Thursday, October 22, 2009

I want you to know, that it doesn't matter. Where we take this road, Someones gotta go.

ello. just came back from jogging.
reminded me of last week when i went jogging with Chi Wing, Yan Zheng, Wai King, Eng Thiam and Pakson. after jogging when we played catch-catch xD. so swt. hahahaa.. and played the swing and all feeling all like a kid again. xD hahaha.. time is passing THAT FAST! =P

this week in school has been nice.
coz bengkel were postponed for like a week.
so we have free time to ourself in school. =)
so i decided to start some study group in class with chi wing, boon sin and khai yein. =D it was good. coz i feel good during school and after school.!
its like my every second in school is used up in a way that benefits myself and not just lepak here and there.. chit chat.. and all tht. yeah, we students sure do stuffs like that.
but its fun going to school and having that feeling like..
Wow.. my time going to school today was worth it. haha.

feels good. =)
I'm feeling better. tho some things never change.
but i'm used to it already. =D
suppose to go for Akon's concert this saturday.but some misunderstandings happened and my friend who was giving me the ticket tot i wasn't going so yeah. no more tickets for me! =( ah wells... =/ lets hope i get to go to annual dinner instead! *fingers crossed!*

sho yeah. thats pretty much my week and all. Oh yes, went to Bethal church on sunday to do publicity for AFC Bootcamp 2009! =) Did a preview of my choreography. will be going to more places but resting this sunday. I got to see Lydia and Natasha after so long!!!!! =) took pictures but no time to upload yet! so till then!

Pray for me. =)

I'll be. :)

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