Wednesday, August 30, 2006

A World Dats Becomin More Corrupted Day by Day...

Wheee~! Okays..I know i said i wouldn't be on9-ing much..But just needed to blog bout sum stuff..coz i wanna rmb it..hahahaha...Yesterday Daddy came back quite late..Then he suprised the gals(includin mum)! He Bought Loads Of Clothes for us! I was like WAAAA!!! @_@ So happie...hahahahaa....He suprisingly chose alot of nice ones! And alot suited me too! kakakaka...xD! So happy ler...THX DADDY! Muack Muack Muacks!!
Today...was kinda tired...muahaha...was tryin the clothes marr...slept late lor...Anyways i was spose to stay back today...But mum din allow me was like normal..They changin timetable again..So stupid la...wanna change how many times hah! ish...Anyways...After school is when my day became more..Interesting? hahahaha..Ok laaa...Not interesting la...I just had movie to see oni la...xD! Okays....First of all...theres this car..Always come to my school after school and meet up with sum guys and pick them up sumtimes..Then he drives off so madly..Wad the...He drive like siao la..haha..Got car comin ah..he dun care..Straight away reverse infront of em..And make em stop like...Sum cars had to break really hard....Then i think to myself...Wad man..How the drivers tolerate this nonsense..Then today i found out the reason..Everytime he reversed..He will take out a parang...Show the drivers..and put the parang back in the car...SWTS....I was like...waad man......
Bus came..Then went up...then bus had to make a turnin as usual so had to stop..coz it's a junction..then i saw this 3 motorbikes..6 ppl...Saw them earlier..Then saw them again at this tree...At the junction there...One guy was whackin this two fat guys..Then one of his friend came and join him whack the two fat guys..the others just stayed and watch on their bikes..Wahh..Take the helmet..Whack the head..punch..etc...I watch..So helplessly..Can't do anythin oso..Just watched...Feelin kelian for them..Then one of the fat guy fell on the road to the ground...there was this car at the back..Waiting to run over the fat guy..But coz my bus was the car couldn't..then the guy quickly got up..Then this 3 motorbikes...was like blockin the junction..Bus couldn't turn..So the uncle like ask them to move...the guys on the bike din want too..They say...U GO LA! then the uncle said...MOVE NOW! they din want to..they say again...YOU MOVE LA! then the uncle got exasperated..hahahaha..He got up from his seat angrily..then the guys on the bike called the two guys and left...
Hmms...Violent sia...heh...saw fight b4...din c one that close up b4 though..Hmmms...Human Beings this days...Tsk...More like animals...Well..I know i'm human too..But i cant deny the fact how humans are actin very much the same as animals..No Maruah at all...No harga diri..>.<>
Are fights that exciting? does it make u feel better? does it brighthen up ur life or sumthin? I'm not condeming anyone here...But HEY! wake up...Stop hurtin ppl for nth....even if u have a reason to why u are...Don't...When u hurt other ppl...ur actually hurtin ur ownself..Your throwing away PpL's hopes in you..Your Spoiling ur Own REPUTATION! U think by fighthin ur reputation will increase? HECK YES IT WILL...But not for a good reason..For the WorSE! PpL PpL..wake up...U think u loose face when u walk away from a fight? NO! mayb to those LoSers u are..But to the tons of ppl watchin..Ur a real hero..A great person..With Sum SENSE OF LOGIC! WITH a HEART! Not like those cold blooded's...Hearts as hard as they even have a heart? Bleh.....No one can change u but urself..No one can tell u wht to do with ur life..u just gotta make ur own choice..YES...Parents may tell u wht to do with ur life..mayb ALL THE TIME! but..It's YOUR life...It IS still ur choice...
Sorry if i said too much..But i can't help it...I just felt soo..I dunno...I felt soo..dunno wads the word..When i saw the two guys kena whack..It's just so in-human...Aiks...Wads this world becomin into again? Hmmm...This is not the first time i saw fights..but..this time..I really..i really hit me..Poor guys...I so cant wait for christmas..No school...No fights to see...Just dance pracs,hols,Hang outs, christmas,camps,conferences.. Oh how i miss it! Tomorrow's our national day...*laughs* HAH! Semangat patriotik man my school...NOT....I do realise that year after year...the Meaning of "Merdeka" is slowly fadin all...The celebrations are becomin lesser..Smaller...It used to be GRAND! Big! And sumthing to feels like any normal day...Hmmm...Its like a one day holiday thing..Not anythin else anymore...Man...This world is gettin so corrupted i tell u...Hehs..Thank God really for Some ppl who actually have a heart and act like humans too..they are the ones that makes the world go round..Its not money..It's love in ppl...WEll...if there is still ppl like that..tht is..I know there is...But tht too is fadin..Slowly...Sad huh? hehe..Thankfully my life are filled with ppl like dat..=) Not totally all either...hehs...
Anyways..Tomorrow..Wun be doin anythin i guess...Then back ta school on friday...And on SAT i got school...they are doin the replacements..Cuti ganti thing..For the hari raya will get a 2 whole month holiday..Yeps...For tht..I am willing! coz i wanna have 2 whole month oh hols! Nov most probally spendin a month in KL! then Dec bz bz bz bz! Alot of programs for mua..hahaha...Okays lar..i know my blog tooo loong alrdy...Hahaha...Kays kays..Take cares y'all!
PS:Tq Chen Siang for Helpin Me buy da reload Card! xD! I'll make sure i pay u on friday ya? =)

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Back Ta School..

Hmms..My first day back in school kinda sucked..Heh..I slept at 1am and woke up early for school...So was tired...and theres a reason why i slept late..But i'm lazy to type it out..Anyways..FINISHED my kerja kayu..And 1hour b4 school ended sum1 just had to make my day sucky..Anyways..
TODAY! Like any normal school day i guess..Anyways..I told myself tht i wanna study more and score good marks for my finals..Yeah..So i wouldn't be onlining that much..
Caryn & Julie!
Joseph,Bb,JoLiSa & LuQ!
Take cAres Y'all! Learn to Live Life to The Fullest! Treasure Everyone arnd u..Every moment u spend with sum1 for it may be the last..Appreciate the things arnd u..And Have No REgrets! Think POSITIVE! LIVE POSITIVE! And if School Sucked..It doesn't mean ur whole day have to Suck To! If u happen to know that sum1 hates u..Dun WORRY! Think Of those that Need And Love u! Negativity is hard to avoid..But it sure is ur choice to at least try To Make The BeSt Of Ur Day!
Loadsa Love,

Sunday, August 27, 2006


Okayss..My day..Saturday..Yesterday..Well..Woke up like at 8am..Then BK came ta fetch us..Thens..Go Mkn at Tasik there..Saw..Sum church members...LoL..Aunt Pauline and her Hubby..Thens Went to Immanuel..Then we were talkinbout the night performances...We would be performin at a church..And then rush to tebrau city..So BK have to stay back at da church..because he would be preachin..then he needed A keyboardist to stay back with him..Which is..Rachel..So she like..Alone there..while we go TeBrau..So i decided to not go tebrau and sing..and teman her..But in the end..She needn't stay back..So we all wentTogetha getha..hehehhee..
After we prac in Immanuel..We went to BK's hse...To rest..Then S.E belanja us nice..=)Then we just rested there...But me and Rachelcouldn't sleep..>.< so we listen to ipod..mwahaha..Then reach the time...Go dress up..And left..For Taman U..which is so totally on the other side of world!After performin dad came to fetch us to tebrau coz..All can't fit into one car...It was like JAM!Omgosh..We were so so late...To add tention my bro called and say we must be there in 10 mins..Which is so IMPOSSILBLE!But we got there in time..Coz vitar made time..hahaha..He go delay for us..lols...
When reach there...I saw like..alot!of my classmates there..I was like..WAAAH!They came just to c..Awww..lols..I din know kaw was there..Untill my bro told me..hahahhaa..he really came...gosh...I thought he had badminton...*thinks*Anyways..So touch..They came..though its a small thing..And those who i din expect to see were there..Haaa...TQ! TQ! xD! The performance was aite la..The sound system kinda sucked..Aih..And Mel's bass..Cannot here..Aiks...Sucky sucky sucky...Oh wells...
ITS OVER! hahhahaa..Then went to hand outFlyers of Planet Shakers Nights of Fire..Waa...Tired lar...LooKin forward to eat my dinner..Oh Yeah..It was alrdy 11pm...Guess what..All shops closed 'GREAT' is that?So i was tired and hungry..Untill..not hungry alrdy..Hmmph...Then after thats..I reached home at like 12am..Then bathe..Straight away fell asleep..So friggin tired...Untill i felt a lil sick..
This morning i woke up late..So din eat breakfast..Straight away..Went to church..Was yesh..Very Hungry..DUH..course i din eat dinner and Breakfast..So after church..Went to Mkn..then had to go back to church ady..Got choir prac...Then now i'm here..Back home..Wheee! Oh man...Hols are ending...Thats just...SAD! Sobs...So fast Hols ended..NVM! NOVEMBER! CANT WAIT CANT WAIT! hehe..
Tomorrow need ta stay back i guess...To do kerja kayu..hmm...Need to cut ma nails..SObs...*heartbreaks* lol...Okays...anyways...

Friday, August 25, 2006

Dedicated to My Dear Girl -BeNg-

The world would be a lonely place
Without the one that puts a smile on your face
So hold me 'til the sun burns out
I won't be lonely when I'm down
I never doubted you at all
The stars collide, will you stand by and watch them fall?
So be with me 'til the sky is clear
And whisper words of comfort right into my ear
Cause I've got you to make me feel stronger
When the days are rough and an hour feels much longer
When I got you
To make me feel better
When the nights are long they'll be easier together
Looking in your eyes
Hoping they won't cry
And even if you do
I'll be there so close to you
Through the night
And you'll be unaware
But if you need me I'll be there
I Noe I DiD..Mayb Alot.LiL.Bit.NoNe..Meix I'm SoRry! Yes this might be small..But i hate to hurt the ones i love..even by a lil..cause it hurts me to..
Forgive me?

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Aww Man!

MAN! The Show Totally RAWKED!
Just came back from the movies with ma lil bro..Watched "CLICK" Guys! Make Sure u watch it! U can't miss it! It so rawked ok! So nicesh...=) It's Funny,Sweet,Touching & teaches Us sumthin to! It's so great! And it suits anyone..Family or friends..hahaha..Its great! make sure u dun miss it! hahaha...=) Oh yeahs... *Forever & Ever* hahaha..=)

My Hol?? Hmm...

WOkays...My hols...So far...Been pretty wasted...xD! Wake up..Eat..On9..Watch tv..On9..Go do sumthin...On9 again untill 1am plus..then go sleep. LoL..been doin tht for the pass few days now..How wasted are my hols eh? hahhahaa...So today..Hope to go out later..Hmm..Wanna go hang out with lil bro later..Then go watch CLICK togetha..hehehe..Can't wait..Hmms..Hw...Half done...hehehe..din touch it from monday untill now...lazy alrdy...xD! Along the hols..I also learnt sumthing..xD! I should learn to shut more..hahahaa...=P Bleh! Okays lah..Gtg...Happy Hols!
My shortest blog so far?? xD!

Monday, August 21, 2006

Requested Pics!

Here you go..Sum requested pics..Haha..Have fun..=)

Wht a Nice Start of Da Hols!

AHah! Well..Yesterday..Morning went to church..Then after church had choir stayed back at church..din go mkn lunch..lols..Then Daniel stayed back to hang out with us..Had a nice cht with him lah..Nice catching up with him again..lols..Then choir prac over liao..Then dad still had to be in church till 6pm!!!!!! Because he havin PCC meeting..Aiyok...So just hang arnd the church..trying to figure out sum stuff for the choir..hehs...Then after the meeting FINALLY over..Went to Mc.D's to mkn. Me and sibs were eating Mc.D's while mummy and daddy went on a durian date..sumwhere else...hahahaha...

Then after their.."date" they came over to Mc.D's. Then i asked daddy.." we play o2jam again? *GRINS*" "Yes..Sure..But can u control? whats ur limit?" Haaaaa..I was like..Jumpin inside but outside keep cool oni..BWAHAHAHA..So this is the deal..Everday..Can play 1 hour..then rest for 2 hours..then can play another 1 dat lor..Haaa.Just now go play...Up lvl to lvl27 liao..WHOOO! hehehe..So happy wei...After Mc.D's we went to Tebrau City..Then went to yamaha..The a friend from yamaha..Vitar asked me,mel,ben and our band whether wanna perform on sat at the centre of tebrau city! WHOA! So kewl! he asked whether we wanna perform in conjunction of yamaha doin dunno wht thing. Gosh..So kewl! On a SAT night summore! Tebrau City's always pack during tht hour! Wow...He ask us to play 2 songs..

So cool ler...This is big! i know we perform at other places b4..but..This is BIG! hahaha...Excited nyer aku..hahahaha...Boy...My life's really interesting..haha..*pls ignore tht..i'm talkin to myself =P* heee....Wht a great start of the hols eh? Oh yeahs...

To Sum fuends who asked whether me goin KL..Guys...sorry ler...I don't think i can make it..Not goin liao i guess...Sowee Yeahs? When i go KL will surely call u guys out ya? =)

Today..woke up so early..dunno for wht..Summore its a hol! haha...Yesterday I slept at 1am..Why? because i so gud go do my hw..hahaha..Haven do finish..But at least 50% done adey! Mwahaha...The rest quite lazy to do la..LoLs..I just had the mood to do it..haaa...Okays okays..Dun wanna type much..Ciao..

Happy Hols~


Sunday, August 20, 2006


Hey there..Haa..My day yesterday..Pretty interesting..Well..Morning BK came to fetch me and sibs then went to makan at singah selalu..Nice place to eat man..Especially at night..=) Nice music,Nice enviroment,Nice lighthing. hahaha..Then went to IAOG..After thats benjamin aka doggy did sum flyers for the PS Nights of Fire. Okays..Just so you know..Planet Shakers is coming to JB on 15th September,8pm in SJKC Foon Yew (1) punya dewan. So..Be there! =) Well we went to City Square to go hand out the flyers. hahaha..Me,Mel and Rachel was in one group. Haha..Funny lah..Instead of slowly finding ppl..we were running after groups of ppl and individuals. LoLs..Funny...
Than there was this group of guys..Me and Rachel approched them..Then we said Hey! bla bla bla..Then a guy said.."But i dun have ur Number..How to go?" We were like..Eheh..Theres a num there..So...go call tht num. then we Ciao..hahahhaa...After a while bumped into this group again..Dang..They were like..Hey..we still havent got ur nums!(me,rachel) tooters..Haaa...Me and rach was like...HAH..think that easy to get girls num isit. =P lol..Course we din say that lah..we said that among ourselfs..haha..Yeps...Then bumped into them again..third time..XIAN LAH! they were about to go into the lift..Then they saw they said..wait wait..dun go in yet..They comin..then we just walked pass them..without a care..haaa..They looked so bodoh possing over there..xD!
After Cs..we went to the clock St.John kawad kaki went to er where...danga bay..then masuk danga walk..Nth much lah empty..lols..Then went to perling mall..Also empty..but at least they got sell food hungry..But oni had RM2!!! so go buy ice-cream from Mc.D's. mwahahaha..Then got friend belanja bread lah..yeps...Then after perling mall..We went to this Kampung Asli. The entrance to this Kampung wasn't that great..More like pain to the eyes...OUCH! There was this guy arnd like 17-19...he was walking on a piece of land with his pants half way down his ass...And he wasn't wearing anythin besides his pants...He walked further and his pants totally dropped..all the gals were like....OUCHHHH! MY EYES!!!! eheh..Wht a..'pleasant' entrance...Anyways...The village there had me lost in thoughts...I mean..They do nth else besides playing with boats and all..and thats like enough for em alrdy..I mean..Look at us in the city here...Nth is ever enough for us..Well..We can't deny that yea? They looked so peaceful and happy..and they're so creative! I saw two kids playing badminton with a polistrine board and dunno wht was bet no one in the city would evr think of tht..haha..
Then Had to go for band prac d. So went church..Door was lock..Greaaat.....Waited half an hour sitting on the flooor outside the church..The finally uncle clarence came..After band prac..Uncle clarence sent us home..His car..The break so strong ler..Everytime he breaks..We go like front..then back..So many times...Feel like puking..lols...FINALLY REACHED HOME! I WAS SO HAPPY! couldn't wait to take a bath..lols..Then mum din cook..Sobsss...So nvm lor..then online..Online untill so high..dunno why...must be the music..Mwahahaha..Okays..Now it's Sunday,8:42am...Why am i up so early?! lols...Was awoken by..mel..Moving the bed so now on9 a while..later gotta go get rdy for churchy! Its so nice to have this thought in mind."Hah..tomorrow no school!" lols...Holidays i LOVE! xD! okays lah...gtg alrdy. Take cares y'all! Hugs!

Friday, August 18, 2006


WOHOOO! HOLIDAYS ARE HERE BABEH!!! Haaa..Okays..Din blog b4 tis because i dunno laah..Nowadays i on9 oso like..for a while ony..coz..I dunno lah...I not so addicted to the internet world alrdy ler..I dun on9 the whole day oso can one..Dunno why..Okays..I...can't rmb wht happened the whole week..LoLs...Anyways...Did kerja kayu..Need a few more touch-ups and i'm done..LoL..i rmb one day i stayed back to do my kerja kayu..Then my bas obviously left alrdy..So after i thought i should go home..I went lor..Wht to do..Had to walk..And my project was in my hand..Then suddenly i felt rain drops..I was like....Nooooooo! GOD! DUN LET THIS HAPPEN! and i was holding my project..kena air..Gone..Suddenly MY BUS PASSED BY!!! SO COOL! Right after i said tht..Passed by a bus..My bus..Mwahaha..So the bus stoped then fetch me home..So kewl..Din have to walk home...Haaa...
Yesterday..Ah Hmm...U noe nowadays theres this Pen when u use it to write sumthing..U can't see anything untill u use this light to shine on it..Yeah..My friend wrote like all over my hand..she wrote sumthing that make me go...WAD DA..............! lols...And it cant come out..Must wait for a while then oni it will fade..=.= Sides that..Erm..Alot of teachers not coming in...So slack alot in school..They din come in but left like TONS OF HW for us..wht lah..I Mean..Let us enjoy our "HOLIDAY" lah..Thats why its called holiday wei....Ish....This morning i was like super high k..I oso dunno why...Then Sum1 had to just suck the fun out of me..WHY??! Just let me be lah..Why like to spoil ppl's mood for.. #$%^&*@! toot lah...
Hah...So happy ler today..Found sum1 to go learn breakdancin with me liao! hahaha..Got partner d..Hahaha..Coz one person go learn not fun ni..lolx...Hope to soon..Mwaha...Hmmm..Maybe not going to KL next week ler..Sobbs...Stay at home pulak..Aiyaks....Okays lah..Dun wanna type so long..

Monday, August 14, 2006


Heh..Kays..Today a great day! hahaha...First of all..Morning no assembly..Nicesh! Then it's like..i dunno why..but..The day was great for me..Hahaha..First of all..Coz alot of ppl gave me sweets today! Muahaha..I know childish..lols...WAD? I like SWEETS LAH! Cannot ah? hahahaa...Then during maths..teacher called me..then she passed me sumthing..She said my P.E teacher gave it to her to give to me. I was like..Oh..Okays..It was all raped up..Then when i open..I SAW CHOCOLATES!!!!!! Hahaha..Aww man...So kewl...A day filled with sweets and chocolates! No wonder the day turned out sweet..hahaha..Awww..She's so nice! On the paper..She wrote.."Tq for everything" *thinks* i din anything for her..Heh..She's one of the trainee teachers..they'll be leaving ma skool on 13 Oct..right after my bday..heh..So yeahs! Happy! got chocolate to eat! hahaha..=D
Aite..Today we FINALLY started to do our kerja kayu..i mean like..only our class in the whole form 2 hasn't done it. But today also i din get to finish it..Just coz there wasn't enough wood for my lakaran..argh! So i decided to build sumthing way way different from my had to like change the whole lakaran and do again..Bummer...At least i know wht i wanna build alrdy..hahaha..Oh yes..Sunday..there was choir prac..HAH! this is like the first time i'm the oldest in sumthing..Coz i'm always the youngest! now in the whole choir group i'm oldest! Whee~! hahahaa...Wad...It's true..I'm always the youngest..not tht its bad or anything..It's becomin borin! Haha..
LoL..Now tht i realise..My life's pretty interesting if it were to be told as a story..haha..I've been in so many places..So many schools..And most of all interesting ppl in my life tht makes it interesting..=) And without all of em..The story wouldn't be complete..It would be uncomplete and just simply dull..I should be thankful for wht i have and not get jealous over wht other ppl have or wht i dun have..Because if i do..Then..nth is ever gud enough..or nth is ever enough! Mmms...I'm blessed..Because i got to experience alot of things other ppl wouldn't have the chances to..I'm blessed..Because of the friends tht care,love,and are always there with wide open arms..making sure i nvr fall..I'm Blessed..Because of the awesome,interesting family members i have..They to care..and are always there for me..I'm blessed..Because my relationship between my parents and siblings thats so wild and crazy..Unlike sum other familys tht only talk to each other when necessary..I'm Blessed..Because I have a computer,I can actuAlly go online anytime i like and i do NOT have to follow any timetable tellin me when to eat,study,POOP!(go toilet) =P Tht would most probaly make me a robot timetable freak.(no offense to those who do.I'm talkin bout me.) I'm Blessed...Because my parents give me space and doesn't invade my 'territory'! mwahahahah! I'm Blessed..Because I am able to DANCE! SING! and ACT!
PEOPLE! Doesn't it feel better to talk of the things u have rather than wht u do not have? Isn't it better to appreciate wht u are blessed with instead of wht u are not? isn't it better to think of all the good sum1 has done for you rather then all the bad they did to you? I realise how sum people waste their life by being so negative in everything! EVERYTHING! Talking abt wht they do not have,Gossiping abt sum1 just coz they did the same to you,Wishing and HOPING for sum1 to buy em sumthing rather than working hard to buy it theirself..(believe me..Buying sumthing with your own money feels better then ur parents always buying totally everything 4 u,It's different!) Working hard to achieve sumthing rather than bragging..Talk Talk Talk...rather than DO! Life is filled with choices...Good and Bad,Happy and Sad,Positive and Negative. It's your choice how u want to live your life. If you think carefully for one moment when u feel down and sad or depressed..Look at the brighter side..Or try to think of sumthing good tht actually happened..You'll feel life is better when u actually think of all the gudness tht has happened..Rather than just..Sobbing on sumthin bad tht HAD happenED! It's passed! Forget it! Dun dwell on it..Let it go man! Thats life!
It's your choice to be a loner and depressed person or to be sum1 thats joyful and living life to the fullest! If you always look at everything tht happen in a negative way..then..DEPRESS U SHALL BE! But wht if u take it possitively? Doens't it sound or feel better? EXAMPLE!!!!
A girl/guy breaks up with her/his boyfriend or girlfriend...Tht person can cry their heart out..trying to find a way to get back tht person,or trying to find the reason of why their bf/gf left em. Or they can see it in this perspective. "Why am I crying for? It's not my lost..It's his/hers. Because I lost sum1 who doens't love me or care about me..But HE/SHE lost sum1 that LOVED and CARED for him/her.It's their LOST! Not MINE!" Now..When u see it in this way..Wouldn't you feel silly crying over..practically..NOTHING??
My dad allowed me to go hang out with my friends for like many times already. But he suddenly realised tht it's not tht fair coz my other sibs din get to go out with their friends as much as i did. So he doens't allow me to go hang out with my friends anymore..(for the moment) I can go like WHY?! IT's THEIR PROBLEM! NOT MINE! or i can choose to see it like this...Hmmm..Ah well..At least i actually got to go out many times b4 this. And i wouldn't feel all tht bad. Instead this wouldn't affect me tht much.
I said this b4..Theres more to life than wht it seems..Take care y'all! God Bless! Make good choices! Ur choices determine for the worse or for the better. It's ur choice.

Saturday, August 12, 2006


Okays...Rite now...I'm soo soo TIRED! MY body is aching..ouches..Morning..Went to school..Then Mel forgot to bring th cd although i reminded her thousand times...argh..Then had to get dad to bring the cd..Then first it was the chinese tradisional dance,Indian dance and Then Zapin...After tht was our turn..we did 2 dances! So tiring wei...Then was free..coz 1pm oni i on duty...So we went into the haunted hse..So lame man..I miss my kl school's haunted hse wei..It Rawks! Went in..guess wht i did instead? Coz i know every ghost there..well almost all..So when and sep with em..Was yo..sup? haha..Then got this guy..i dunno him..he come and try to scare me by shouting infront my face..xD! I just looked at him..then shouted back at him...AHHHHHHH! Ahhh! Ahhhh! lol! then he was like scared..then he was like..AMMA! then ran away..xD! fun sia! i like to go in to scare em back..Fun..hahaha...I noe rite..I'm like so naughty..Bwahahhaha...
Then just walked arnd..go buy stuff..Mum bought stuff for me! haha..Then walk here and there untill i felt so tired and like wanna fall to the ground alrdy..and time was passing so slowly...then FINALLY 1pm came..then i was selling coconut water..hah...Sit one come! only like 5 ppl bought..So pathetic! so i get all the drinks rdy in the cup..put it on a tray..went out of the stall and go around.." Hello! =D! wanna buy coconut water? =D!" Hahaha..One guy..He looked at me..then said..okok i buy 5 lah...hahahahahaha....then another guy bought 3..YIPPIE! Then went and take summore..go sell again...Suddenly Mel came to me and say..OY! WE DANCING AGAIN! ENCORE! I was like....WAD!!!!!!!! Then put down the drinks..ran to the backstage...And waited...BENSON WENT HOME ALREADY! So had to call him..then he got back to school on time...I was like..Wokay..Lets do dis! go up there..came down..became more exhausted!!! Money finish..aiyaks...So friends belanja-ed mua...WHEEE~! Thank Eu's! hahaha...Then go sell the coconut drink..sell untill FINISH! YAYS! Teacher was like..Waaaaaaaa...SO FAST! hahaha...5 minutes..Kau Tim...All sold! hahaha...
Then was so so friggin tired wei...body so pain now..coz was tired..then had to dance AGAIN...Ahhh...ANyways today was Fun,Exhausting and tiring..hahhaa..Oh yeahs..There was a special performance by this two guys from a dance studio..Heh..after we danced..A guy came to me..And gave me a flyer..then he was like.."Hey..U guys dance really well! Come and Join us lah..Then we can do great performances together!" Heh..I was like thinking in my mind..Aww man..I really want to..But argh..I'm not allowed..sobs sobs..Why?! aih.. hahaha..They danced reli well..The break well to..Hmms...And its near my hse oni! the studio is like few km's from my hse ni...haha...I hope i can...Whee~!
Hmm...Sell finish de..nth else to sell..So go and help my friend sell finish their stuffs..haha..yeah..I know..I nth better else to i oni spent my money on one drink and 1 fries..The rest of the things friend belanja-ed....THANK YOU ALOT GUYS! HUGGIEX! hahaha...I was selling the coconut drink ...Sue mei selling the makanan..Couldn't finish though..hahaha...Aiyah..tht one..can sell during school no need to's makanan jajan mar..haha...Okays ler..i'm like super tired now..and i wanna go watch the video daddy took of the carnival and the performance! wheepiie! Take cares! Ciao!

Friday, August 11, 2006


Rites..Yesterday when i was abt to click publish post for my previous entry..the internet connection went off.......ARGH! TooTness... And..I woke up at like 4am today...geez..dunno why...hahas...Anyways today we din know there was raptai or rather rehersal for all the performances we had to go to the office and ask mum to bring me pj clothes and cd and bla bla..etc..Would be doing 2 dance and a song..2 dances in a row is not tht easy..heh..No time to catch our came..and then got the baju..go change..and after tht got competition against another dance team..But..Their dance is kinda erm..Let me be's rather 'sexy' if u get wht i mean..xD!
Aye..And thens while waiting for rehersal to start..Me,Mel,Ben,Michael,And er..his friend..Hahahaha...Playing all da planet shakers songs and wht not..Singing at the top of our voices...lols..And no one cares..Coz they shouldn''s our mouths and voices! hahahaha..Then danced..Whoa..It was then when i realised how exhausting it can be..Heh...2 in 1 go..So i was practically out of the class half of the day..Rehersal finished during recess..Had to rush to go do duty..Yikes...Then when i went up..All my classmates were like.."Eh..u dance so cun man!" i was like..huh? how u know? Well..There were at the library..Arghs..And the whole class malu..lols..Nah la..Hahahaha..
Tomorrow me would be free untill 1pm....thts when its my time to go jaga the shop..Hmm..1pm-3pm...then free again..hahaha...Thank gudness i jaga in evening..not morning..if not cannot have fun oledi..hahahaa...Morning i'm free! yays! but have to stand by for performance..Yeps yeps...Oh yeh..went back to class..Then heard a friend just broke up with her bf..hmms..And she cried..and went missing..Ahh Hmms...Oh yeahs...B4 i knew it..School alrdy ended..Its a friday! whee~! okays..tomorrow stillllll have to go to school...Sis wanna invite the core to come hang out there for the day..hahaha..Hope they come! hahahahas...Then as usual..Walked to the bus stop..Suddenly andrew's mum saw me sitting there..she quickly ran out of her hse and came and sit beside me....-_-''' Her hse is just infront the primary school there...Ish.....Since i was primary 3...Andrew's mum has been bugging me untill now! WAD THE TOOT LAH...She keeps asking me the same friggin question over and over again..and everytime i tell her the answer she doesnt believes me...AIYOH EH...LEAVE ME ALONE LAH! 6 YEARS ALRDY!!! SHE STILL HASN"T STOP!!!!!!!!! let me tell u wht she has been asking me for the pass 6 years...


Aunty: Hello..=]
Celine: Er Hi...
Aunty: Eh wht tuition centre u go to ah?
Celine: Oh..i dun go for tuition aunty..I just study myself..
Aunty: Oh really? ok den..=]
Celine: =]

Aunty: Hi!
Celine: Oh hello...
Aunty: Wht revision books do u use ah? Wht brand? Wht title ah?
Celine: Actually...I dun..I just use the text books...
Aunty: Really? Sure anot? U lying ah?
Celine: Now aunty...Why would i be lying??
Aunty: How i know..I dun believe u lah..
Celine: Find..U can ask my mom if u like..
Aunty:Okay..I will..
Aunty: Uh Hello!
Mummy: Hey there..=]
Aunty: Eh wht books do you buy for ur daughter ah?
Mummy: Oh..I dun..If she needs it then she'll ask for it..
Aunty: Hah...Reli ah? Then where she go for tuition?
Mummy: She doesn't go for tuition..She nvr went b4..
Aunty: Reli? Owh........
Mummy: Yes reli..I dun interfere with her studies..If i do i'll juz give pressure..She knows wht she needs and wht she doesn't..Whtever she need she'll ask for it..Theres no need for me to go round looking up for whts gud and whts not..=]
Aunty: Ah..*laughs fakely* and walks away..
Celine: *Just smile and look at her*
Aunty: *walks away in embarassment*

Aunty: Ah hello..
Celine: Hi...........
Aunty: Wht books do u use ah to study?
Celine: Aunty..I dun..Still dun...Reli...
Aunty: Wht tuition centre then?
Celine: Aunty.......I still dun go for tuition..nvr had..
Aunty: Eh..*laughs in disbelieve*
Celine: *Tries very hard to smile..*
She just kept on bugging me even more after i scored straight A's in my Upsr....Aunty..Give up! Go find sum1 else to bug...I'm like FED UP! Or rather..let ur son..Have his own mind..and stop controlling him lah..Ish........
Aunty: * She see's me..Run's out of her hse..and sit beside me..*
Celine: *Dang..Not again...*
Aunty: Hello!
Celine: Hey........
Aunty: May i know wht book ur brother use for PMR?
Celine: Erm..I dun reli know..Din realise..
Aunty: Oh...Then where he go for tuition ah?
Celine: We All dun go for tuition lerh...
Aunty: Oh..Relli ah? oks...*Starts Zoning into her world*
Celine: Yeah....
Aunty: Coz Andrew taking PMR next year..So i finding wht tuition centre to send him too..
Celine: *Just Smiles..Sayin to myself..Wad the..Dude! It's oni august..Even sum ppl who are taking PMR THIS year aren't tht worried...* (Btw..Andrew's my classmate..Yes...My AGE!)
Aunty: *Still looking zoned..And saying nth..* Eh..How is cik Sabariah? She's ur bm teacher rite?Celine: She's ok ah..Nice teacher..And yes she's teaching bm..
Aunty: Oh...*Zones Again..And just keeps quiet*
Celine: *I SAW MY BUS COMING! I WAS LIKE AWW YES!!! Grab my bag and stood up*
Aunty: *realise me standing up* Owh..U wan go home alrdy ah? okok..Bye.
I just quickly walk to my bus...GUess whts so GREAT...My bag strap snapped and my bag fell to the ground...Ahmm..How 'great' can things be sumtimes..heh..Okays..Let me describe andrew's mum...She's a lil plum..her hair is like..always curly and bushy..wear specs...talks be friendly like tht..but its just so fake...Her son..My classmate since primary 3 untill now..And..He had a crush on me eversince..He always try to make conversations with me..but everytime he talks to me..silly stuffs come out from his mouth....
Andrew: Err...Hi...
Celine: Hey...
Andrew: Err...It's very hot nowadays yea?
Celine: Dude...It's like...Raining.....-_-''
Andrew: Er yup..runs away...
Andrew: *finding sumthing to say..*
Celine: Yo!
Andrew: Hello..Er...Do you know whts robbin hood?
Celine: >.< *tahan-ing the ironice question* U mean who he is or wht?
Andrew: Uh..Yah?
Celine: Course..Who wouldn't...* In My mind..Poor Guy..Geez*
Andrew: Er...Yeah...Of course..*Smiles in a way feeling stupid*
Celine: *smiles back..*
Andrew: *Walks away..Talking to himself...*
-_-''''''! SWTS! He is a nerdy looking guy..kinda plum..hmm...I mean like...He went to my previous blog and actually printed all the pictures i put in tht blog...WHT THE TOOT...And he brought it to school...Apparently he keeps em all in his wallet..There was one time last year when he became so pranoid tht he kept treating me as his gf..and wherevr i wanted to go..He would be like.."Where u going?" I'll be like..wad buisness is it to u? He was totally acting like a jerk okay...Toot...finally i confronted him...This year..he loosen up..still making weird conversations..and tries to take pics of me whenevr he has the when i'm dancing or sumthing..Argh...and his friends..their so....Gosh! Poor guy..he's attitude is so sucky till like my whole class totally dislikes him..hehs...even the teachers gets iritated...And his mom comes to school everday!!!! AIYOH....whenever i see his mum i'll quickly pecut! and cabut! scary lah..His mom also always make same old boring conversations coz she juz hoping for me to give different answers..Aunty...I'm telling the truth okays...Argh....
Tomorrow performing alrdy! haha..then Jolisa,Josiah,Jayden,Joshua and Jessie would be coming over tomorow..hahahhaa...Kewl! 6pm..means right after i come back from the carnival got to go layan them..hope i still got strength...LoLs...though i doubt it...i'm always beat after the carnival...Aye...Blog too long alrdy..Ciao! Take care! God Bless!


Ahmmm...TooT internet connection..I waited like for 2 hours..or more..Then only it came back..why cant it be stable huh?! anyways...Tuesday..Erh..dun rmb..yesterday..Kia Kwee was like super high..Keep Za Dao-ing me...Ish! u ah..lols...Then today i finally talked with hui chee again after a month of not talking..well..nth happened between two of happen between her and my friend and my best friend..yesh this is confusing..anyways..Maybe she tot i hated her or sumthin coz my best friend was involved in this..anyways..I told her i wasnt and now everythings back to normal..YaYs! hahaha..At first it was kinda weird..but now we're aite..haha...Then Kaw came to the bookshop and bought a packet of drink for me..Eh Eh..bagusnyer! hahahaha..Thank Euss! =) And weng chong's been bringing sweets to school and giving me..Thank Eu loads too! hehs..
And yesh! About my uncle..He's AWAKE! AND HE REMEMBERS EVERYONE ARND HIM! I'm so HAPPY! He called me today after i came back from school..I WAS DELIRIOUS TO ANSWER THT CALL! I'm so so happy..Thanks guys for da prayers! Thank eu so so muchiex!!!!!! Yays! AWESOME! Can go out with him alrdy! But he's still recovering of course...Prayer works! hahas..=]!
This saturday got hari carnival..Carnival day..I would be dancing then go sell stuffs...But i would be in my outing wear coz me dancing! dun need to wear uniform! yays! Happy Me! hahaha..My next text... 12 sept...Dude...Times week are the trials and after tht...HOLLIDAYSSSSS! Yays! though its only for a week..SO WHT?! it's still holidays! hahaha..TOMORROWS FRIDAY AGAIN! thats fast! hahaha...FLYING! TIMES IS! friday..WHEE~!..hehs...Sat..Carnival de...So fash...Oh yes...ALL DA BEST TO THOSE WHO ARE TAKIN DA TRIALS FOR PMR! JIA YOU! lols..hah! UPSR is coming de..September..lols..after september..OCTOBER! YAY! hahahaha..Then NOVEMBER AND DECEMBER! HOLLIES AGAIN! WHEEE~!
Okays okays..I'm becoming high again..Hehs..I do realise tht nowadays i can actually live without the com..Its like..I'm not so.."I NEED THE COM!" hahaha..I dunno why..I guess...i on9 too much untill i could actually dun on9 for a day..lols..And sides tht..Its gettin pretty hard to on9..coz of the sucky connections..aihs..Okays lerh...gtg..Ciao! God Bless! Take Care Y'all!

Monday, August 07, 2006

*Sunday*Today*I've learnt...*

Wokays! On Sunday woke up for church..Me back-up..Reached church..Careen came Me And Mel were up for back-ups..On sunday the DOULOS mission team came to our church..So sat wif em during service..Nice ppl they are..So they conducted that days service..The childrens choir is alrdy picked out..After tht went to Burger King with the tweeds..(the place we first met..=] ) At 4pm..left for Doulos..had to go there again for the childrens ministry conference..Then reached there..met Daniel Critchlow! He was guarding the stairway..we were late..we werent aloud to go in alrdy actually...But since Daniel knew Me,Mel,Ben..He let us in..After tht i got to see Lisa..And thats it..Aiks...Din get to see Daniel Patterson,Tamara and the rest....Misss Em Loads! Its sad tht i oni saw daniel critchlow for tht spilt sec...Aihs...After tht..went to the 'deserted so called shopping mall' nearby...
Saw really kewl sports cars...Nice..Well..they werent sport cars..they were normal cars modified..Really Neatly i must add..Those cars came out in sum magazine actually..anyways..Went for dinner..But i wasn't hungry..Wow..din eat rice for 2 days straight..Hmms...
This morning........I woke up late..So i missed the bus..I was awoken by my favy song! Cascada-Everytime We Touch! Well..U see..My alarm clock doesnt go ring ring!! It actually ons the radio..and yeahs..Then i woke up..Shoot....Its 6.30am..Which most probally my bus alrdy left..Yikes...Waited for ALL of em to get rdy..Was rdy to go..Guess wht? The Car COULDN'T START!!!! Wad Da???! So benson had to push the car..It reached the main still din start...Pushed further and finally it start! And hey..Me and Mel was at our gate prayin..DUDE! Noe wht? Prayer works! Reached school at 7.28am.....Thats like LATE! din get caught though..Bwaahahaha...Ok..The assembly was like friggin long..but it din reli matter to me..Coz rachel gave me this really interesting book..It actually like awaken me..And let me realise the reality thats happening arnd me..Nice book..I was really caught up in it..B4 i knew it..the assembly was over...
I do Realise that there ARE loadsa temptations arnd me..And..Sum of em at school which is 'bad company' I do realise tht whenever i'm doin sumthing gud..they always go to me and say like.."Eh..Dun need lah..Do for wht?" and etc..And instead pulls me to go do sumthin called 'fun'...I dunno wht i should do..Should i stay away from em to overcome this temptation..or bad habit? Or do i just try not to get influenced?(I'm not implying to anyone..I'm just saying there are..So dun get the wrong idea..And theres no need to go round guessing here and there of who i'm talking abt..) Hmms...Questions questions questions..Choices..And more choices..Wells..Its LIFE..I guess...I oso realise tht..there ARE more to life then just wht is arnd us..Sumtimes sum1 can be so confident..So wise..But in the end..The slightest thing..the smallest thing..can bring em down so fast..Why is tht so? Is it coz..They do not have any believes in their lifes? or is it coz they think they can do everything alone..A One Mans Show? And tht they dun need anyone by their side? Is it their Ego tht gets em caught up?
Went to class...For the pass week..I've been having this feeling like i was gonna fall sick anytime..And today it just got worse..And wanna plus sumthing worse? My breathing probs came back..I had it when i was young..And it stoped for a while..And here it is back again..So my day in school wasn't tht 'great'.. I wanna make sum promises to myself..So tht i dun go in a direction i'm not sposed to..So tht i can get myself straight..And dun get affected by lil stuffs tht hits me..So tht my faith..Will be strong..And tht i dun get influenced and blindly follow the way of the world ..
Like i'ved mention in my previour entries..My uncle..Whose still kinda young..In his late 20's? He's admitted to the Hospital in KL..He's been hit by Denggi..And it's serious..He's in ICU..The virus has reached his brain..He woke up for a while today..But he couldn't even rmb who my aunt was..His dear sister..who grew up with him..And fell back asleep....And its sad tht i was just starting to get attached to him..Why does a person have to leave you everytime u get close to em? Is it a test? Or is it sumthing to bring us down? I hope he gets well soon..He must! Juz coz...He made a promise to me b4 he left JB..He said tht the next time i go to KL he would go out togetha with me..he made a promise..........He made a promise! Heh..Its jus..Unpredictable..when is the last time ur actually hanging out with a person..the last time ur seeing a person..The last moments u shared with tht person..Everythings unpredictable..Times we get to be with tht person..Its so precious..It really is..So so precious..And we juz dun realise tht..We dun treasure it enough..Untill..Theres no more chance..Till..Its gone...We dun realise how much tht person means to us untill their not there anymore..we dun treasure their company..Or we do..But it's not enough..Always having this thought in mind tht we're gonna see him/her again anytime soon..
In short...We dun treasure wats around us till it's there no more........Life...It can end anytime..anywhere...People..They can leave..Anytime..I've learnt..To totally treasure any moments i get to spend with my family or friends..I do try my best..To leave a person with a happy memory..And not a bitter and angry one..I Say sorry to a person..Before departing em..Juz incase i dun get to do so..So i have no regrets or guilt..If they ever do leave me..Not leave me as in leaving the world as well..It might be migration to sumwhere else? who knows? I do try to be there..for anyone tht needs me..When they need sum1..Most of all...I've learnt to treasure..A person..My family,My much as i can...
Hey guys..May i ask your favour to just take sumtime out of your day..To pray for my dear uncle..And let him fufill the promise he made to me..That would mean alot to me..Thanks Y'all!
Take Care! Hugs!

Sunday, August 06, 2006


MV Doulos! Okie Dokes! Woke up like early..Then on the way there..suddenly this MAD LORRY DRIVER was like driving this loooong lorry tht carries sand or sumthing or batu or sumthing driving the lorry like a sports car...WAD THE? If u get wht i mean..He was driving like so...CRAZY like dat...U know wht..First of all tht toot driver almost bang our car..Second of all..Tht toot guy almost forced another car of the road..another words..he almost pushed the car of the road..and beside there was like a river? Toot...put peoples life in danger...HE WAS TOTALLY BREAKING THE RULES! We got so mad..Okays..u noe dat behind lorries surely got like complain number or daddy called and complain..after 1 KM..we saw police officers..2 of em..they din stop anyone else..EXCEPT THE FRIGGIN LORRY WHO WE MADE A COMPLAIN AGAINST! Well..after we made a complain..1km before we met the police...he actually slowed down..But still kena tahaned..So must be coz of us! AND I"M PROUD TO SAY THT! PPL LIKE HIM SHOULD KENA! HMMPH! SERVE U RIGHT! Enough bout him...
Okays..we reached Dolous..I din had to pay while mel and ben had to! I dunnno why..its weird..hahahahaha..ANyways...Wheee~! I was all excited ok! hahaha..First we had a tour..I got a tour of the ship by Alfredo..Erm..wheres he from again? lols...But it was hard to understand exactly wht he was saying just coz was like african-ish..but reli erm..i dunno how to explain..come talk to me face to face and i'll give u and example..wahahahs! after the tour..Played a game which Daniel Patterson erm hosted..(from Ireland) hahaha..After tht..Had a skit workshop with Lisa..From Netherlands..Fun! After tht we had lunch..met a few people..Tamara from America..the sowee! cant rmb! After thts..We were put into our departments..I got the bookshop! lols..why am i always at the bookshop? aiks..lols..First Section was helping out at the cashier..Hmm..din want to..another section..Printing sumthing on doulos bags..Din wan to either..last section..Pricing books! went all the way to the bottom of the ship and started pricing books..It was like totally HOT in there! Met 2 nice ladies..=] Was kinda tiring..but the stories they shared with me..and the was gud enough for me..=]
After tht went to the conference..It started of with a dance..and then a sermon..and alot of skits..and was the song awesome..The msg was great! fast,funny,affective! thought he can pretty much get u confuse easy! lols..Then we decided to stay untill the BM session also was over..Hmms..Had a great day..=]! Okays..During the BM session rite..which was the same msg i heard earlier..Well..I din noe dinner was at 5.30pm!!! Therefore i din eat..and i was starving! So this nice guy called Benjamin from UK..brought me to the deki's canteen to eat..hahaha..Nice nice Benjamin Foo found Benjamin from UK and therefore..Me,Ben,Jessica went to makan at the deki's! yays! THANKS LOADS! After tht tapau-ed sum stuff for the rest..coz they to did not eat..yeps...After tht..Bought ice-cream! yays! lol..and then went off the ship...Throughout the whole day rites..Was closer to the both Daniels! Daniel Patterson and Daniel Critchlow...Guys........I MISS YOU!!!! hahahas...
Anyway thts pretty much the day...yesterday..Wanted to go makan with em..but thens..aiks..too late..sighs..anyways..Today was another long funny day..Too bad no time to blog i guess i'll stop here...Take cares! I'll continue tomorrow...Hahahs!

Friday, August 04, 2006

La Di Dam~!

WHee~! It's Friday Again Babeh!!! WooOoOOt! And....TOMORROWS SAT! lols...Well...tomorrow would be doing sumthing different...Which..Is Yes...Dolous! hahaha..Yeah yeah..i know being a crew on the ship is gonna be tiring and tough..but experiencing is the best part of the whole thing! hahaha..Well todays..I was like tired? hahaha..coz i slept at 3am..well close to 3am at least...I couldn't sleep! Cauze i went to La La land at 3pm woke up at 5pm usually cant sleep at night if i do sleep in the yeh...Couldn't sleep! Aiks! So woke up today...So So tired...Hahaha...In School...Not bad...was kinda..Not so so tired..hahahaha...Ok lah..normal..lols...Anyways..Time passed fast as usual...Well...Fridays..Duh...Hahaha..Came back...Then like totally finish all my hw just coz its gonna be a bzzzz weekend for me...Suvan came over..she spent the whole day here..hahaha..Me..I dunno why but i'm actually feeling so HOT! I oso dunno why...Like...Whts with the weather? Urgh...I'm feeling darn hot right now...So HOT!!!! Aihs..I really do hope i get a gud sleep tonight..coz i reli need the energy for tomorrow...Hmms...din dare to sleep in the evening today because i scared cannot sleep again tonight..hahaha..
Well...sides that..When i came back..I found out tht my Aunt Nicole's brother which is my uncle is admitted to the Hospital because of Denggi...Hmmms...So...Pray For him yas? And yesh...alot of mosquitos arnd lately..So guys..Take care of urselfs aite? Dun pity those blood suckers..Smack em hard if u see em suckin ur blood..xD! Coz they for sure do not take pity on you..hahaha...Aye...nth much to type..I just really miss gaming and wish i would be un-banned...sooner or later...Aiks..hahaha..Reli miss it..But dun get me wrong..I wun die without it..lols...=P But yesh..I do miss it..hahaha...I wanna GAME! aiyai yai...Ahh yes..I tot my test were all over and just had to wait for d final examination to come..but since the teachers can't stand to see us so free...They decided to give us one more test b4 the finals..Arghs..Thanks veli much...NOT! wuda-eva..Take it as a prac b4 the finals..hahaha...Okays lah..I dun think i would be blogging tomorrow..Confirm nono..I'll be beat..Or rather Happy? Hahaha..Take cares guys!

Thursday, August 03, 2006


Aye! Okays..Yesterday din feel like blogging...was like so so so tired......Yesterday..Funny lah in friend..whom we call him.."Da Xiang/elephant" broke the chemistry lab chair...wht lah...Its not tht he is big size..butz...He's like tall..therefore heavy? lols..but he din fall coz he was leaning on the table..haha...It's like..suddenly..PRAK..The chair is in pieces..WHT THE? hahahah...LAUGH like Siao man! Alrite..Today i was so tired coz i slept late yest and also coz of the tiredness i had yest tht continued todaysies..hahhaa..Erm..Today in the school bookshop...very busy lah..Just so you know..During recess..My duty..Take Over the bookshop..So i dunno wht u call it..anyways,got new student in school...Form 1..She and her dad came to the bookshop...and when they came the bookshop was PACKED...Aiks..Anyways i attended to em..Ran to the Office looking for the form 1 book list..FINISH! WHT can finish one.....So ran back to the bookshop...Then go cari here and there..found a form2 the other books are all the same except for the text books..hmms...So busy lah...go get this and tht..Anyways..The father was like.."Thank You Thank You!" Just coz i helped him by telling him wht i think is needed and wht is not..And in the same way..Helpin him save money..hahahs..I know i know ...i should be encouraging him to buy more and etc..Yada yada yada..lols..But aiyahs..It doesnt hurt to like help ppl sum times yes? hahaha..
During maths i was sooooo falling ASLEEP! first of all...We were in an air-conditioned room...i can hardly understand wht this teacher is always teaching..Seriously..Trainee teacher..Difficult ok! I wan back Sharimini! lolx..Though shes a gud person..but i must admit..her teaching doesnt really get into my head...xD! Sowee...Me being honest! Erms..B4 i know it..the bell rang and it was time to go home...The bus was so friggin packed tht i was like pushed and squashed against the bus door....If the door wasnt close..i would so fall out...Wht lah..The bus langar the undang-undang! suppose to be 30 students only! tootness....Reached home..darn tired..Went straight to LaLa land......Woke up at 5.30pm..Heard a nice song from HI5..Yes yes i know thts a kids show..but i heard this very nice song from it..When i woke up...Hahaha..SweEt! lolx...Though i alrdy forgotten how it goes...=.= hahaha..Anyways...Su Hui lent me "Just My Luck" thought i alrdy saw it in the movies..But ah well..Just put it on for my brother to see..
YO! Tomorrows alrdy FRIDAY BABEH!!!!!!! SO FAST! Times flying..! I know i say this every end of the week..But...TIMES FLYING! LoLz! And.......I so energy...To make things more chocs in hse d! Its GONE! NoOoOooooOooOO! Saturday coming...Dolous! Yays! hahaha..Sunday i oso going back there u noeh..but this time not as crew...but for the children ministry program..all children ministrl teachers must going there for 2 days straight..hehs..Okays lah..dun wanna blog so much..Ciao!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Hwahaha! UPCOMING EVENTS FOR *AhemAhem* YB.Celine! xD! Nah lah..For Celine lah..No YB lah..=P
Aye! Okie dokie...
  1. August 5th-Crew On DoLous Ship!
  2. August 6th-Choir Pracs!
  3. August 12th-Carnival Day!(dancing)
  4. August 19th-Will Be Having Resposibilities as a teacher for the Outing,Childrens Ministry!
  5. August 19th-HOLLIES!!!!
  6. August 19th/27th-Should be Back In KL!!!
  7. August 31st-Performing again on Merdeka day?
  8. September 8th/1oth-Mission Trip In Banting! Going with Band!

Yups! Thats erm the upcoming events for me so far..if nth changes...or if nth else comes up...After the mission trip i have no idea whts ahead..We'll see..LoLs..i seriously cant belive the holidays are like 2 weeks+ away only!!!! And I cant wait for the trip to banting..going with kewl! WOoooooT! And hmmms..Today i feel like so Busy! I couldnt even sleep long..Today i was like feeling super duper tired..after typing the previous blog entry i went to sleep..And i was awoken by GRACE TEE XIN TING! She called me abt some usahawan thingy..Then sum1 called..Then Suvan called...Then alot of ppl smsing...Ooh? O.o busy busy me..Anyways..I lurve the events tht are ahead for me! Lurve lurve loving it! Wheee~! hahaha..Aye..Mom Lecturing me to go bathe...I think she could smell me from downstairs!~ Whahahahahahaha! I hope i'm not falling sick..HmmpHs! I having cold now! Eiks! And the friggin connection is off..and wow..I got it back in a sec..Whoohuhuhu! The power of celine yap! No lah..Cacat...see i so perasanted and so high..Still...Hahahas..Okok! I smell! Ciao!



Okays! Yesterday was erm..Ok..Morning went there...SuM '1' was late..therefore we missed the 11.30am show and had to wait for the 2.45pm one.............Toot lah...hahaha...So we just walked arnd..went to makan..then went arcade...couldnt do much bowling...I MISS 1U! lols...Shoppin Malls in KL are definitely much better...=P then when it was almost time to masuk..friends go buy drinks and i was just standing there at the side with friends...SUDDENLY...Luke LIM! He came then he ask me to buy for him..coz the line very long...Then ok lorh..I was juz standing there leh..not wanting to buy anything..toot nyer..SUDDENLY VICTOR! He came to me and ask me to buy for him..then his friend whom i do not know also ask me help em..FINE...AND THEN SARAH came to me and ask me to help her buy stuff...Followed by Michael......Ok..lets picture my situation...Hands...Filled with money...Brain..trying not to get confused...And ppl all arnd staring at me...My face turned red............SO PAI SEH!......Ok..all this ppl who asked me to help em by stuff are yes my friends..except victors friends...But they went there with their group of friends lah..i was there with another group of friends...hmms...Guess wht happened in the end? my friends by finish alrdy and they going into the cinema i just gave all of em back their money and ask them buy theirself.....Whts? i dun wanna miss the movie wei..hahahas...
Okay..abt the movie....the movie was....LOONG! 2hours 30 long..I felt abit tired at one part..haha...but the movies nice lah..lols...came out..i saw mel..then my both bros went to catch the 5.45pm Movie...Me and Sis went to Pizza Hut and Mum and Dad went dating...hahahahahhas...xD! After tht mel had to go left me and we just walk here and there...Then she kept lookin at the assecories..aiyoh..i dun reli fancy em...then went to this shop...filled with TEDDY BEARS! YAYS! hahahhahaha...Mom saw me very she say..ok lah ok lah..bring u go see ur teddy bears lah..hahahahahas...Then in tht shop also got alot of stuff lah..then mum keep asking.."Eh wanna buy this for..Eh wanna buy tht for..." LoLs...WHY SHE NEVER SAY..."EH..Wan Me to buy you this teddy bear?" Yeeeee.............lols! xD! ah wells......Then bro's finally out of the came..pick us up..we left..reach home at like 9.50pm or sumthing..i was there like....THE WHOLE DAY! So tired man...aiks..Oh yeah..when i came out of the movie...I was like just feeling so hot...Not as in sweating like feeling seriously feeling tht ur gonna fall sick like dat..hmms.... was ok..just had a bad start for the day..First of all..mosquitos wouldnt leave me alone...thought i try going to different places...And everywhere was filled with dunno wht smell.......Like..Logi smell or sumthing...STINKED LIKE MAD! Made me feel like woke up..still feeling very hot...then the whole day i felt very hot...felt like i was coming up with a fever or sumthing...then coz of tht...I felt high..and when i felt high..i acted crazy..hahahaha.Nah lah..i acted hyper...Super high man...SO CARAZEE! especially 1hour b4 school ended..hyper giler..Wells....i won't be going out much after this...coz of sum stuff larhs...anyways..ITS AUGUST! it's the eight month of the year! 7 Months has passed in eh? 4 more months to go and its 2007! 2 more months to go and its PMR! As well as my bday! Wheee~! Oooh...merdeka is this month..hahahas...AND CHRISTMAS COME NEARER DAY BY DAY! u can c...even i'm like friggin hyper through blog alrdy...imagine me in real life rite now...hahahahahas! Giler ah! xD! okays okays...i shall not torture u anymore with my crazeeness!