Friday, August 17, 2012


The beautiful Perth. =)
I was out the whole day yesterday when i kept getting tonnes of phone calls from friends, telling me their results and asking about mine. I was pretty chilled about results day, to be honest. I was just really curious and i didn't know what to expect. Passing all my subjects was a definite expectation but i didn't want to just merely pass and hence, i worked really hard. After all those phone calls, i got REALLY excited to find out what my results were.

When i finally got home around 9pm plus plus.. i finally got to check my results through this site they have allocated for us to check our results!


I am happy with my results and i am contented. I got good results and i am really happy that all my hard work paid off! the shocker was the fact that among all my subjects, i scored the highest for Public Law! which happened to be my greatest nightmare for intermediate! and my toughest hurdle! to make things worse, i had a high fever before and during the exams! I cannot thank God enough for being so merciful and graceful.
I surely could not have gone through this hurdle without His mercy and grace!

Lord, Your Grace is truly sufficient for me!
When i saw my results, a small part of me wish i did better! But a big part of me reminded myself to be contented with whatever i got. Happiness didn't fully struck me till my dad affirmed himself that my results were good!

My mum was randomly asking me if i wanted the KFC they've bought downstairs.. My dad then popped into my room and said.. 

" No, she dont want KFC. She wants an expensive dinner for getting SUCH GOOD RESULTS! "

I dont want an expensive dinner nor do i expect any gifts from neither of my parents. I just want their acceptance and i just want them to be proud of me. That is of most importance to me! And so, when i heard those 3 words from my Dad, the part of me that was worried, nervous, thinking whether or not this is good enough for my dad JUMPED WITH JOY! Ahhh.. i was truly truly happy, then. =))))))))))))))

No gifts can compare to the acceptance by your parents and knowing the fact that they are indeed, Proud of you. =)))

I can deny all i want that throughout my schooling years and years of exams, i am not doing this for my parents but for myself. But i would only be fooling myself. Part of me would always seek the approval from my parents and a part of me would always want to make my parents proud! I AM,of course, studying hard and working hard for myself and for my future as well. So now that this chapter of my life has come to an end, i wish only for the best for my 2nd year to be even better!

I want to do better for my 2nd year and hopefully, i can do well enough in order for me to escape the need to repay my ptptn loan. =) it is a tough aim and it is a difficult one. But i always believe that as long as you put your heart to whatever you are doing, you will find ways to achieve it and not excuses as to why you cannot.

On the 28th of June 2009, the 17 year old me came up with this quote which i still stand by up till now.
" Dont complain, Work on It! "

and that is what i will do. =)
Dear family and friends, Thank you so much for all your support! Even the shortest,smallest word of encouragement meant a great deal to me! All the lil things that you did, all the hugs that you gave me whether physically or through the internet meant a great deal to me! U have no idea how these lil things motivated me and boost my thrive to keep going! And here i am today, because of all of you. =)
Thank you for all the phone calls yesterday! I feel very much loved and cared for.

It is not I, but God. :)



  1. Hey, you were meant for great things & you've got my support for NOT paying back PTPTN!
    Go, Celine!

  2. Thanks for all your encouragement and support Jarod! I really appreciate it! :)