Saturday, August 25, 2012

Sun + Rain = Rainbows! :D

It has been a while since i've last posted anything!
I've been really busy and caught up with alot of things.. It is crazy how fast time is flying! 2nd year will be starting in no time! And its back to all the hard time finding parking, crazy classes, books books books and the library!

I dont regret one bit how i spent my summer break. =) It has been the best break i've ever had! So many trips with so many awesome people! So many performances with the crew i can finally call, Family. =) I've always wanted to find such a crew and i've tried. But many did not work out because of many different personalities that clashes. But now? So far so good and i hope this would last. =) It has been my best Summer yet! =)

So lets see, after getting my results, My uni mates and I had a celebration night! It was such a fun night! :D!!!

Meet Edwin! One of my buddies in class! One of the Brothas! =)
Family Portrait! =))
And i've been able to spend heaps of time with My twin! =))))))))
Ahh.. How i've missed our twin times!

During the raya hollies, My sissy and her family suddenly came up to KL without telling us! Haha.. what a surprise! But i had to change alot of my plans because of the surprise. Family comes first right? =)

Ahhh.. Me cuties! Love love love them!
My Twin.! :))

And we had this crazy brunch at IKEA! Fuyoh~ first time ordering so much food in ikea! Went up to rm100++  :O!

Mummy and Daddy!
And at night we had THE Celebration dinner at Chillis, Mid V! :D

How nice of my parents to have had this dinner for me! ahhh... =) I feel so loved and cared for! I feel so happy that they are so proud of me! 

My Baby Brotha~ :))

Hahaha.. They so cute lah! *cuddles!!!*

Thank You dear family for all your love and support!
Despite our petty arguments, i know that family is always there no matter what.
The Yappies! :D
- Benson.Melissa.Celine.Benroy -
It was so nice to have that family day. It is so rare! such a rare occasion! Coz everyone is just too busy with whatever they're doing. Its so rare to have the whole family out, together. haha.. Mel is in JB.. mum and dad is always working.. benson is always either in Kampar or with his gf..  and well, its just me and benroy most of the time. It didn't use to be like this tho. We used to be one big family, all the time. But i guess, things change as time passes. Mum didn't use to work. But we're all scattered around now. Well, at least we do get to have such days, still. Better than nothing at all. =)

Anyways, it was such a great night, great day. I ate brunch and dinner at my two favourite places! And i was with my favourite people! =) Happppyyyy. =)))))))

sides that, a very close friend of mine flew off to the US to further his studies.
Nicholas Kam Ching Jee!
The Kam family and I ! + James. haha..
At z airport~
Foofoo.. =)

Take care of yourself foofoo.. I miss you already! :(

I am so blessed to have so many people around me who sincerely cares and love me and I myself, am very blessed to have so many people to love and care for. =)

There will always be sunny times and rainy times.
but it is both the sun and the rain that makes the rainbows in life. =)

I am excited to move into the next phase of my life.
Here i come. 
Mess with me not because i not only have the most wonderful people following close behind but also an Awesome God who is both Able and Powerful.




  1. Chin Leng12:30 AM

    You look fabulous in that turquoise dress

    1. Thank you chin leng. =) I really like that dress. haha.

  2. Friends are great! Appreciate them while you can! They will disappear one by one after they get hitched!

    1. Awww.. Jarodddddd...

      But it is true.. Friends do come and go..
      Thats just life i guess? =) But i'd be really bless to have a few or at least 1 with me all the way..