Friday, September 28, 2012


Yes, this is how my right foot looks like currently.. Since last saturday..
It has been so difficult moving around.. getting from point A to point B was such a difficult task.
People looked at me weirdly.. i felt like a disabled person.
It didn't feel nice.. especially when there was this dude starring at me 100 meters infront and i couldn't walk any faster to get out of his sight. To quickly get out of the way just so that i dont have to look at him starring at me. =.=! Or when a group of people were talking..blocking your way..and then they see me limping towards where they were standing, all of them would quickly make way for me to limp pass them.. with the 'oh oh let this poor old lady pass through first' expression. =( Felt like such an old lady! Goshh..

And because my uni dont exactly have a parking spot.. we'd normally have to park somewhere pretty far and walk to uni. So that was pretty difficult for me on Monday. What took me 10 minutes, took me 20 minutes that day. It was then when i realized how i've been taking for granted the luxury of having a good pair of legs. How it was so easy to get from one place to i could walk properly, climb up and go down the stairs with such ease.. how i could drive without any i can dance with such energy all the time.. and etc. Simple things we do in our everyday lives but yet, so easily taken for granted. Probably because we've always had a good pair of legs ever since we were born. You wont ever truly treasure something till you've lost it. You don't know what you've got till its gone. So true.

But anyways, throughout this difficult week, i've also felt very happy and blessed. Loved and cared for. =) On Sunday, Yeow Wen helped me drive my car up to the church entrance just so that i didn't have to walk to my car. That was really nice and sweet of him! And I didn't even ask for help!
On Monday, Kok Huah walked all the way to where i parked after class and drove my car to the Second building so that i didn't have to walk so far again.. =))))))))) And while waiting.. Arvin helped hold my books and all.. Rachel helped me refill my bottle of water after class as well.. Suren called me to ask if i needed him to fetch me to class the next day.. or fetch me home or help me in anyway.. Kim drove me to uni on Tuesday and drove me around the whole week! Rachel teman me makan at our uni's cafeteria..which isn't the best place to eat.. =P just coz i didn't want to walk so far away to makan and she also purposely drove me to the first building after class so that i didn't have to walk..

I'm really blessed,cared for and loved. How can i not feel happy? =)
And not to forget all my other friends who have been praying for fast recovery! =) Thank you all so much for your prayers! It is during such times..times of difficulty when you find out who would go out of their way to help you when u need them. And when i do find out who they are, i keep them as close as possible because it is friends like these who deserve the title of a Friend.I wouldn't say True Friend.. because theres no such thing as a true friend or a fake friend. You're either a friend, or you're not. This is what friends do for friends! You dont only look for your friend when you need help from them but also help them in return when they need yours! It takes two hands to clap and it IS after all, a two-way relationship!

So Yeah.. I know now who my Friends are. =)
Thank you all for being there for me! You've no idea how much i appreciate all your help and concern. I am touched really. =')

Thank You, Lord, for blessing me with such good friends! Thank you for always looking after me..

I've felt truly thankful and happy this week.. =)
It has been a good week. =)

I will be blogging soon about the wish list on the right hand side of my bloggie!
Its time to discard the old and bring in the new! =P
October IS approaching, after all. *hint hint* nyahahahahaahaha~



  1. What I'd say to my student for injuring herself goes along the lines of: Dont push yourself too much again. Next time it happens, I'll break the other leg. hahaha~~~

    1. hahahaa.. what a comforting thought. =P yeah..i wanted to show up for practice today because we have this major performance this coming saturday.. I feek bad not showing up coz performance day is approaching..But was asked to stay home and rest by my dance teacher. =/ Hope i heal asap so tht i can go all out on saturday! :)