Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Back to Books and Classes!

Hey all! :)

So how has it been going back to books and classes after a 3 month break?
Well, to be honest, i've yet to get back my studying mode. haha.. 
But so far so good. I was pretty nervous a day before starting 2nd year.
You knw tht feeling when new empty lecture pads and stationaries were the only things u were bringing to uni? with no textbooks or whatsoever? haha yeah. Felt like the first day of school all over again!

Sat at the same place as well! Its as if things remained the same as last yr. People with their own clicks..the row they all sat in.. everything felt the same! Except, of course, for a few new faces. Other than that, many many many more new juniors. Suddenly felt so old when a bunch of freshmans saw the books i was carrying and went, "Oh! You're our senior! Hi senior! " hahaha..

Also, ahh..those dreaded tiny 'tables'.. dropped dunno hw many stationaries tht day.. pfft.. 
And parking. yes parking was horrible..not to mention the fact that all my classes are all super early this year. Super early = Having to go through the horrible Morning Jam! rush hour~~ Life.
And on the second day of 2nd yr, i reached uni at 8am to later find out tht classes only starts at 11.30am. =.=.............. and classes were gonna end only at 5.30pm! contrary to what my timetable said = 9am- 1pm ! BIG DIFFERENCE RIGHT?! They came out with a new timetable without informing the students.. =.=! Zzzz... so yeah, by the time it was 4pm, i super KO edy.. brain dead~

Other than that, Uni has been fine. Subjects this year are definitely more complex and bulky. No time for Play if i wanna do well.

But at the same time, HyperActive has been performing quite alot lately! One performance after another! So its practise practise practise.. perform perform perform and before our bodies get to heal and recuperate, its the same whole routine all over again.

Here's a picture taken at one of our performances!
I really like this picture! To be honest, the first time i saw this picture.. the first thing that came to my mind was.. " Peek-a-Boo! I see Youuuu~~! " hahahahahaha~ Super peekaboo la this picture! =P But also, this picture reminds me of how happy i am when i'm dancing. It reminds me of my Passion for dance over the years and its amazing to see how far i've come. When i look back at how and when i started up till now, i can only stand in awe of God's amazing plans that he has for my life. I am very blessed to have to come to where i am today. How many people get such an opportunity out of the blue? And if i look closely at every event and circumstances that has occur in my journey thus far, i can see how every event had let me to where I am today. How everything that happened, truly happened for a reason. It all fits and it all matches up! I can only smile and be thankful for all the things God has bestowed upon me. That God has blessed me with. 

Here are some other pictures of HyperActive! =D

From the top left : See Eleven,Benroy Yap,Celica,Jonathan Tan, See Seven.
From bottom left: Ng YingYing, Celine Yap, Tan Yuki. =)

It has been great growing with you guys and it has been great going through both good and hard times together. It's always easy starting a crew but its never easy maintaining one. I can only pray and hope for the best of HyperActive's future! But as long as we're still tight and one big family who shares the same Passion, let us not take for granted the fact that we're in a very good place right now. =)
I love you HyperActives! :))

Us in 2010 ! Before we were a crew!
Us 2 years later! As HyperActive Zone @ our very first competition as a crew!
HyperActive Zone! Haha~ the very start of HyperActive!
And now we're more than Just HyperActive Zone, we're part of something bigger with greater plans!

So proud of all of us HyperActives! Jia you jia you for our upcoming shows! Its gonna be a very busy time for the remaining months of 2012! We can do this! =))

And oh! lookie what i gottie~

An early bday prezzie for mie! :D
Loving the colour!! 

And while i'm down with a very painful sore throat, cough and fever, i best be resting in bed if i wanna give my all for the upcoming performance on saturday! 

till nxt time! =)

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