Monday, September 03, 2012

My Turtle moment.

Quite a few things happened yday. No, not just matters involving guys. Psssh.

But today, i woke up having the.. I dont wanna go out of my shell for a while! feeling.
I just feel like curling up into my shell and stay put for a while.
Quite a few unnecessary matters have been happening and i'm just so..
ahhhh i dont wanna deal with all these unnecessary matters for a while.
I just wanna have a peaceful week.. before 2nd year starts.

I honestly feel like isolating myself from the world..
And just live in my shell for a while with My small circle of ppl.

On a side note..

U see.. i happen to be a really friendly girl.
Why must people always think of a guy and girl who are close to be an item?
Why does the society of today still have such a closed mindset?
Can't a guy and a girl just be nothing more than just close friends?
isit such a hard picture to digest?

And why do guys/girls have to just have this..
" *gasp!* i think he/she likes me! " thinking when the other person was being nothing but friendly?
Why can't you accept the fact that there are people out there who are actually genuinely just.. really.. friendly? Why must there always be something more when in actual fact, there isn't?

Why must u go..

"Ohhhhh my goodness! He/she is being so friendly! i think he/she likes me! :D :D :D! or :O :O :O! "

And then you either start showing back hints of interest or u start ignoring and disappearing from that person's life?

Its so frustrating lah!
Why can't there be just a simple good and clear friendship between people of the opposite sex?
why must there always be something more?
Why must there always be a level 2?
why cant it just stay at level 1?

I think the problem to such situations would most probably be.. communication.
Probably a huge misunderstanding or rather, a huge mistaken assumption..
People nowadays really dont like to talk abt it huh?
like they dont really want to ask or somehow talk abt it.. they just want to assume.
Assuming is such a dangerous thing to do maaaans.. seriously..

Have u never heard of the phrase that goes..

" When you ASSUME.. u make an Ass out of U and Me?! "

Okay. Maybe i'm just being really exaggerative. But ahh.. this is just something i needed to get off my chest. I guess not everyone can express themselves properly and everyone is different in their own special and unique ways. Then again, this matter has really been frustrating me throughout the years..

I thought such assumptions would leave me by the time i was out of highschool..
turns out, it follows you still! till.. i really dont know when.

I guess it just frustrates me to the core that some people just cannot accept the fact that some people out there just want to genuinely and sincerely be JUST friends.

You know? Like a steady friend? Not an interested friend?
To the guys and girls out there, yes they actually exist!
not everyone wants to be your girlfriend or boyfriend.
Am i being too harsh? Sorry if i am. I'm just ...... NYEH.!

But dont get me wrong! It is different when a girl or guy becomes OVER friendly.
Ahh okay fine. Sometimes IT IS really hard to differentiate.. Even more difficult when that person is just genuinely, Nice. It's so hard to tell the difference. You just cant tell. But sometimes u can? IDK. T_T but it DOES help when u confront the matter rather than just assume right? aiyohh... i dont know laaaah.

but ahhhhhhhhhhh.. its frustrating. D:
Okay. Off my chest.

Its gonna be my turtle moment for a while.
I think i need to retreat to my shell.

K, Bye!



  1. It's always better to be honest when in doubt.

    I have a lot of girls I'm close with. I just hate it when other people make assumptions that we're an item. It just ruins the friendship.

  2. exactly! makes things awkward.. hate it.