Monday, October 19, 2009

Butterflies Fly Away.

Went to plaza low yat with Boon Sin just now..
Pendrive is confirmed spoilt. =( Sent it to fixed with warranty.
will only get it back in like 4 to 6 weeks. rawr.
thanks for accompanying me boon sin! =)
We had fun didn't we. hehe. =P

hmm.. time is passing way too fast.
today's the date when SPM is exactly 4 weeks away!
and what else? Theres only 10 weeks left in 2009!
and 2010 is here! which means WORLD CUP is coming! =P

oooh was emofied yesterday. not as teruk.
but down larh. lol.. =/
But i was cheered up! =D Thanks alot Jet!
those 2 songs really enlightened me. =)
It Reminded me of Him. =)

And yeaaaaah. i really miss PS conferences. =/
nvm nvm nvm. AFC Bootcamp 2009 is coming!
Looking forward to it! =) till then, Study study study~!!!
Need to work on my history, physics and biology!
Jia you all Spm-ers! =)

PS: Happy 17th Birthday Sue Mei.!

go ahead and mengada larh.
i wont let it bring me down~!
at least i'll try to pretend everythings okay.
no care no careeeeeeeeee!
i've got her! and Him. =]
they were all i ever needed anyways.

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