Monday, September 03, 2012


U know, often Life is about taking chances and making the right choices.
of course, we do end up making some very bad choices but it is both the bad and good choices that leads us to where we are today.

A few questions & statements ran through my mind this week.

#1. Why would someone risk everything for just one person/thing if that thing/person cannot,may not, would not give/bring you any promises in the future?

But in the end, i guess thats why they call it a "Leap Of Faith" .

I guess many of us would not have moved from wherever we were before this had we not make such leaps of faith. 

That leap can bring you forward, or it may tear u down.. for all you know, this leap may actually destroy u, badly. But can you actually go on leading your life with the "What Ifs" pilling up as you continue your journey in life? hahaa. I know i cannot. I guess i'm the person who'd rather find out than to keep on wondering endlessly what could've been if I had grab this opportunity, make this choice, take this chance, take that risk, etc. It may bring me down, deep. But i guess this is all just parts and parcels of life. 

U fall, you get up and try again.

This might be totally unrelated or somehow related with whtever i said above, but...

I have a lot of guy friends and some of them, i'm really close to.

But sometimes when 2 ppl of the opposite sex becomes too close, most often than not, a line has to be drawn between these two individuals.

I'm a person who really values and treasures my friendships.
And so, sometimes when i get too close with a guy and there may be possibilities that certain special feelings may exist, i have these 'talks' with them. If i like that guy too, why not kan? happy me! But what if i just really like this guy as a FRIEND and nothing more?

I really dislike it when my guy friends are lead on by these girls who takes advantage of a guy who is in a vulnerable state. So i always try my best not to be like these girls. And so, as mentioned above, i have these talks with them. 

Sometimes, I succeed in preventing the fall of a friendship.
But sometimes, i'm just plain perasan! lol..

and it really hurts my ego. Yes, it does okay! Imagine this, U hv these "do u like me" talks with ur guy friends and in the end, it turns out that u were just thinking wayyyyy too much and being nth but perasan! Very memalukan okay! very very very very!

But i still do it, up till today. 
Why so? Because if i think the friendship is worth it, i'm willing to dive in.. whether shallow or deep, i'm willing to put aside my pride and ego, my maruah, throw it one side and just make things clear between me and this friend that i obviously care for. Even if there is a possibility that i might just end up making a fool outta myself, i know that in the end, it is worth it. =)

Though i must say, It does take a lot to put oneself in such a vulnerable state!

it really does!
Then again, if i'm taking these chances and making these choices for someone who matters, i would.
Why wouldn't i?

Sometimes, some things and some people are more important than our pride and ego. Sometimes, its really not about how we feel but more of what is the right thing to do. 
And this leads us to that phrase where we should not be led by our emotions and where our actions should not be determined solely on how we feel.

Z Reality of Life!
And lil bits and pieces of I. =)

and oh, i've been having a pretty rocky week. Bumpy ride indeed. But i'm still here.



  1. All the best, Celine.
    Guys like it direct & honest, like what you did. So respect for that.

    1. Haha.. thanks Jarod.. =)
      I always try putting myself in the shoes of others.. so thats why.

  2. Chin Leng2:53 AM

    #1. Why would someone risk everything for just one person/thing if that thing/person cannot,may not, would not give/bring you any promises in the future?

    - I don't disagree in your leap of faith terms, but more i suppose it wouldn't matter if it doesn't turned out what was hoped for, what matters is that person/object is worth that leap. A man who makes many attempts may fail out of many mistakes but the biggest mistake was not attempting at all. Sometimes, it's no longer bout what turns out, rather what's worth it. but above all, seek God's way before ours, a friend once reminded me: the heart is deceitful above all things.. emotional based are worst decisions one can ever make. That's why broken family and marriage has become so common.

    Yes, when 2 individual of unique gender come together, it's really hard to control the feelings. Even if a guy who wants to help a sister with sincerely a right heart may have feelings towards her without realising it. And i can tell you it sucks.

    I really give credit to your attitude of making a difference from typical college girls who feels its okay to fling around with feelings. It's actually an encouragement to know standing up n doing the right thing isn't so "conservative" and to know that we/you/others are not alone..

    i had a good laugh bout that busted ego thing.. LOL mans...

    and yea, your post expressed my thoughts too. ( not the perasan part ) but most of it. :P

    1. Haha.. u had a good laugh abt it? Ish!
      nvm, its alright. its alright..

      I laughed at myself too. Then after that i felt like burying my face somewhere for a while. And then i questioned my acts that brought me to this state. But in the end, i kept consoling myself.. saying..

      I only ever did this to make things clear between us so it doesn't really matter if i was right or i was being just completely perasan.. as long as the line is now clearly drawn btw us.

      Then i'll be fine. haha.

      and yes, its about who matters, what matters.

      and abt the helping a sister with a sincere heart part, for me, i think we should always be true to our feelings because if we dont, you're fooling no one but yourself. so yeah.. thts like a totally whole different perspective. hahaa..


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