Friday, October 30, 2009

Sunshine. :)

Thanks alot Zhong Hao for making my day. =)
Seriously, thanks a million. :) i'm truly blessed to have a friend like you.
One call, and you fly to my rescue. haha.

Thanks for accompanying me to eat and for fetching me to get my things done. This is not the first time you've done something like this for me, but still, it does mean alot and i really appreciate it! hahahaa.. everytime we meet up, it still amazes me how we actually met each other and now become such good friends.! =P Bu Zhuo Yi Xia wor. haha..

Like i said just now, ni dui wo hen hao. BUT
i also dui ni hen hao hor! =P ahaha. blek. =)

love ya lots!

PS: ya la ya la. very leng zhai edy lar. your "outfit" just now make u LOOK very Pro. =P Your "outfit". =P you understand, i understand can edy la. ahahahahaha. =P but but but your hair.. =P hahahaha nvm nvm! grow longer edy. look better than last time. ;)

You're ma sunshine and hero of the day. :)


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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Darleg! xD

Haha hello! sorry for the long emo post there. =/ things are definitely better now. Had annual dinner on saturday! wohoo! was suppose to go for akon, but ended up a misunderstanding and the tickets were given away. =( but on the brightside! Ks was suppose to go but he had to do smth else in the end and i replaced his spot in annual dinner. =) such a blessing to go for last year's and this year's annual dinner for free! =) i really had a super duper lot of fun that night! ^^ .. =) of course, i have tons of pictures but i've no time to blog! so heres just a quick update. and pictures are on facebook. easier. dun need to wait for it to load 5 by 5. =P and sry lydia and jovenne! pictures of outreach tht day havent upload. =X soon! sry!

sides that, hmm.. alot has been happening.
so much that i cant keep track off. and times really flying!
u know.. Spm is in about 20 more days.. minus the sundays..
18 days! although no ones ever totally fully ready for SPM..
i cant wait to be done with Spm really! hahaha..
Bring it on honayyy! =P

today was a nice day. My teacher tht i talked about in the previous post,
well, he taught today! =) tho he's still not as fluent as he used to be..
HE'S BACK! =) awesomee! was so happy to see him back, teaching. =)
and he remembers me now! he remember my name! =) whee. xD
cool cool. ^^ JIA YOU TEACHER! =)

alrighty larh. thats abt wht i've been doing. heh.
Besides studying of course. =P
And today was fun! Made someone shyyyy! =P lalalalalala~!
hahaha seriously, it was funny seeing you that shy for the first time!
hohohoho~! =P blek.

PS: about my entry title. =.= some unknown number called me. miss called actually. so i smsed.. "?? You are?" and replied "How are you"? i said.."Who are you?" Replied .. "Nepel Warrag, You?" I said, "Do i know you? heh. i probably dont since you dont even know me. =.=" and replied.." Ok. Bai Bai Darleg" Me.. =.=................. DARLEG?! loler larh. hahahaha. funny tho. and someONE hor.. keeps using that against me hor.. *Stares* Pffft! Darleg la u. xD

Good week to you all.
Pray for me pray for me. Loves!

Friday, October 23, 2009

What If One Day You Forget Everything You've Ever known?

Dear Teacher,

I know u have forgotten alot of things,most of all you've known. But students like me have not forgotten you. when i heard the news about you, i was really shocked and worried. But today, today was really a shocking plus sad day for me.. i talked to u yesterday but you didn't really show any response to me. i thought u were just busy. But today, today when i passed by ur place, i greeted you and said "Hey teacher! long time no see!" and u showed no reaction... At all. And suddenly u used ur hand gesture calling me over to ur place. At that moment.. question marks were playing in my mind. And then u said.. " Cikgu Sudah Lupa.." with ur sad face.. lost.. and confused.. ur words stuned me. i.. i didn't know what to say.. and i asked you.. "Cikgu langsung tak ingat?" and u replied.. "Cikgu ingat sedikit sahaja." Again.. i was stuned.. thinking of what to say. And then i introduced myself again. exactly the way i did almost 2 years ago. "Cikgu, nama saya Yap Kah May. Saya dari kelas 5 Bestari" i had to fake a smile.. but in my heart, i was really really sad. Sadness filled me the minute u told me u've forgotten and u cant remember. Teacher, u were one of the close teachers to me in school and it breaks my heart to see you this way.. there was totally nothing i could say to make u feel better. and u just sat there.. staring blankly at ur table.. feeling hopeless.. i pat u on the shoulder and said.. "Don't worry teacher, in time.. , in time you'll gain back your memory again..!" and u just looked at me and nod ur head and stared blankly at your table again. i stood there. didn't know just wht to do or say. and i left.. as i walked back to class, total sadness filled my soul. i was really really sad for you teacher. words cant really describe just how i felt. the minute i reached class.. chi wing, khai yein and boon sin noticed the change of emotions in me. As i explained what just happened to them.. tears started to fill my eyes, but i held them from flowing out.. Sigh. teacher...

i felt so sad but i thought. NO! i wont give up on you. i'll gain back and help you remember! i'll help you remember what i can help you remember. About school.. or the students u were close with. and etc. i sat behind of the class.. and started to write a letter to you. a long long letter. I even asked you to read back the card i made for you last Hari Raya. That small card made you so happy. I still remember the first time u entered my class last year during EST period. u were teaching us about Were wolves! u even did sound effects with priceless facial expressions to describe what you were talking about. u were always cheerful, happy, bouncy, filled with expressions, u always had a smile on your face without fail, you were and still is one of the favourited teachers among the students! the first time you taught us.. i thought, hey.. i like this teacher! =) you made a really good impression on us students and now teacher, we want to help you back! You always advise us and you never once scold us or force us to do anything. You were like a father to us, teacher. you were the joyful one among the teachers. i remembered how u complain that people are paying money to lose weight and here you are spending money to get fat. xD ahhh u were such a jovial one. Teacher, u might have lost your memory but i'm so glad and thankful that you're alive! you got the chance to continue living your life.. and the best part is.. you are not retarded like most people would be.. you are physically perfectly fine. teacher, in time, your memory will come back. thats for sure. I know it would be hard.. but please be patient teacher.. you have us.. and your family and friends to remember! Never Give Up! coz we wont give up on you! We miss the old cheerful you teacher.. So dont be sad anymore because the ones who love you will feel even more sad to see you this way. We're thankful for your second chance in life.. and you should too! live every second to the max teacher! Dont waste it, even for a second.

When i went down to pass the letter to you, you were sitting with the other guy teachers but you were just,staring blankly again at something. Like you were lost in thoughts. thinking what you should do with your life. that kinda look. and when i called you to tell you i've a letter for you, imeadiately a smile lit up your face. but just for a while. and you zonked out again. the next time i passed by the staff room, i saw u sleeping on your table. well, i assumed you were sleeping. i hope you werent crying. Were you? I guess the reason why you're back in school now is because they want to help you remember about your work place and all. Dear teacher, you will, i know you can!

I promised myself to visit you in school during my recess time. to talk to you and find out how you're doing.

Teacher, i hope you get well soon. We miss you.

Your student who really care,miss and love you,

Thursday, October 22, 2009

I want you to know, that it doesn't matter. Where we take this road, Someones gotta go.

ello. just came back from jogging.
reminded me of last week when i went jogging with Chi Wing, Yan Zheng, Wai King, Eng Thiam and Pakson. after jogging when we played catch-catch xD. so swt. hahahaa.. and played the swing and all feeling all like a kid again. xD hahaha.. time is passing THAT FAST! =P

this week in school has been nice.
coz bengkel were postponed for like a week.
so we have free time to ourself in school. =)
so i decided to start some study group in class with chi wing, boon sin and khai yein. =D it was good. coz i feel good during school and after school.!
its like my every second in school is used up in a way that benefits myself and not just lepak here and there.. chit chat.. and all tht. yeah, we students sure do stuffs like that.
but its fun going to school and having that feeling like..
Wow.. my time going to school today was worth it. haha.

feels good. =)
I'm feeling better. tho some things never change.
but i'm used to it already. =D
suppose to go for Akon's concert this saturday.but some misunderstandings happened and my friend who was giving me the ticket tot i wasn't going so yeah. no more tickets for me! =( ah wells... =/ lets hope i get to go to annual dinner instead! *fingers crossed!*

sho yeah. thats pretty much my week and all. Oh yes, went to Bethal church on sunday to do publicity for AFC Bootcamp 2009! =) Did a preview of my choreography. will be going to more places but resting this sunday. I got to see Lydia and Natasha after so long!!!!! =) took pictures but no time to upload yet! so till then!

Pray for me. =)

I'll be. :)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Four No More

The Four No More

Long time ago someone questioned me and i said we'd last for all of eternity. And tht someone said.. Dont speak too soon..and i was like Ahhh. i know just exactly wht i'm saying. but now.. now i dont anymore.. its over.

What about death? why do some people die young some early?
what'd you do if someone u loved the most in this world..
more than everyone else died before ur eyes in ur arms..
what'd you do then? after? how would you cope?

whats the point of death anyways?
what does it mean?

dont worry. i'm not thinking about suicide.
what kind of stupid person would think that.. or do so.
over people who dont deserve ur life? come on..
dont ever do that to urself coz no one else is worthy of ur life..
none but God himself.

I just had the most terrible night mare yesterday..
a night mare where the only people i felt i could rely on..
died before my eyes and in my arms..
u should probably understand hw sad.. literally..
REALLY REALLY sad i was in my dreams..
it felt as if everything that was left.. everyone that was left..
that i loved so much and couldn't afford to lose.. was taken away.
away from me. and i felt there was no where left to turn to..
to cry on.. to hug.. to just rant and love..
the place where u feel most secured and loved..
taken away from me.. and it felt so real..

and after thinking it over in school..

But too bad. too bad for you. I KNOW.
that there are people who really loves me and are watching over me. I KNOW. that even if there is no one on earth that i could rely on, i have GOD himself to rely on! SHOO FROM MY DREAMS! Noob.

PS: Thank you so much kimberley for being there for me always. for smsing or calling at the right moments when i'm about to cry or just feeling so so sad or angry. it was almost a miracle that u msged me right spot on. At that very second. its amaizing. Telephatic twins alright. Ily.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Butterflies Fly Away.

Went to plaza low yat with Boon Sin just now..
Pendrive is confirmed spoilt. =( Sent it to fixed with warranty.
will only get it back in like 4 to 6 weeks. rawr.
thanks for accompanying me boon sin! =)
We had fun didn't we. hehe. =P

hmm.. time is passing way too fast.
today's the date when SPM is exactly 4 weeks away!
and what else? Theres only 10 weeks left in 2009!
and 2010 is here! which means WORLD CUP is coming! =P

oooh was emofied yesterday. not as teruk.
but down larh. lol.. =/
But i was cheered up! =D Thanks alot Jet!
those 2 songs really enlightened me. =)
It Reminded me of Him. =)

And yeaaaaah. i really miss PS conferences. =/
nvm nvm nvm. AFC Bootcamp 2009 is coming!
Looking forward to it! =) till then, Study study study~!!!
Need to work on my history, physics and biology!
Jia you all Spm-ers! =)

PS: Happy 17th Birthday Sue Mei.!

go ahead and mengada larh.
i wont let it bring me down~!
at least i'll try to pretend everythings okay.
no care no careeeeeeeeee!
i've got her! and Him. =]
they were all i ever needed anyways.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Down. down dowwwwwwwwwwwn

My 4GB Kingston Dt 101 pendrive suddenly only have 382MB capacity.
i formatted it but its still like dat. and worse now..
i can reinstore the secure traveller i copied before deleting.
apparently i've to download it again but i cant find the link to dwnload it.

i din drop it or anything also. =(
stupid ler....
sooooooooooo down now.
nt only coz of this la. plus other stuffs.
but yeah wei! this sucks.
i havent use it fully also. =(
and i only bought it last year june.

any ideas?!


Saturday, October 17, 2009

Playing God- Paramore

I can't make my own decisions Or make any with precision
Well maybe you should tie me up
So i don't go where you don't want me
You say that i've been changing
That i'm not just simply Ageing
Well how could that be logical?
Just keep on craming ideas down my throat
You don't have to believe me
But the way I, way I see it
Next time you point a finger i might have to bend it back
And break it, break it off
Next time you point a finger
i'll point you to the mirror
If Gods the game that you're playing
Well we must get more aquainted
Because it has to be so lonely to be the only one who's holy
It's just my humble opinion but it's one that i believe in
You don't deserve a point of view
If the only thing you see is you
You don't have to believe me
But the way i, way i see it
Next time you point a finger i might have to bend it back
Or break it, break it off
Next time you point a finger
i'll point you to the mirror
This is the last second chance (I'll point you to the mirror)
I'm half as good as it gets (I'll point you to the mirror)
I'm on both sides of the fence (I'll point you to the mirror)
Without a hint of regret i'll hold you to it
I know you don't believe me
But the way i, way i see it
Next time you point a finger i might have to bend it back
Or break it, break it off
Next time you point a finger i'll point you to the mirror
I know you won't believe me
But the way i, way i see it
Next time you point a finger i might have to bend it back
Or break it, break it off
Next time you point a finger i'll point you to the mirror.

Sorry Sorry Sorry Sorry, Naega Naega Naega Meonjeo

Hey guys! the week has been alright. got holiday from friday till Monday.
Loads of birthdays been coming and going kay!

12th October
Chun Yeow and me! =P

13th October
Roxanne Chong! my cousin. =)

14th october
Suey Pooey! and PakSon! =)

15th October
Joanne Chong! my cousin also! =) Iunni! and Eng Thiam!

happy birthday to u guys! =) tho i've already wished u guys. hahahaha. heres an extra wish. =P really tired nw, just got back from dance prac. but i feel like blogging. =P BTW, i seriously love my new blog song. first time i heard it was when kim and her friends randomly started singing it.. then second was when I went jogging yesterday, pak son was playing some song on his phone while jogging and he over took me and suddenly stopped and started dancing the chorus like the group "Super Juniors" did. haha go watch their mtv! its niceeeee! =P the dance steps are simple yet nice! and fun. xD its really catchy. go go see! NAO! =P xD 13 guys in a group yo! =P

hmm anyways i've been alright.. got my problems here and there..
my moments here and there..
but playing basketball this morning was fun.. =)
and jogging yesterday was fun too!

so yeah. but then again, problems i face every single day..
is still here.. but i've figured that this time..
i shall care less.. because this has happen for i dunnohowmanytimes.
and to be honest, i'm fed up. i really am.
So if this is the way u wanna be, then so be it.
theres nth i can do. i dun even freaking understand why you're treating me this way. some people say i should ask u but what use is it anyway when u wouldn't even look at me. huh?

so yeah. whatever it larh.
not like i can do anything about it. it feels bad.. but i feel better now when i'm caring less. less hurt. go gossip all u want larh. let the whole world noe. i dun even noe wht ur letting them noe. ah whtever whtever. Life's better somehow.. this way.
sometimes u ask urself, why should i do anything to fix this when i dun even know where i went wrong or infact did nth wrong in the first place? the thing is, u wont even layan me. SO FINE. i'm done trying to understand u coz its just so. so.. so.. very taxing.. very.. tiring.. seriously very.

Anyhoo! enough abt that. Haha.. u think u dun understand wht i just typed? NEITHER DO I! =D haha. so yeah, lets just pretend nth ever happened. xD whtever la. so yeah, although mum is staying here edy. its weird but. I miss her. =.= she's always working and coming back late. ya noe. last time in JB when she working she'd sms or call me. nw no more d coz she staying wit me. =.= but i rarely get to talk to her also. ish. =(

and i seriously really feel like swimming! ahhh.. wanna go sunway lagoon! =/ kay larh. i should go sleep. @_@ really tired now.. and tmr got practise.. and meeting. 0.0 oooh yeah! i have officially finished tuition! no more tuition for me! xD today was the last class. mwahahhhahaa. =P which means SPM is drawing near also. =P blek.
k larh k larh.

Dun wry about me! i'll be just finee. =)

*sorry sorry sorry sorry, naega naega naega meonjoe!*

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

12th October,2009.

Went to school in the morning, and i was sooooo tired! slept at 2am! O.O As usual, coz of pmr, we had bengkels and was stuck in the library the whole day. the first half of the day was alright. was pretty stoned tho. hahaha. after recess was when i gained back my energy and went all hyper! =P

After recess, benji and sharvin passed me a birthday card and said it was from the guard. =.=.. i tot they were playing around and tot it was probably from one of them.. but when i opened the card, it was actually from Chaur jang, a friend from tuition who studies in SMK Kepong Baru. lol. a guy in tuition i just met.. quite recently. Anyways thank u chaur jang! it was nice of u to have come all the way to my school to pass me this! =) then desmond came with a milo box and a present and said it was from someone. i was like hmmmmmmmmmmm? then i opened it and it was sweets in a pencil box. hahahahahaa.. i was craving for milo then, really!
Thanks Mar and Des! =D
Before u continue reading, heres an introduction to the 3 main people. hahahaa. Kok Sime, Khai Yein and Boon Sin! Let the pictures begin~!
Kok Sime
Khai Yein
Boon Sin
Khai yein! we're supposed to be serious here! xD
Candid by weng yee! xD
I couldn't have set with a better class partner! =)
Maggie, i hate putting on lipsticks, but this is just for you!
Haha.. we were talking. lol. i know its a weird position. kneeling and talking, but yeah, we were looking out the window. xD Boon Sin snapped !
Chi Wing and his looooooooong eye lashes!
Marilyn darling!
Awww. Love makes the world go round!
If u looked closely. Kok Sime actually gives u that model feel. hahaa. seriously! look at his face, eyes and all.. if u saw the pic in a bigger form u can seeee it. hahaha.
I like this picture! =) very friendship feel. hahaha..and we were really laughing. so it makes it all the more nicer! candid. =)
Awww. =)
Interesting pic. check out kok sime and khai yein. hahahahaa.

When i went home, i was really happy because i saw more smses ! hahahaa.. but the sms that really made me smile from ear to ear, was a sms from AARON ONG! omgoodness!!! I received a sms from Australia!! hahaha.. it really made me happy aaron! thanks a million and bunchesss!!! =) really thoughtful of u! hahaha.. and hey! i still wanna know hw much it cost! =)
Boon sin was waiting at the lift and snapped the minute we walked up. haha

After school, dear classmates , fish, mey eun, di shen, boon sin, kok sime, khai yein, maggie , jian yi and TJF planned to go pizza hut to celebrate my birthday! =) But but when i reached there! wai king, parkson, ernest and chelsea came too! i din even noe TJF would be coming. hahahaa.. =) happy really! carmen came later on as well!
Actually he dont wanna take picture one. but its my bday so.. =) Nyahahahahah!
Mey Eun doing some sexaaay pose. hahahahahaha..
actually she just wanted to evade the camera. =P
Chelsea. =)
Jia Yi and Maggie!
Kes Buli! xD
TJF's hand mengacau!
Ernest =)
Then she had to leave! =(
Mai Yun!
Di Shen

Then some drama happened. khai yein tot there was a pizza hut in jusco so she went there. and realize got no pizza there. she din noe where we were and she had no credit so she tot she'd wait there hoping someone calls or we go jusco soon enough after eating. but it didn't happen. coz we tot she was wit her bf.. and they were late.. coz caleb havent show either. then she used her last rm10 to reload and called me.. after waiting for 1 hour and 30 minutes. she walked to carefour pizza hut form jusco but we were at the one opposite carefour. she got really frustrated and kok sime quickly went to carefour to bring her over. emotions rushed and by the time she reached she burst out in tears. the atmosphere totally died. and i consoled and comfort her.. then we headed to jusco. by then she was better edy. we headed to secret recipe to eat cake! =)
PhotobucketPhotobucket Photobucket
Classic Cheese babeh!
Khai Yein Dear thank u so much for coming and sorry u had to be stranded for so long and u had to miss tuition. like i said, i couldn't have had a better classmate to sit next to every single day. =)
Tjf and Jian nvr see candle b4. xD
The ceiling was niceeeeeeeee
Then marilyn passed by secret recipe! haha. =)
Thanks kok sime for paying for secret recipe. =)

They left and rushed to tuition. Me,ky and boon sin were left.
If u still rmb, last year kok sime, me and dick shen went to jusco as well on my birthday.. and to rmb the day the 3 of us bought smth .. a string and hung it on our pencil case. =) this year we did the same but this time, kok sime, me, khai yein and boon sin got it. =) we bought this! sorta like bracelets or smth. haha. =)
Khai khai looks so pretty here. =)
Whee! havent played this in ages!

After ky left boon sin bought me my present! =)
So anyways, kim came with her friends all the way here just to pass me my present! O.O! summore it was the first day of her A Levels! goodness! Junior,May jean and lee tat was with kim. junior fetched us home and kim came to my hse! =)
Kim and I just layed on my bed and chattt away. =) it so funny how i did almost the same thing last year! just that i was with different people. haha. last year after jusco, i was so tired i layed on my bed at the exact time of the day.. and benson came back from JB and gave me my presents from karyn,kim and bryan! but this year!! kim was with me! =) and it was just so nicee having her with me. got to catch up. but i was really dead and tired. so sorry darling! but u noe i reli enjoyed u being with me, right? =) mwhsss!
Mine! and Kok Sime's! haha
I've always wanted this! hahaha.. thanks boon sin! =) stainless steel plain ring. =D

Then kim left at 10.30pm. and when mum reached home..
They suprised me with a birthday cake! this time, classic cheese as well but a whole cake! O.O!!! =))))))

Thank u so much for the cake mummy!!! =)
now, here are my presents! =)
From BB! thanks alot BB! he tried to find purple for me but he couldn't. awwww. =)
Photobucket PhotobucketPhotobucket
Kim and Benson gave me this bag and in it was a superman shirt from DC Heroes and 3 pairs of earings! thank u so much u both i've wanted a SUperman shirt for very long edy! hahaa. =)

and rmb me mentioning about my new toy? hehehehehehe...
PhotobucketPhotobucket Photobucket
And YESH! I KNOW! hahahahaha.. i got a laptop from mummy for my birthday!!! THANK U SO MUCH MUMMY!!!! =) she stood and sell milk powder for a whole month to get me this! Sniffx
Hand made by chi wing!!!

From Chaur Jang
Photobucket Photobucket
My Presents. =)

U've no idea hw long i took to finish 11th and 12th of oct. xD u wont wanna know! =P
Okay. Its time to study. =P
Thank u everyone that made my birthday a happening one! Hugs and lots of love to u guys! and most of all, thank God that he gave me such wonderfuly family members and friends up to 17 years now. =)

Celine Yap Kah May is finally Seventeen!! =)