for me. lollll...

Celine: its 12!

He was abt to play the song when benson and benroy came from behind and started singing for me. xD and bryan was like.. NO NO NO!! I WAS FIRST!!!!!!!! xDDDDDDD kesiaaaaaannnn.. sryyyyyyyy! hahahaaa.. so in the end he played a birthday song for me.. on the com.. from Barney! =.= hahahahahaa... yes, a barney birthday song. xD

I told kim not to stay up to wish me but she called me at like 1am i think! AIYO THIS GIRL ARH! coz she had her A Levels the next day but she stayed up so late!! *stares* haha. but i still love u la. =) HUGS HUGS!

So yesh, that totally made my day! it was a totally awesome start of the day! =) and smses came flooding in. thank u so much everyone!!

entry about 12th October is coming soon! pictures are on its way. ;)

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