Monday, September 10, 2012

The end of my Summer already?!

Time flew time flew time flewwwwww~~~!

In a few hours, i will be back in my uni.. back in the lecture halls..sitting in those red black chairs with super small 'tables'. Shoooooo annoying maaan! so annoying! We're law students, we have to open alot of books when we study, we write tonnes of stuffs hence the many papers and pens and all.. and sooo! because of the super small.. 'table'.. my things fall to the floor.. ALL THE TIME.. and because i am made the way i am.. with .. well.. not so long hands and legs.. i have to get out of my chair to pick em up! isssshhhh! but thank God for nice friends ..who are..well, tall.. hahaa.. and long.. they can easily just bend a lil to pick em up for me.. so yeah.. guess its all good with the chairs and their tiny tables. =P

But its also back to all the jam and all the hassle of finding parking! *cries* its almost impossible to find a parking spot that wouldn't put a hole in your pocket! I am seriously considering to take the ktm again.. But my precious time would be put to no good use! blehhh...guess we just cant get the best of both worlds!

What can i say about my summer 2012?
one word. AMAZING!

If given a chance, i wouldn't want to change a single thing or a single choice i've made this summer.
I do not regret at all, how i chose to spend this summer.

This summer break has been one to remember.
Probably the best summer break i've ever had, thus far!

I got to perform in Genting for a whole was such a crazy experience!!
it was an honour too! it was an experience to rmb! Also the time we all started getting fans and all.. wow.. =) definitely was a week to rmb! never danced so much in my life before weih! hahaha.. 7 constant..and i mean.. constant days of dancing!
Then i spent 2 amazing weeks in Perth, Australia!
it was such an awesome trip! The sceneries were amazing! the food! the people! the kuala bears and the kangaroos! the double rainbow! the many rainbows! the amazing sun rise and sun set! the most beautiful beach i've ever seen! the amazing night sky! My first time being able to actually see the milky way! how awesome is that?! My first time buggy riding! u know, riding through the bushes and all? ahha.. tht was the moment i had the most adrenaline rush during my trip! =P Thank God i did not demolish a tree tho. =PP My brother did tho. HAHA. Pro Lady Driver! Manual k.. manual. BOO YAH! =P

It was a childhood dream come true!
eversince i was a lil girl, i told myself that my first overseas trip would definitely be to Aussie! And so i saved up! also, because i was blessed and because AirAsia was having superb promotions and all! God made this all possible! I had the time of my life! =')

Then there was more performances with HyperActive... a closer and stronger bond between us was formed.. hence, ticking/slashing out one of my wish on the wish list! =))) we're like the HyperActive Family now. hahaa.. so awesome kan? =)

Then i had a trip to Penang with the bestfriend! was such a great week! Just us two.. spending quality twin time together! =P =D =) The food so amazing! so glad we gave penang a second chance!!

Then there was of course, work work work work work to earn back whatever i've spent!
also, realization that these kinda jobs were no longer my cup of tea. Finally decided to officially quit this line after 2 years! And im off to something new! =) we'll see.

Then there was JB! not many days.. but still, it was good. =)

And all the catching up with everyone everywhere was just really good.
so glad i got to meet up with almost everyone i owed an outing to!
To the dear dear friends that i've yet to meet! Pls be patient with me! slowly but surely!
I promise you, we will meet soon! before 2012 ends! =P

Met so many new friends throughout this summer as well!
So happy with all the new friendships!

Of course, i had a few bumpy rides along the way.
But this summer was also filled with many jumps of joy, smiles and laughter too! =D

and ahhhh.. My results! Happy with that too! and i got a new study table, book shelf and a celebration dinner with my family for getting good results! Hehe.. =) i knw i knw. So funny getting a study table and book shelf right? BUT I LOVE IT! u have no idea how happy i am with that gift from dad! coz firstly, its from my dad! haha. secondly, i really needed a proper study table that was spacious enough! too many books.. seriously.. haha.. so yesh!

and many many other happy events/memories this summer. cant really type everything down! those were just the highlights! hahaa.. i'd be blogging forever if i continue further.. and its already 1am! ahhh.. bad bad bad. Was suppose to sleep at 12am, LATEST! because i wanna be fresh and alert for my first day back at Uni! =P waking up at 6am plus weih! crazy. so early. T_T This will force me to sleep earlier now. haha. The management purposely put all our classes sho early this yr! *cries* ALL super duper early morning classes. sighs.. but its good in a way as well la.. i guess..

So this was suppose to be a short entry but..  guess i got carried away. =P
Wokay! enough!

I feel so unprepared for tomorrow/later!
feels like the first day of school, all over again! nervoussss~
No textbooks. Just plain empty lecture pads and stationeries!
All packed and all set. :D
Now, all i have to do is to just sleep, and wake up... on time. hahaa..

Cant believe 2nd year of Law school will begin in just a few hours.
Summer went by waaaaaayyyy too fast! I guess time just flies when you're having fun huh? ;)
*inhales* Here i come!



  1. It's pretty obvious you've made the best of your break!
    All the best in 2nd year!

  2. haha I think so too! =P
    thanks Jarod!