Friday, August 03, 2012

Lull before the Storm?

Hello wello.

u know, on the very same day i serviced my car, i had probs with it!
ahhhh.. sakit hati! :(  After watching the Dark knight rises in Sunway pyramid's TGV premium lounge, at around 11.40pm plus, as i was about to drive out of the parking lot, i heard this loud BOOM! and then i heard screeching sounds from the tires.

Got out of the car immediately to check out what just happened.
Thank God brotha was with me coz it was really late and the parking lot was pretty empty. And u know, these days, them stories about parking lots are everywhere! so anyways, found out that the rear passenger wheel was locked and it did not spin whenever i drove, hence, the screeching sound .. or rather, noise, that it made. Painful to the ears i tell you. Everything that happened that night was just too much to be a coincidence.

i was suppose to watch the dark knight with my dance crew at cheras leisure mall, midnight show. BUT, tak jadi coz everyone not free. So i accepted my friend's invitation to watch with him and a few others instead, at 9pm. FOR THE FIRST TIME, EVER, i did not look at what floor i parked at, what zone, etc. I'm usually the one who helps my friends who drive, rmb where they park and i NEVER forget where i park. But this time, totally blank! So i followed this new friend i made. My friend's friend, to where she parked her car. Coz i had a feeling i parked somewhere there as well. But when we were paying for the parking ticket, she had no change. So she asked us to go ahead and go on without her. I roughly felt.. yes, i had to feel where i parked. hahaa.. found my car and in the end, guess what happened? this new friend happened to park RIGHT BESIDE MY CAR! :O hahaha. whoaaaaaaaaaaa. so after all the tyre prob and all, she waited with us untill we were safe and all lah. i figured that the brake drum/disc was the problem. i tried loosening the brakes by going back and forth but to no avail, the tyre was locked, solid and hard like rock. it just would't budge! ish! So i had to leave my car in the sunway pyramid parking lot and come back the next day. so parents had to come fetch us from the hotel lobby, where we waited for them. I was really upset to be honest. very very very. Because i just serviced my car and spend so much servicing it and yet, ada masalah on that very same day. So very sakit hati lah. Then ada lah, benda-benda lain yang terjadi after parents came and pick us up. Sighs... i felt terrible but i was praying and thanking God for his grace, mercy and protection.

It could've been a tragic night. If it happened while i was driving, if the tyre suddenly got locked and yada yada while im driving, sure gone edy. Super dangerous. so yeah. plus, my friend was thr to help/wait/teman us. So  i just felt really blessed lah. Then so happen, alot of my friends called me at that time, for other reasons, but when they found out what happened, they were all just really helpful and caring lah. Anyways, it was a challenge finding a mechanic on a Sunday! T_T

to sum it all up, i had to tow it back to my place and thank God, a mechanic workshop near my place was open! so yeah. burn alot of money on that day seh. Haiz. parking fees at sunway killed me. plus the fixing and all.. =((( But all is well now. Car is fixed. hope it doesn't happen again though. And anyways, work this week has been really really tiring. Alot of travelling involved. To really far places like cyberjaya, nilai, kajang,. etc. so yeah. But anyways, i'll only be working up till the 10th of Aug and after that, i wanna enjoy the rest of my hollies before 2nd year starts.

And its august already! this means, it is results month! prolly 15-17 aug akan dapat results.
cant wait! wonder how i did! Gonna be heading another roadshow starting tmr.. so gtg sleep. so tired from all the travelling today. *yawns* Goodnight peeps.
Shall update u in detail soon!



  1. Ouch... Parking + Tow + Repair = $$$$$$$$$$$$
    Feel for you. **hugs**

    1. Yeah.. it really made a hole in my pocket. Oh well. Money can be earned. Just glad that i'm still here and very much alive. Though, i did feel horrible that night. *hugsback!* :(