Friday, August 31, 2012


I've been really busy.
I've been surrounded by alot of people in the pass few months,weeks and days.
People i love.. people i care for and people who love and care for me in return.

But for some reason, i have been feeling so down this whole week!
I cannot seem to understand my own feelings and why i'm feeling the way i'm feeling.
But i can definitely feel it deep within my heart. That is for sure.

And at the moment, this feeling is really overwhelming me.
Up to the point where i just feel like bursting into tears.
I feel so sad. I feel this pain consuming the joy and happiness in my heart.

I am happy when i am with my bestfriend and with other people.
But when i'm alone, this feeling overwhelms me and it is getting stronger and deeper day by day.

I dont know what to say or do..
i dont even know for sure why i'm feeling whatever i'm feeling.

Sighs. ='(


  1. What is the source of the feeling? Hormones?
    Fight for your feelings with words of truth & motivation!

  2. i dont know what is the source of the feeling.. hmm. guess i need to do more self evaluation..

  3. Perhaps you've had too much self evaluation you forgot to enjoy your self?

  4. Maybe? i dont know. Or maybe too much has been going on till i become so overwhelmed.