Friday, August 10, 2012

My Working experience this Summer.

I apologize for the previous post if my language seemed a tad bit rude.
I was just really upset and disappointed.
But all is well now. I just had to let it all out.
I am better now and I am one day away from my chilling time!
One more day of work and off i head to a new direction with regards to the type of jobs i would be taking up in the near future.

Now that i am more chilled, let me fill you in about my working experience this summer.
This Summer, i have come to many realizations during my working period.
I've met all kinds of people, worked with all kinds of people and encountered many different and new challenges.

But anyways, i've also realized how i have outgrown this promoter/roadshow/event line.
Eversince i was 15, i was always eager to try out as many type of jobs before i had to permanently stick to one. Hwahahaa..idk why but that suddenly reminded me of the scenario where people would like to try out as many gfs and bfs before getting married = permanently stick to just one, person. hahahaha. But pls ah. I dont roll that way! i dont know why people actually feel proud of having SOOOO many relationships.

the higher the number = the better.

EKKKKKK! wrong answer.
it is sooooo unattractive! well, to me at least.

BUT ANYWAYS. let us not go off topic now, shall we? hahaha.
so anywaysss.. i have tried out many many jobs .. and i have sticked to this particular line for a few years now. few reasons. I get weekday jobs. I am So busy on weekends! The pay is much higher than what the retail line can offer me. Double, infact. and the timing is pretty flexible.
So i felt like this particular job really satisfied almost all my requirements. The only set back was the fact that our salary sometimes come pretty late. Other than that, everything was good to go. Until recently. I suddenly found selling really depressing. The amount of rejection you get everyday and yada yada. repeating the exact same line for like a few thousand times each day. It is challenging, that i wont deny. It increases perseverance , it challenges me to do better and to try harder. It instills in me many good qualities. But still, my heart is no longer in selling and i find it pretty pointless.

The money is good as well. But i have finally reached that stage where money is no longer the motivating factor as to why I am working. I have finally reached that point where what i do and what i use my time for, must matter. It must mean something. I want to do something meaningful, something that can help change lives, something that will make a change, for the better, in someone or somewhere.

Of course, i wont deny that money is very much needed for survival and yada yada. So it is and will of course be one of the reasons why i am working but definitely no longer the main reason. Also, i have met alot of negative people recently and it has definitely been a challenge to NOT be influenced by such characters,personalities and attitudes! It is sometimes really difficult when you spend so much time with such people. Deny it all u want and go on saying stuffs like how u are so strong, u know where u stand and all.. but i tell you..

the saying that Birds of a feather flock together is no lie.

I found myself acting like them after working together with them for quite a while. It's just so difficult! the minute i realized i was starting to act like them, the first thing that came to my head was.. "RUNNNNN~! RUNNN AS FAR AS POSSIBLE! "

i didn't want to become like them. Always so negative and complainy. complain complain complain. i dont wanna complain so much! in fact! i am actually trying to improve myself to stop complaining. This has been one of my goals eversince highschool and i am still working on it. =) But of course, not everyone is perfect and sometimes, even the people closest to you would have qualities which u would want to stay away from. But u cannot run everytime u encounter such characters. So i guess it just boils down to adapting to the people around you. It is you who have to be strong and to try very hard not to be influenced but rather to influence, if possible. But its so hard la! ish.. dangerousnya~

But they weren't close friends or anything pun.. so just run la. i dont like. =/
so i'm so glad that i am ending work on friday! yayyyy~! =)) Aihs. Just wish i could slip away for one more holiday before 2nd Year of Law School starts. I want to go somewhere away from the city. somewhere away from the jams and pollution like Sarawak or maybe Redang. But i've spent enough. Time to save up again. I am definitely planning to visit Sarawak though. have been wanting to visit Sarawak for quite a while now. Hope the time will come soon! :)

And oh! work was good today la. was on another roadshow today. One that i am familiar with and one that i have done last year. It was so fun playing games and all with the people at the ramadhan bazaar! and it was so fun giving out free stuffs. hahahaa. SO FUN! i felt so generous and rich. Bagi saja bagi sajaaaaaaaaaaaa~! Plus, i scored myself some free food from the bazaar. When the prizes ran out, alot of the male participants kept asking if they could have me as their prize instead! hahaha. ish ish ish~~~~~~!

everything was good except for the fact that i almost got into a bad accident. A close call.
I was heading towards the toll when i suddenly looked right and saw this silver hyundai car heading straight towards the driver's seat, my seat. First think that came into my mind? WHAT THE HECK IS THIS FELLA DOING DRIVING IN SUCH A DIRECTION?!

he was still speeding straight towards me! head first! but thank God he managed to jam the brakes hard enough to have missed me by an inch! the screeching sound of the tires were so loud till its after effects lasted in my right ear for a good 1 hour. I was in shock after passing the toll and so i stopped at the side to calm down and take in whatever that happened. That noob face of course didn't bother whether or not he hit my car or damaged it in anyway and just drove straight to the furthest possible toll away from me and sped off right after passing the toll. What a gentlemen. Sighs. but im healthy and alive so pls, worry not.

I just thank God that He has always been looking after me and still is.
Today i was reminded once again, how fragile life can be. =)
Make it matter. Make your life, matter.

Thats all for now. =) 1 more day!
then i'm pretty much free-er till classes resume!
few days more till results come out! excited / nervous for me? me too! =)



  1. Yes, come come! Come to Sarawak!
    I will be exploring my home myself. Once I get my bike, it's me, my baby & the open road.

    1. hahaha.. but when are you free?! i'm gonna need a local to bring me around! =) i keep hearing about some famous kolo mee.. haha.. but i wanna go to all z nature places!

    2. Free during most school holidays. Just let me know in advance before you book your tickets.

    3. Okay. Coolios.. =)

  2. Anonymous2:04 AM

    "noob face" ROFLOL