Friday, August 31, 2012


I've been really busy.
I've been surrounded by alot of people in the pass few months,weeks and days.
People i love.. people i care for and people who love and care for me in return.

But for some reason, i have been feeling so down this whole week!
I cannot seem to understand my own feelings and why i'm feeling the way i'm feeling.
But i can definitely feel it deep within my heart. That is for sure.

And at the moment, this feeling is really overwhelming me.
Up to the point where i just feel like bursting into tears.
I feel so sad. I feel this pain consuming the joy and happiness in my heart.

I am happy when i am with my bestfriend and with other people.
But when i'm alone, this feeling overwhelms me and it is getting stronger and deeper day by day.

I dont know what to say or do..
i dont even know for sure why i'm feeling whatever i'm feeling.

Sighs. ='(

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

There now, steady love, so few come and dont go.
Will you wont you, be the one i'll always know?
When i'm losing my control, the city spins around..
You're the only one who knows, You slow it down.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Sun + Rain = Rainbows! :D

It has been a while since i've last posted anything!
I've been really busy and caught up with alot of things.. It is crazy how fast time is flying! 2nd year will be starting in no time! And its back to all the hard time finding parking, crazy classes, books books books and the library!

I dont regret one bit how i spent my summer break. =) It has been the best break i've ever had! So many trips with so many awesome people! So many performances with the crew i can finally call, Family. =) I've always wanted to find such a crew and i've tried. But many did not work out because of many different personalities that clashes. But now? So far so good and i hope this would last. =) It has been my best Summer yet! =)

So lets see, after getting my results, My uni mates and I had a celebration night! It was such a fun night! :D!!!

Meet Edwin! One of my buddies in class! One of the Brothas! =)
Family Portrait! =))
And i've been able to spend heaps of time with My twin! =))))))))
Ahh.. How i've missed our twin times!

During the raya hollies, My sissy and her family suddenly came up to KL without telling us! Haha.. what a surprise! But i had to change alot of my plans because of the surprise. Family comes first right? =)

Ahhh.. Me cuties! Love love love them!
My Twin.! :))

And we had this crazy brunch at IKEA! Fuyoh~ first time ordering so much food in ikea! Went up to rm100++  :O!

Mummy and Daddy!
And at night we had THE Celebration dinner at Chillis, Mid V! :D

How nice of my parents to have had this dinner for me! ahhh... =) I feel so loved and cared for! I feel so happy that they are so proud of me! 

My Baby Brotha~ :))

Hahaha.. They so cute lah! *cuddles!!!*

Thank You dear family for all your love and support!
Despite our petty arguments, i know that family is always there no matter what.
The Yappies! :D
- Benson.Melissa.Celine.Benroy -
It was so nice to have that family day. It is so rare! such a rare occasion! Coz everyone is just too busy with whatever they're doing. Its so rare to have the whole family out, together. haha.. Mel is in JB.. mum and dad is always working.. benson is always either in Kampar or with his gf..  and well, its just me and benroy most of the time. It didn't use to be like this tho. We used to be one big family, all the time. But i guess, things change as time passes. Mum didn't use to work. But we're all scattered around now. Well, at least we do get to have such days, still. Better than nothing at all. =)

Anyways, it was such a great night, great day. I ate brunch and dinner at my two favourite places! And i was with my favourite people! =) Happppyyyy. =)))))))

sides that, a very close friend of mine flew off to the US to further his studies.
Nicholas Kam Ching Jee!
The Kam family and I ! + James. haha..
At z airport~
Foofoo.. =)

Take care of yourself foofoo.. I miss you already! :(

I am so blessed to have so many people around me who sincerely cares and love me and I myself, am very blessed to have so many people to love and care for. =)

There will always be sunny times and rainy times.
but it is both the sun and the rain that makes the rainbows in life. =)

I am excited to move into the next phase of my life.
Here i come. 
Mess with me not because i not only have the most wonderful people following close behind but also an Awesome God who is both Able and Powerful.



Friday, August 17, 2012


The beautiful Perth. =)
I was out the whole day yesterday when i kept getting tonnes of phone calls from friends, telling me their results and asking about mine. I was pretty chilled about results day, to be honest. I was just really curious and i didn't know what to expect. Passing all my subjects was a definite expectation but i didn't want to just merely pass and hence, i worked really hard. After all those phone calls, i got REALLY excited to find out what my results were.

When i finally got home around 9pm plus plus.. i finally got to check my results through this site they have allocated for us to check our results!


I am happy with my results and i am contented. I got good results and i am really happy that all my hard work paid off! the shocker was the fact that among all my subjects, i scored the highest for Public Law! which happened to be my greatest nightmare for intermediate! and my toughest hurdle! to make things worse, i had a high fever before and during the exams! I cannot thank God enough for being so merciful and graceful.
I surely could not have gone through this hurdle without His mercy and grace!

Lord, Your Grace is truly sufficient for me!
When i saw my results, a small part of me wish i did better! But a big part of me reminded myself to be contented with whatever i got. Happiness didn't fully struck me till my dad affirmed himself that my results were good!

My mum was randomly asking me if i wanted the KFC they've bought downstairs.. My dad then popped into my room and said.. 

" No, she dont want KFC. She wants an expensive dinner for getting SUCH GOOD RESULTS! "

I dont want an expensive dinner nor do i expect any gifts from neither of my parents. I just want their acceptance and i just want them to be proud of me. That is of most importance to me! And so, when i heard those 3 words from my Dad, the part of me that was worried, nervous, thinking whether or not this is good enough for my dad JUMPED WITH JOY! Ahhh.. i was truly truly happy, then. =))))))))))))))

No gifts can compare to the acceptance by your parents and knowing the fact that they are indeed, Proud of you. =)))

I can deny all i want that throughout my schooling years and years of exams, i am not doing this for my parents but for myself. But i would only be fooling myself. Part of me would always seek the approval from my parents and a part of me would always want to make my parents proud! I AM,of course, studying hard and working hard for myself and for my future as well. So now that this chapter of my life has come to an end, i wish only for the best for my 2nd year to be even better!

I want to do better for my 2nd year and hopefully, i can do well enough in order for me to escape the need to repay my ptptn loan. =) it is a tough aim and it is a difficult one. But i always believe that as long as you put your heart to whatever you are doing, you will find ways to achieve it and not excuses as to why you cannot.

On the 28th of June 2009, the 17 year old me came up with this quote which i still stand by up till now.
" Dont complain, Work on It! "

and that is what i will do. =)
Dear family and friends, Thank you so much for all your support! Even the shortest,smallest word of encouragement meant a great deal to me! All the lil things that you did, all the hugs that you gave me whether physically or through the internet meant a great deal to me! U have no idea how these lil things motivated me and boost my thrive to keep going! And here i am today, because of all of you. =)
Thank you for all the phone calls yesterday! I feel very much loved and cared for.

It is not I, but God. :)


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Growing up.


Recently, i just cant help but have the " We're all growing up, aren't we? " Feeling. 
It's like alot of my friends are starting their internships with particular companies, joining organizations relating to their field of study and flying off to here there and everywhere! 
Alot of us will be scattered very soon, all around the world.
But i do hope that once we graduate, all of us would do something meaningful with our degrees.
I really hope that we'd all be able to make a change in our very own country in our different ways.

Friendships will be put to the test.
Some will remain and some will just fade away to the excuses of time and distance.
But till then, I hope for nothing but the best. =)

I wouldn't want to go back in time nor do i wish for the clock to tick faster.
I am contented with the life i have lead and the one that i have yet to lead.

Stay tuned for the next post of the Life of Celine Yap, as a child & as a teen. =)
I've been meaning to post this particular entry ever since last year but i somehow never got down to doing so. Till then, 


Monday, August 13, 2012

Time to start Caring.

I'm pretty sure all of you Malaysians are aware of the vastly increasing crime rates in our beloved country. And it is heart breaking to hear and read about all the stories of the victims of such ruthless people! Very recently, a few of my friends have been victims of these robbing/chopping incident. I would just like to share these stories with you just so that you are aware of their evil tactics and schemes that they are using nowadays. i will leave out their race because i dont think that is an issue to be pin pointed on.

Story 1: true story, if i mad add.

my friend's brother was walking to his car in the car park when suddenly 4 guys approached him with parangs in their hands. Without any warning, they stroke his head with the Parang. He ran. He ran for his life and he ran as far and fast as he could but unfortunately, he tripped and fell. Without any mercy, they continued to slash him with the Parang. His head, especially, was the main target. Thank God that he fell near a Mamak stall and alot of ppl from the mamak decided to help! so these crazy fellas ran away and stole only the bag he was carrying. The stuffs in his pocket was still intact. He had to stay awake the whole time.  On their journey to the hospital AND during the surgery he HAD to stay awake if not there would be a blood clot and he can easily go into a coma. He was in the ICU for a few days but thank God he survived and pulled through all the suffering and pain. So praise God for tht!

scheme/ tactic : Hurt without warning.

Thank God he ran. if not they would've probably chopped him into pieces.

Story 2:

This guy who was in the hospital with my friend's brother was a victim of an acid splasher or whatever they should be called. His wife told his mum that her husband was somewhere near a bus stop when this guy approached him and asked if he knew where the bus stop was. The husband looked left and pointed in that direction,showing the guy where the bus stop was. The minute he turned right to look at that guy, SPLASH~! and that was the last time he had sight of anything.

How heartless can people get these days?!
This definitely cautioned me to continue being the helpful person i am.
Its a different story with friends and people that i know but to strangers? as of this moment, i am definitely an unhelpful pedestrian/stranger.
I dare not risk my safety. I am usually the helpful cheerful kind who'd be more than willing to help out tourists and lost ppl and all but after all that has happened and still is happening? i guess that person has to be hidden in a closet for a while.

Story 3:

My friend was at this bus stop, after watching a movie. He was approached by this guy who acted like a long lost friend.. going all "heyy brooo! wassup! long time no seeeeeeeee!" with a pat on the shoulder. My friend thought he was either lost wanting to get directions or he must've confused him with some other guy. suddenly, this guy accused him of being a guy who offended a member of his Gang. My friend was getting ready to run away when this other guy came from behind, even bigger sized than the guy that approached him. They made him follow them to a coffee shop nearby. A coffee shop where no one else was around except for the workers. They bought him drinks and said stuffs like..

"So, u look like a student. i'm pretty sure u own an atm card?"
they also checked out his phone and asked him what was in his bag. My friend, afraid of whatever weapons they may possess was ready to give them anything and everything  as long as his life was not at risk. But they decided not to take anything else from him. They walked to an atm nearby and withdraw all the money that he had in his account. They gave him back his atm card and sent him off to the bus stop, and made sure he went on the bus. They even waved goodbye~ heh. Seriously? oh oh, i forgot to mention how they even paid for his drinks!

Omgossssh. HOW SCARY IS THIS?!
they're the so called 'Good thieves'. Well, that's how my friend labeled them.

There are many more stories but the main point is that Our country is no longer what it used to be. People around you? They're not as safe as they used to be. I dont blame Malaysians for being so unhelpful at times. Now i've finally understood why my parents were always so paranoid about me being so helpful and why my friends were so paranoid about me asking random strangers for directions, etc.I guess desperate times call for desperate measures.
With all these schemes and tactics going on, i feel soooo insecure. I feel like i cannot trust people so easily anymore. I feel so insecure whenever i am out in public places. It feels as if no one and no where is safe anymore.

We are the next generation to make a change in this country and that is what we should be preparing ourselves to do! Even if u just Pray for our country, that is something.
It is High time the youths of this country started caring more about whats going on around them in this country rather than getting all worked up just because u lost a pc game or because ur manicure is messed up.

We NEED to start PRAYING for THIS country.
And when u pray, pray with Faith and pray without any doubts.
because Prayer without Faith is nothing. If you do not believe in your prayers, what then are you expecting out of your prayer? Our God is able and Our God is a powerful God. Take not for granted your safety and take not for granted the lives of the people around you. Anyone and i mean anyone at all could be a victim of these ruthless people.

As much as i am very much raged about the actions of these people, I most definitely do not wish for them to be banished to Hell and to burn in Hell for eternity. Laugh all you want, but these are the people who we should be praying for. They are the people who needs to be touched by God. They are the people who needs help. So condemn them not, but pray for them as u pray for our country. We do not know why they are doing what they're doing so lets just leave the judging to God. We may hope for them to die and to suffer just like how our friends and the victims have suffered but if you do so, u'll be no different from who they are. Do you wanna be JUST like them or maybe even WORSE than them? I dont think so.

We are humans. Who are we to decide who should live and who should die?

So anyways, in the midst of these dark times, please be careful and please be alert at all times. Try not to go out too late. I used to think that nahh, i'll be ok. I am with people and etc etc. But take not for granted, your safety. Anything can happen to anyone and at anytime. So if it is not necessary, dont go out when its late. I hope these situations would not go on for a long time and i do hope that it will all come to an end soon but till then, Please stay safe and be safe.

I care. Do you?


Friday, August 10, 2012

My Working experience this Summer.

I apologize for the previous post if my language seemed a tad bit rude.
I was just really upset and disappointed.
But all is well now. I just had to let it all out.
I am better now and I am one day away from my chilling time!
One more day of work and off i head to a new direction with regards to the type of jobs i would be taking up in the near future.

Now that i am more chilled, let me fill you in about my working experience this summer.
This Summer, i have come to many realizations during my working period.
I've met all kinds of people, worked with all kinds of people and encountered many different and new challenges.

But anyways, i've also realized how i have outgrown this promoter/roadshow/event line.
Eversince i was 15, i was always eager to try out as many type of jobs before i had to permanently stick to one. Hwahahaa..idk why but that suddenly reminded me of the scenario where people would like to try out as many gfs and bfs before getting married = permanently stick to just one, person. hahahaha. But pls ah. I dont roll that way! i dont know why people actually feel proud of having SOOOO many relationships.

the higher the number = the better.

EKKKKKK! wrong answer.
it is sooooo unattractive! well, to me at least.

BUT ANYWAYS. let us not go off topic now, shall we? hahaha.
so anywaysss.. i have tried out many many jobs .. and i have sticked to this particular line for a few years now. few reasons. I get weekday jobs. I am So busy on weekends! The pay is much higher than what the retail line can offer me. Double, infact. and the timing is pretty flexible.
So i felt like this particular job really satisfied almost all my requirements. The only set back was the fact that our salary sometimes come pretty late. Other than that, everything was good to go. Until recently. I suddenly found selling really depressing. The amount of rejection you get everyday and yada yada. repeating the exact same line for like a few thousand times each day. It is challenging, that i wont deny. It increases perseverance , it challenges me to do better and to try harder. It instills in me many good qualities. But still, my heart is no longer in selling and i find it pretty pointless.

The money is good as well. But i have finally reached that stage where money is no longer the motivating factor as to why I am working. I have finally reached that point where what i do and what i use my time for, must matter. It must mean something. I want to do something meaningful, something that can help change lives, something that will make a change, for the better, in someone or somewhere.

Of course, i wont deny that money is very much needed for survival and yada yada. So it is and will of course be one of the reasons why i am working but definitely no longer the main reason. Also, i have met alot of negative people recently and it has definitely been a challenge to NOT be influenced by such characters,personalities and attitudes! It is sometimes really difficult when you spend so much time with such people. Deny it all u want and go on saying stuffs like how u are so strong, u know where u stand and all.. but i tell you..

the saying that Birds of a feather flock together is no lie.

I found myself acting like them after working together with them for quite a while. It's just so difficult! the minute i realized i was starting to act like them, the first thing that came to my head was.. "RUNNNNN~! RUNNN AS FAR AS POSSIBLE! "

i didn't want to become like them. Always so negative and complainy. complain complain complain. i dont wanna complain so much! in fact! i am actually trying to improve myself to stop complaining. This has been one of my goals eversince highschool and i am still working on it. =) But of course, not everyone is perfect and sometimes, even the people closest to you would have qualities which u would want to stay away from. But u cannot run everytime u encounter such characters. So i guess it just boils down to adapting to the people around you. It is you who have to be strong and to try very hard not to be influenced but rather to influence, if possible. But its so hard la! ish.. dangerousnya~

But they weren't close friends or anything pun.. so just run la. i dont like. =/
so i'm so glad that i am ending work on friday! yayyyy~! =)) Aihs. Just wish i could slip away for one more holiday before 2nd Year of Law School starts. I want to go somewhere away from the city. somewhere away from the jams and pollution like Sarawak or maybe Redang. But i've spent enough. Time to save up again. I am definitely planning to visit Sarawak though. have been wanting to visit Sarawak for quite a while now. Hope the time will come soon! :)

And oh! work was good today la. was on another roadshow today. One that i am familiar with and one that i have done last year. It was so fun playing games and all with the people at the ramadhan bazaar! and it was so fun giving out free stuffs. hahahaa. SO FUN! i felt so generous and rich. Bagi saja bagi sajaaaaaaaaaaaa~! Plus, i scored myself some free food from the bazaar. When the prizes ran out, alot of the male participants kept asking if they could have me as their prize instead! hahaha. ish ish ish~~~~~~!

everything was good except for the fact that i almost got into a bad accident. A close call.
I was heading towards the toll when i suddenly looked right and saw this silver hyundai car heading straight towards the driver's seat, my seat. First think that came into my mind? WHAT THE HECK IS THIS FELLA DOING DRIVING IN SUCH A DIRECTION?!

he was still speeding straight towards me! head first! but thank God he managed to jam the brakes hard enough to have missed me by an inch! the screeching sound of the tires were so loud till its after effects lasted in my right ear for a good 1 hour. I was in shock after passing the toll and so i stopped at the side to calm down and take in whatever that happened. That noob face of course didn't bother whether or not he hit my car or damaged it in anyway and just drove straight to the furthest possible toll away from me and sped off right after passing the toll. What a gentlemen. Sighs. but im healthy and alive so pls, worry not.

I just thank God that He has always been looking after me and still is.
Today i was reminded once again, how fragile life can be. =)
Make it matter. Make your life, matter.

Thats all for now. =) 1 more day!
then i'm pretty much free-er till classes resume!
few days more till results come out! excited / nervous for me? me too! =)


Thursday, August 09, 2012

Utter Disappointment.

Be offended, not.
This entry will be nothing but the true feelings of the author, deep down within.

Whenever i am given a task, whenever i commit myself to something, whenever i accept a particular responsibility, I will make sure that i get it done. I will make sure that i do it well. I will make sure that i give it my best.

When I work for this particular company, even though i do not get any commission from doing more work or getting more sales, I do it still. People question me.

" If you dont get any commission from selling more or doing more work? Why so bodo go do? Chill only la. "
Yes. That is a pretty pleasing thought but still, that is not how i roll.
As long as you treat me fairly, as long as you tell me before hand what my pay is, what my working hours are and where i will be working, I am contented and i will shut up and do my job, Well, if i may add.
That is all i ask for. Too much to ask for?

Dear promoters around the world, reading this, I am sorry if this offends you, but How the heck do you guys even work without finding out what your pay is?!
I just dont get it?! How in the world, do you stand there, for 8 - 12 hours, working, sweating, yada yada without finding out what Your salary for the day is?! Aren't you working because you want to earn some extra cash? if that is so, how can you stand there for so many hours, guessing, the whole time, wondering, what your salary for the day is?! I mean like, SERIOUSLY?! HOW?

I for one, can never, ever, ever start working when i dont know how much i will be earning for the day. Again, do not be offended, but in my honest opinion, that is not a very smart move!

This is the very reason why so many people get cheated and lied to in their face! Have you not heard of them stories where people work and end up not getting paid a single cent for all their hard work? Earth to you, yes, it happens and it had better not have happened to u!

So anyways, Today, was sort of my last straw with this company.
I have had enough with all the issues that revolve around this company.
All of these opinions are nothing but my most humble opinions. If you dont like it, you can stop reading.
This company, they are so unorganized, they are so last minute, so irresponsible with regards to certain matters, irresponsible when it comes to taking care of the well fare of their employees and the list goes on. I have helped them out throughout the years i have worked with them. Even when i was really busy. But when they stopped acting like my employers and started treating me like a 'family friend of the company' I started putting up my guard against their every movement. I became really cautious. For me, it is a really simple equation. Work = Work. Friends = Friends.

I can be your friend and i can help you out whenever you are in need.
But when i work, make sure you pay me what i should be paid.
Unless you are a family member or a really super damn close friend, there are no such things as FAVOURS when it comes to work. it is simple.


U see, my boss really dislikes discussing matters regarding our salaries.
She would brief you about everything and anything regarding the job EXCEPT your salary which, in fact, is the most important factor.
And that is why, EVERY SINGLE TIME we start work, all the other promoters would start asking each other, " Eh, today, how much is our pay ah? " WITHOUT FAIL. ALL THE TIME. And most of them would go, " I dunno worh.. gosh..hope it is not too little. " U kidding? This is not even suppose to happen weihhh!
And again, for the thousand and one time, no offense but most of the time, all of them promoters have no balls to actually ask about their pay! EVERYONE WANTS TO KNOW! BUT NOOOO ONE WANTS TO ASK.

why so?

easy. = No one wants to be the bad guy.

Typical huh? Everyone wants to get the benefits but everyone wants to discard the crap.

But heck care. I ALWAYS.. ALWAYS ask about these 3 simple and yet, really important things. Where, How long, How much. I will NOT start work without knowing these 3 things before hand. That is why, when we are being paid unfairly, i would be the spokesperson for the whole team. i will be the bad guy. I will take the bullet for the team. I will be the one known as ' Calculative ' .

Today, i will admit. Our pay wasn't as satisfying and pleasing. It wasn't as fair. But nevertheless, i let it go and just accepted it. I knew, and the others didn't because #1, My supervisor didn't want to ask the boss. she either found it unnecessary (which i still cannot bring myself to understand why? ) or she was lazy, and felt it to be a hassle. But IMHO, as the supervisor, it is your duty to of course supervise your team and also be the spokesperson for your team. To take care of your team. You should be the one communicating to the boss and you, communicating to us, the team. It should not be the case where the promoters themselves are calling and contacting the boss and asking information and stuffs about our job. They DO call it delegated legislation for a reason. So if your own supervisor have no balls to do their job, you tell me how?

So i got really fed up when i kept getting the  " I dont know " answer from my supervisor. So, as usual, i had to take things into my own hands, and find out what our salary for the day is. So anyways, after finding out and accepting it as it is, I conveyed the message to the rest of the team. And when i did, they started comparing our salary for today and the salaries next week.

Salaries next week =  EXACT SAME TIME, but higher pay.
Salary today = EXACT SAME SALARY, but lower pay.

Very unreasonable, i know.
Very illogical. but i did weigh out the circumstances where we had the pleasure of going home early for some of the days because there was simply no people to interact with and how it was sort of a win-win situation. A give and take situation. Hence, i didn't complain and chose to accept it as it is. But the rest of the team got pretty unsatisfied about the day's salary and so everyone agreed to call up the boss because our supervisor wouldn't do it, and to ask her about it. Everyone asked me, of course, as usual, to ask. But this time, i said no. I knew the boss would feel very unhappy abt it and yada yada because i've always been standing up for my rights. But i've never tried to influence a whole team of people to fight for a higher salary. i have always done it professionally and personally, one on one. If i felt MY salary was not reasonable, i would talk it out and i would confront the matter.

So i said no. then everyone started looking at each other, trying, hoping, for a volunteer. So anyways, in the end, someone agreed to do it. Let me remind you again how i did not complain about the salary and how i refused to be the one to call the boss. So when the volunteer called the boss, guess what i over heard?

" Was it Celine who made you call me? "
and yada yada yada more hurtful disappointing stuffs -----------------------

Even though i did not complain, even though i was not the one who called but in the end, i was still the one to blame. I was still the bad guy. i was still the one who took the bullet for the team.

it may sound like a petty thing to you.
but for me, it was an utter disappointment!

I work so hard! I try my best all the time, i try to get the most sales, i go out of my way to give tip top performance during work even when i'm sick! AND THIS, IS HOW, you show appreciation for my efforts and hard work? even though i dont freaking get any commission, i still try to sell ALL the stocks up to the point of losing my voice. Even though i dont get any commission, i still try to give out the most free stuffs and what nots even though my name is not printed and published on all the efforts i put into getting the job done, Well.  I still get the same pay. It is YOU, the company, who benefits from such hard working employees like me. ( not to boast, but i do work very hard )

Excuses i get from friends?
" You are highly demanded in the company and by the clients of the company. If i were to ask questions that you ask, they would tell me, thank u, its ok, u dont have to come to work tomorrow. thank you for your time but you can go work else where, and tht would be the end of me. But for you, it is different. They want you and they like you. "

I wont deny that i do agree with the statement above but still, i really do not appreciate two faced people who act all nice and hehehe infront of you but back bite you.

These kind of people, i dislike the most. You have an issue with me? Come and say it to my face. Dont go around back biting me.

So today was the last day for a particular roadshow. And tmr would be another new roadshow. But I have decided that Friday would be my last day working with them, ever.

This is not the sole reason why i have decided to stop working with this company.
But it is definitely ONE of the many reasons why i have decided so.
I am really upset with whatever that happened today.
Even though there is a drastic difference between my pay for tomorrow and on friday, I still accepted it without complaining or demanding for a higher pay. Unless it is really very totally unreasonable, i would rather not stir up an argument. AND YET, I WAS STILL THE ONE TO BLAME!

i can save my ass and redeem my own ass by calling the boss. By telling the truth of wht happened today. That is what the working world is like kan? every man for himself. I can easily do that and let the real people take the bullet themselves. But no, i did not and i will not.

Why not? i haven't really come to a proper conclusion yet.
But this is what i have chosen and i will stick to my decision.
I guess i'm just not that kind of person who would bring another person down just to save my own ass and reputation. If this is what you think of me, then so be it. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and perspectives.

But i have said it and i will say it again,
I am really upset and disappointed with whatever that has happened.
And just so you know, even after hearing what you said, i still continued my job with a smile and still performed the way i have always been performing. Because this is called professionalism, commitment and responsibility. I refuse to allow my emotions and feelings affect the way i perform during work, dance or whtever it is i have committed myself to.

I wish you all the best in Your Business. It was fun while it lasted, but this is the last goodbye. (oh so dramatic) pfft. shuddap. :P


Friday, August 03, 2012

Lull before the Storm?

Hello wello.

u know, on the very same day i serviced my car, i had probs with it!
ahhhh.. sakit hati! :(  After watching the Dark knight rises in Sunway pyramid's TGV premium lounge, at around 11.40pm plus, as i was about to drive out of the parking lot, i heard this loud BOOM! and then i heard screeching sounds from the tires.

Got out of the car immediately to check out what just happened.
Thank God brotha was with me coz it was really late and the parking lot was pretty empty. And u know, these days, them stories about parking lots are everywhere! so anyways, found out that the rear passenger wheel was locked and it did not spin whenever i drove, hence, the screeching sound .. or rather, noise, that it made. Painful to the ears i tell you. Everything that happened that night was just too much to be a coincidence.

i was suppose to watch the dark knight with my dance crew at cheras leisure mall, midnight show. BUT, tak jadi coz everyone not free. So i accepted my friend's invitation to watch with him and a few others instead, at 9pm. FOR THE FIRST TIME, EVER, i did not look at what floor i parked at, what zone, etc. I'm usually the one who helps my friends who drive, rmb where they park and i NEVER forget where i park. But this time, totally blank! So i followed this new friend i made. My friend's friend, to where she parked her car. Coz i had a feeling i parked somewhere there as well. But when we were paying for the parking ticket, she had no change. So she asked us to go ahead and go on without her. I roughly felt.. yes, i had to feel where i parked. hahaa.. found my car and in the end, guess what happened? this new friend happened to park RIGHT BESIDE MY CAR! :O hahaha. whoaaaaaaaaaaa. so after all the tyre prob and all, she waited with us untill we were safe and all lah. i figured that the brake drum/disc was the problem. i tried loosening the brakes by going back and forth but to no avail, the tyre was locked, solid and hard like rock. it just would't budge! ish! So i had to leave my car in the sunway pyramid parking lot and come back the next day. so parents had to come fetch us from the hotel lobby, where we waited for them. I was really upset to be honest. very very very. Because i just serviced my car and spend so much servicing it and yet, ada masalah on that very same day. So very sakit hati lah. Then ada lah, benda-benda lain yang terjadi after parents came and pick us up. Sighs... i felt terrible but i was praying and thanking God for his grace, mercy and protection.

It could've been a tragic night. If it happened while i was driving, if the tyre suddenly got locked and yada yada while im driving, sure gone edy. Super dangerous. so yeah. plus, my friend was thr to help/wait/teman us. So  i just felt really blessed lah. Then so happen, alot of my friends called me at that time, for other reasons, but when they found out what happened, they were all just really helpful and caring lah. Anyways, it was a challenge finding a mechanic on a Sunday! T_T

to sum it all up, i had to tow it back to my place and thank God, a mechanic workshop near my place was open! so yeah. burn alot of money on that day seh. Haiz. parking fees at sunway killed me. plus the fixing and all.. =((( But all is well now. Car is fixed. hope it doesn't happen again though. And anyways, work this week has been really really tiring. Alot of travelling involved. To really far places like cyberjaya, nilai, kajang,. etc. so yeah. But anyways, i'll only be working up till the 10th of Aug and after that, i wanna enjoy the rest of my hollies before 2nd year starts.

And its august already! this means, it is results month! prolly 15-17 aug akan dapat results.
cant wait! wonder how i did! Gonna be heading another roadshow starting tmr.. so gtg sleep. so tired from all the travelling today. *yawns* Goodnight peeps.
Shall update u in detail soon!