Monday, August 13, 2012

Time to start Caring.

I'm pretty sure all of you Malaysians are aware of the vastly increasing crime rates in our beloved country. And it is heart breaking to hear and read about all the stories of the victims of such ruthless people! Very recently, a few of my friends have been victims of these robbing/chopping incident. I would just like to share these stories with you just so that you are aware of their evil tactics and schemes that they are using nowadays. i will leave out their race because i dont think that is an issue to be pin pointed on.

Story 1: true story, if i mad add.

my friend's brother was walking to his car in the car park when suddenly 4 guys approached him with parangs in their hands. Without any warning, they stroke his head with the Parang. He ran. He ran for his life and he ran as far and fast as he could but unfortunately, he tripped and fell. Without any mercy, they continued to slash him with the Parang. His head, especially, was the main target. Thank God that he fell near a Mamak stall and alot of ppl from the mamak decided to help! so these crazy fellas ran away and stole only the bag he was carrying. The stuffs in his pocket was still intact. He had to stay awake the whole time.  On their journey to the hospital AND during the surgery he HAD to stay awake if not there would be a blood clot and he can easily go into a coma. He was in the ICU for a few days but thank God he survived and pulled through all the suffering and pain. So praise God for tht!

scheme/ tactic : Hurt without warning.

Thank God he ran. if not they would've probably chopped him into pieces.

Story 2:

This guy who was in the hospital with my friend's brother was a victim of an acid splasher or whatever they should be called. His wife told his mum that her husband was somewhere near a bus stop when this guy approached him and asked if he knew where the bus stop was. The husband looked left and pointed in that direction,showing the guy where the bus stop was. The minute he turned right to look at that guy, SPLASH~! and that was the last time he had sight of anything.

How heartless can people get these days?!
This definitely cautioned me to continue being the helpful person i am.
Its a different story with friends and people that i know but to strangers? as of this moment, i am definitely an unhelpful pedestrian/stranger.
I dare not risk my safety. I am usually the helpful cheerful kind who'd be more than willing to help out tourists and lost ppl and all but after all that has happened and still is happening? i guess that person has to be hidden in a closet for a while.

Story 3:

My friend was at this bus stop, after watching a movie. He was approached by this guy who acted like a long lost friend.. going all "heyy brooo! wassup! long time no seeeeeeeee!" with a pat on the shoulder. My friend thought he was either lost wanting to get directions or he must've confused him with some other guy. suddenly, this guy accused him of being a guy who offended a member of his Gang. My friend was getting ready to run away when this other guy came from behind, even bigger sized than the guy that approached him. They made him follow them to a coffee shop nearby. A coffee shop where no one else was around except for the workers. They bought him drinks and said stuffs like..

"So, u look like a student. i'm pretty sure u own an atm card?"
they also checked out his phone and asked him what was in his bag. My friend, afraid of whatever weapons they may possess was ready to give them anything and everything  as long as his life was not at risk. But they decided not to take anything else from him. They walked to an atm nearby and withdraw all the money that he had in his account. They gave him back his atm card and sent him off to the bus stop, and made sure he went on the bus. They even waved goodbye~ heh. Seriously? oh oh, i forgot to mention how they even paid for his drinks!

Omgossssh. HOW SCARY IS THIS?!
they're the so called 'Good thieves'. Well, that's how my friend labeled them.

There are many more stories but the main point is that Our country is no longer what it used to be. People around you? They're not as safe as they used to be. I dont blame Malaysians for being so unhelpful at times. Now i've finally understood why my parents were always so paranoid about me being so helpful and why my friends were so paranoid about me asking random strangers for directions, etc.I guess desperate times call for desperate measures.
With all these schemes and tactics going on, i feel soooo insecure. I feel like i cannot trust people so easily anymore. I feel so insecure whenever i am out in public places. It feels as if no one and no where is safe anymore.

We are the next generation to make a change in this country and that is what we should be preparing ourselves to do! Even if u just Pray for our country, that is something.
It is High time the youths of this country started caring more about whats going on around them in this country rather than getting all worked up just because u lost a pc game or because ur manicure is messed up.

We NEED to start PRAYING for THIS country.
And when u pray, pray with Faith and pray without any doubts.
because Prayer without Faith is nothing. If you do not believe in your prayers, what then are you expecting out of your prayer? Our God is able and Our God is a powerful God. Take not for granted your safety and take not for granted the lives of the people around you. Anyone and i mean anyone at all could be a victim of these ruthless people.

As much as i am very much raged about the actions of these people, I most definitely do not wish for them to be banished to Hell and to burn in Hell for eternity. Laugh all you want, but these are the people who we should be praying for. They are the people who needs to be touched by God. They are the people who needs help. So condemn them not, but pray for them as u pray for our country. We do not know why they are doing what they're doing so lets just leave the judging to God. We may hope for them to die and to suffer just like how our friends and the victims have suffered but if you do so, u'll be no different from who they are. Do you wanna be JUST like them or maybe even WORSE than them? I dont think so.

We are humans. Who are we to decide who should live and who should die?

So anyways, in the midst of these dark times, please be careful and please be alert at all times. Try not to go out too late. I used to think that nahh, i'll be ok. I am with people and etc etc. But take not for granted, your safety. Anything can happen to anyone and at anytime. So if it is not necessary, dont go out when its late. I hope these situations would not go on for a long time and i do hope that it will all come to an end soon but till then, Please stay safe and be safe.

I care. Do you?



  1. Shawn2:32 AM

    It's a dangerous place out there, boogles. Take care. Laterz, haha.

    1. haha. u pun! all the victims above all guys tau tak?