Friday, June 29, 2007

I'm Sorry lar..

Okaaay..I woke up today..
And to be honest? My arm hurt like..CRAP!
The pain was just..."Amaizing"...=.=!
Really so pain..I couldnt like lift my arm up..
Yesterday my hand was weak..
Today its damn pain..Arghs...
And the injection spot there is like ALL RED..
And when my shirt like kinda press on it..
one word...O.U.C.H! gaaaaahh..
Wearing my school uniform was a pain..
Plus gettin my hair done was...Zzzz...

So i went to school..And Dunggu Sao Jie..
Came and whacked my arm..Stupid fella..
Grrr...And Khoo,Khoo Mei,Shu Xin..
And a whole lot of other ppl forgotten bout the inject..
And Yesh..U can guess what they did..
Some punched my arm..Some simply whacked it..
And it Hurt Like............................
Then like after school..We had rehearsal for camp tmr..
So we had to dance..FUYOooHHH...
In order to let the dance look good i as usual..
had to use full energy...and uuhuh..
The ending pose..(The freeze)..
Gave me an "awesome" feelin on my arm..
LoL...yeaaah..I'm being kinda sacarstic right now..=P

And to be honest...I..REALLY cant wait for camp..
To be done with...And..I just..cant stand ..
Some people..whoose incharge partly of the camp..
Really..sigh..Its like..

FIRST OF ALL..Dont be so frickle minded please? If you choose to do something then DO IT..dont last minute change things..And like..TELL PPL LAST WTH? SECONDLY...Just because your higher rank then the others..You dont have the right to GIVE EVERYONE ELSE work to do while u sit there DATING with your do u think we'd feel huh? We also need to study..We also have other things to do in our days..DURING SCHOOL PERIOD..U go order ppl to walk around the school and class to class and all that..AND U HAVE TOTALLY NO RIGHT TO BULLY THOSE WHO ARE YOUNGER THEN US...THEY ALSO NEED TO STUDY..THATS WHAT THEY GO TO SCHOOL FOR ANYWAYS! Isnt it? FINE..u give us all the work to do..FINE...Instead of appreciating what you do?! You start complaining about this and that..U so clever why dont u just DO IT YOURSELF? We're not perfect enough arent we? And u start showing ur stupid black face..and make as if your so DAMN BUSY and you have alot of things to do..U think you tired? u think ur the only one fed up? WE ARE TOO! But we try to control we dont like make others have no mood..U think u make ur face like that we dont get affected? We also no mood lar see u like that..THIRDLY..PLEASE be more sensitive huh? YEA LAR.. maybe that person like made a mistake..U dont have to discourage em right? Scold then scold..Dont need to be so MEAN! And when people talk to you can you PLEASE show some leadership? ESPECIALLY infront of our Members..WE'RE THE LEADERS HERE..SOME RESPECT INFRONT OF THE OTHER MEMBERS WOULD BE HELPFUL..Thank u very much..Zzz...AND WHEN PEOPLE CONFRONT YOU..U could at least be more humble and positive about things right? Why must u justify urself and fight back? Dead sick of your attitude...

Sigh..SO sorry abt those words up there..
I just really need to like..
RELEASE my anger somewhere..Hehs..
Thats what blogging is for anyways..=P

And okay lar...BB...
My apologies to you lar okay?
Sorry for shouting at you just now..
I know i'm not usually like that..
i know..I din shout at you like dat for..
A very long time already..
just stupid damn stress lately..
Maaf lar.........U gotta understand..
And u kinda really was like..
Lan C with me just now..PLUS..
I comment abit only u Blast at me..
Kinda reminded me of that so called Leader..
Comment abit then Angry already..
Tried to tahan..But then..LOL..
Explode...xD So..Yesh..My apologiesss......
I love youuuu~~~~ =))

Aites..I gotta go off to somewhere now..
Hmmm..And sometimes i wonder..
How someone can just be so close to you at one moment..
And suddenly can even dont talk to you or suddenly turn cold..
LOL..I wonder...Hmmm...

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Its nice to be able to be there for my fwends..=)

Injection todaaaaaaayyyyyy!
Okaaay..Hmm..Lets see..
BEFORE we got our injections..
Grace started cryin..haha..aiks wht lar..
Then me being her so called "teddy bear"
Let her cry on my shoulder..*ceyyyy* =P
then gave her a biggy bear hug! ^^
None of the girls dared to go first..
So i went first lor..hahaha..
And all the guys were standin outside..
Hopin to see me cry or sumthing..*which wouldn't happen* =P
then..i was like laughing lar..
Coz the other girls outside so damn funny..
They were so scared and all..
When..the nurse poked the needle in..
Abit pain lar..then when she insert the medicine..
Lagi pain..But to sum it all up it was okay lar..
Then i was like...Oh? Finish..then got up..
xD the guys were like..Waaaaaaaa....
DA JIE DA! Dai Ka Jie!!! xD!!! What larrrr...

Then next was sue mei..i was abt to leave the room..
Then she said..DOnt GO! so okay..i stayed back with her..
And she grabbed my hand..and like erm..YO!
U din cut ur nails girl!!! And she totally..
Grab my hand so hard especially when the nurse inject her..
Lagi hard..all her nails went into my skin..xD..
U ahhhhhh....After that went out..she cried..Aiks..
Then took tissue help her wipe her tears..=)
Okay..Abt the injection..after u kena inject..
Ur hand suddenly becomes weaak..
And u cant lift ur arm higher than ur shoulder..
coz it'll hurt like crap..and u cant carry heavy stuff..
with that hand nor do anything much..xD...
After the injection i felt damn tired lar..
During science i reallly knock out edy..KO!
What ever Pn Ashima was saying couldnt get into my head..

I stayed back for extra class..
HAH! guess what..The teacher who was sposed to teach..
Went home..what the #$@%$#%$#!
Then had preparations for camp this saturday..
Waaaaahhhhhh..I'm the MC..blerks...with yuan and khoo mei..
AND LIKE...aiyor..we really need to TALK to each other..
Abt this lar...So unplanned..and messsy..DOTssss....
And now i'm back here...Yesh...
Okays lar...I"M SO SO TIRED..
And i need to call yuan..=.=! still..
Weak...Dunno how to dance or do any freezes tmr..
HOPE it gets better..Yessh.. =D!
I still cant upload any pics! T_T...
Got some pics And its disgusting really..=P

Kimmy! Hope ur doin well..=) l.o.v.e ^^

"1 year 5 months 1 week. O.o "

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Injection! O.o!

Hmm..Yday..Sue mei and Zy came to..
My hse for dance prac..
Todaay ahh..normal day..
and i totally forgotten that i'd be gettin and injection tmr..
=X!!! And my teacher just HAD to remind us..
Blerhhh...I've not had any injections..
in a loonggg timee..since form 1 i guess..xD..
I'll see if i'd be able to practice dance tmr..
After the inject..=P haha..We'll see..

Anyways..After school..went to Mei Jin's hse..
For...meeting..After that..yeah we played around..
xD pretty much just that for today i guess..Hehs..
Hmm..I cant upload any pics now..Blarh..
K lar..Ciao..

"Sometimes..Its hard to let go of things we love so much..But maybe its better that way."

Monday, June 25, 2007

Rest In Peace..Shalini & Fazira..

Heyys guys..Hmm...
Anyways..Before i blog about anything else..
I just wanna really ask ALL of u..
To really take care..and SMACK those damn mosquitos DEAD when u see any of em..
Those bloody mosquitos took..
Two lovely girls..lovely friends of mine..AWAY from..
From me..from their families..From the world...
Scolding those mosquitos wont help bring them back..
Cursing them wont stop them from killing..
Sigh..Really..Just..Cant ..tahan lar..two deaths..
in such short times...first it was shalini..
And now its Fazira...Bloody mosquitos..
Just...Just becareful kay..
I really cant afford to loose anyone else in my life..
Its just really hard to accept..but i'd still have to anyways..

Anyways..Abt today..
Hmm..lets see..We changed our positions in class..
And everyone was okay with it..
Except for one girl..she wasnt really happy..
Because she wasnt able to sit with her so called "Members"
And she was sitting behind..of the class..
So she cried..and complained to my class teacher..
Yeah..Imagine that..15 year old..crying..coz she's not happy..
Zzz..Then i beh tahan already..I got up..
And asked her whether she'd want to switch places with me..
So Okay lor..she want..So switched lor..No big deal anyways..
Hmm..So i'm not sitting with Sue mei edyy..
And i'm not sitting with my owner edy..xD...Grace teeeee..LOL..
AND i'm sitting at the back of the class...
LOL..Ah well..lets look on the bright side..
I'd be putting my specs to more use..Haha..Yessshh..
My eye-sight isnt very good..and yes i do wear specs..
but not much..coz lazy ? =P Only in class when i cant see lar..
Hmm...Then like..i'm ok with it lar..she happy then settle d lor..
lol...and now the whole class hates her...=.=!
xD...yeah..she calls me her so called 'teddy bear'...=.=
And so..I'm the only one whose like talkin to that girl..
Aww..Well..i just hope she wont start clinging on to me..=X!
Me dun wannnn..=P Hmm..Then just now she smsed me..
"You angry that i switched places wit u?"
LoL..i said no..and she was good ler u...

Haha..Hmm..It was kinda really funny to see tht..
I was the one changing places..and i was okay with it..
But all the others in class was like realllyyyy angryyy..
lollll...Anyways...Really..So much...has been happening..
All at the same much..too much..
And..yeah..I know being negative abt all this isnt gonna help..
So yes..i take all these things that have been happening..
and learn from it and all..

About my friends who left the world..
Well i just wanna remind u guys out there..
to really just appreciate what u have..
Whose around bad they treat u..
Nvr ever leave an argument before clearing things up..
Coz the next day may just be too late..
And you'd have regrets having said wht u said..
Treasure EVERY moment..with the ppl arnd u..
Really..they could just leave all of a sudden..
Therefore..i really hope u guys just..
try to appreciate people whose arnd u MORE..
Aite..nvr take anyone for granted...thats the last thing..
you'd wanna do..Enough said.
Take cares okayy u guys..Like REALLY take care..
I love youuu~~

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Honestlyyyy Right...

I feel lousy and moody now larh..
Boo me.. Wonder who can cheer me up..

**And she wonders awaaayyy**

Avril's songs somehow always suits me when i'm moody..

Current Music : Complicated.


=) Ms.Kimmy Cheered me with a hug...^^
And Mr.D cheered me with some nicesh song..=)!

I loveeeee U bottthhh!

Current Song : I Feel Good - James Brown. *credits to D =)*

I've been locked inside that hse,all the while u hold the key~

*Church Camp*

Hmm..Today..Church was as normal..
Though i was reallyyyyy tired lar..
So tired till i had not much energy or mood..
to layan bryan..xD that fella..keep messing my hair..
After communion if u messed my hair again..
I would most probaly have flipped..=P
Had mighty kids after that...
Was worship leader..and guess wht?
My band members were my own sibs..xD..
Mel on the keyboard, Ben on the bass,BB on the drums!
And me singing..! Hmmsh....So worship was awesome! ^^
And i had a great LONG chat with Ting Li today..
Till time passed by so fast..=)

Haiyor..Honestly..I feel so warn out and tired..
and just like REALLY tired..........Zzzz............
I havent had time to study much...
I'm always coming home LATE..arnd 6.30-8pm like dat..
And by the time i come home i'm simply just..
too tired to do anything else lar...sometimes..
dun even feel like eating...Ahhhhh...
And i'm hungry spiritually...I miss those conference feelings..
SO MUCH...i cant wait for camps this year..

And i cant wait for the PBSM camp to finishhh!
Its one paticular reason why i'm so dang bz..
And its coz of the pbsm camp..
I'm gonna miss dear Hong's farewell party..
His goin ta Australia............Gaaaaaahhhhh......
NVMS..If Mel's goin...U'll get sumthin from me..=)
And I'll put super glue this time...xD..

Alrights..Tired right now..
Only thing making me stay on the com right now..
IS that..Daniel's sendin me PLANET SHAKERS..
New Album..Bwahahahahha! Listenin to "Praise You" right now..Nicesh song it is..=P
*cheers!* Thx daniell..=D!


....& I cant help but miss them....

Saturday, June 23, 2007

WOOOT~! Me Is Happy & Proud!

*LoL! Look at Mel behind me. =P *

AYe! Just got home..its erm..6.50pm right now..
Haha..And its a saturday..
Well what did i do today?
Hmm..Let me see..
Went to school coz there was replacement classes..
And did the teachers teach a thing? NOPESH.
They did not..=.= So anyways..
I went to the music room and just jam with..
Then after a while few of my friends came in..
And i brought the radio plus some CD's..
So i blasted techno..And started shufflin with ben..
After that all of them wanna learn..So haha..
Taught them lor..xD thenn..We danced..
We sang..and we buat alot of Bodoh..xD haha..

Hmm..Then i went back to class..
Coz bored of being at the music room d..
Went back there..suddenly all of my friends..
Asked me to tell ghost stories..(which i dun reli like)
Coz they say i telll ghost stories till like VERY scary..=.=!
But i dun like telling ghost stories..coz..
I think their lame..yesh..lame..& Boring..=)
xD so instead..we started talking..
about the 3 years we've spent in school together..
and all Those memories..haha..^^
Mel suddenly showed up..came my class..
Duduk for a while then ciao-ed..hehss..
Hmmsh..after that..went to Putri Wangsa..
With Sue mei and her family to makan lunch..
Fetched Zy then went to Wc's hse again for dance prac..
Pracc..suddenly! Kaw Meng Chung cameee!!! =)))
xD he came to see me dance coz he complains..
that he's nvr seen me dance b4..and that..
He wouldnt be goin to the he cant c..
and keeps askin me to dance for him in school..
which is not possible coz i'm always either in skirt or kurung..=P
Yesh..he came then see us dance..
Bwahahaha..After that i taught him some freezes..Yay!
Haha..HE CAN BREAKDANCE WEIH! Coz banyak muscle..xD! of my bestie can breakdance too..=)
He's always playing badmintonnnnn...
FINALLY he learn something besides badminton..=P
Hmm..So neways..TO MY DANCERS!
So really proud of u all
*Cheers to u guys!!!** Yaaaaay!!! ^^

Alrightyyy..Nth much else lar..
Only thing is dat i'm dang tired now.=P

A.B.C.D!! I love all four, and i miss all four..totally..SO MUCH!
Hugs & Kisses to u guys!!!!

=)) Lovey u guys..!

Friday, June 22, 2007


Aye..Today..School was........Okaaay..
Hmm..Seems like the news of me "MAYBE"
shifting school has spread to many pupils in the school..
=.=!!!! And all of em come to me one by one..and ask me..
"EH! u shifting school next year ar?! Dun larr..PLS! Stayyy!"
Swtss...Why suddenly i feel if the WHOLE SCHOOL..
Knows EVERYTHING and ANYTHING abt my life..
Isssh..feel like got no privacy like dat..Zzz..
Anyways..After was sposed to fetch me..
Coz i dont like taking the bus on Fridays..
Why u ask? Because the bus picks me up..
And Stops at a Tamil Sekolah Rendah..And like..
Wait for dunno how long for the children there..
And its so totally wasting my time..PLUS....
Yesh..i get pretty annoyed by some of the children..
xD so yeaaah...WELL WELL WELL..He din show up..
Dang. He must have forgotten..blerhhh...took the bus..

At like 2.30pm..went to wc's hse for dance prac..
Bump into some stupid bastards on the road..
Chinese-Indonesia or whtever lar..
When i walked pass em..One guy came damn close to me..
And whisper in my ears.."Wo Ai Ni" and..
the other said "Ni Hao" with a stupid miang smile..
JERKS! Pfft..Boo YOU! Thx God Zy was on the other side of the road..
And then yeah..they saw they ciao..
#$@$#@#%$#!!!!!! Girls ar..becareful DAY and NIGHT kays?


Yeshh..Thats my day..Hmm..Tmr..
Replacement classes..And after school..
Go to Wc's hse again for dance prac..
Yesh...I need rest. Exhausted.

Apple Apple i Miss u like alotttt~~!
Calvinn...! Me miss uuuuu very muchiex!
Boo Chong me mish u muchs too! Rmb to take care ar..Work till 1am tim..=(
OMG i just realise something..

Bwahaha..I'm currently..
In the Techno mood..
Head banging..infront the com..
Boom! Boom! Boom! xD..lalalala~~~!
ABC i Love you guys!!! xD I know u love me too..=P

Blerks~! =P

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Agaainnn Mehhhh....?!

Ahoy there my lovely blog readers..
Noww..About the title of this entry..
Yessh...I went to school today..And..
Suddenly i had fever...AGAIN. Dang..
This is badddd...Fever last week..then recovered..
On saturday..but still sick with cough,flu..
then today..Fever again...Waaaaaaaaaa T_T...
Hmmm...I know why...xD..
Lets just say i havent been getting much rest lately..
I come back everyday from school the latest..
6.30pm...So i'm in school from 6am till 6.30pm..
And yesterday i got home at 8pm..Yeaah..Thats late..

Why u ask? After school i stayed back..
for extra classes...And guess wht?
Friggin no one came..and i was the only one..
Zzzz...wasting my time..went to sue mei's hse at 4pm..
helped her do her Geo folio..coz she doesnt noe how to..
Then Zy taught them dance till 8pm.. dat..Tireddddddd ahhhhhhhhhh~~~~!

To sum up my whole week..
It has been okay lar..but yet the Bz-est week..
Like..i have camp coming up..
so gotta rush to do this and that and this and that...
LOL...kena lecture by dunno how many ppl today..

"Walau..u sick..still do so much things..go home so late..REST MORE LAR!"

Boo Chong : YOU AHH! I got so much things to say to you lar, you always care for other people around you..but your ownself dont care..Make us worry only..take care of urself marr...

Calvin : Drink more waterrr ahhh...Dont teach them dance larr..Sick also still teach..etcccc...

Yeah...And sooo Onnn the lecture goes..
xD yesh lar..I'll TRY to rest more
if TIME allows me too lar okaaaaay???
=P Hmmm...Today woke up..
Shoulders there DAMN PAIN weih...T_T..
Went to school and put the dunno..
wht u call medicine..xD still pain though..aiks..
K lar..i gtg d..studyyyy! =P...
Tireds. Blerh. C ya.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Ahhh..Here is that 1%..

Aye..School was ok lar today..
MC-ing was okaay..My voice din break or anything..
Although i was having a bad bad flu and cough and all..
So yeah thats good..xD hmmm..
I was waiting before the assembly started..
And suddenly i felt my legs damn pain..
Then i ask myself..Walau eh..u nervous meh?
Why legs so i lifted my baju kurung skirt..
so look abit at my legs and i saw TONNES ..
STUPID damn pain..
they bite like Heck alot..
Damn those ants...grrrr... legs still have marks..
and still yeah..u can imagine how many of them..
there were...yesh..ouch....T_T pain..xD..
Cry baby pulaks..Hmmm..I realise..
that whenever i'm telling scary stories..
I get to tell em in a very exciting yet scary and believable way..
I was just telling my classmates abt my brothers..
Incident in the forest at 1am while he went for camp..
And one of the girls almost cried...
=.=! So scary mehhh....hahahaa....

And ahhh...Yes...that 1% has FINALLY..
come to senses..and care..
Because if that 1% havent realise and come to senses today..
That 1% would have lost my care alrdy..
Anyways..Its good that 1% LEARNT to appreciate..
Before loosing..unlike alot of ppl..
Only learn to appreciate when its gone..Boo you..~~!
So yups...alls well..ends well. xD apa ni? Story ka? haha..=P

I loveeee my fwendsssss...
Me lovey apple, me lovey kimmy, me lovey sue mei, me lovey calvin, me lovey boo chong, me lovey daniel raj, me lovey da xiang, me lovey bryan, and me lovey alot alot alot alot alotttttttt more lovey YOU! =) Hugs & Kisses! yay! *listing doesnt matter*

I'll see this wall one day when i walk into the house. =)

99% still around me, wheres that 1% gone to?

First of all to my amaizing father..
Happy Fathers day! =)
Had dinner with family..and Jie paid..
xD haha..hmm..yeah..

Tomorrow i have to be the mc for the assembly..
Zzzzzz....why mee....sienzzz...

You kinda sucks when..
U care for ppl but sumtimes 1% out of the 100%
ppl u care for just dun treasure and appreciate that care..
And the other 99% tells me..
"AIYAR..just DONT care bout that 1%..that 1% dont deserve it."
Then i nod my head and say..Yeaah man..the 1% dont deserve my care.
And then what happen? I totally forget abt whtever..
i said earlier..and just..cant help but CARE for tht 1%..
But that 1% STILL doesnt care and ignores my care..
I tell myself FINE! BE THAT WAY...i wont bother..
But in the end i still bother..
I feel stupid for caring but at the same time..
Dont really care if i get hurt in the end..Coz in my mind..
I'm just thinking to myself..
"As long that 1% is alright thats All that Matters."
Even though i get hurt in the end..
Oh wait..I was already hurt from the starting..
So going on wouldn't have any difference..
I'm still trying to find out whats wrong with that 1%..
Hmm..But i aint gettin anything..Why? becoz..
that 1% always MIA itself from me.. Ahha..How 'nice' of u..

Lesson for the day?
Sometimes ppl just dont appreciate wht they have till its gone.
SO..appreciate what u have. yay. ya thats all.
Good night.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

I Had F U N!

Haha.. Today went for Guo Rong's bday..
Had steambot..with..the whole form 4 gang..
We were the loudest..table..there..hahaa..!
They got bored of always boil eat fry eat..
So they started experimenting..haha..
They took the prawns..broke the eggs..
and tried to fry it..=.=! wht larrrr...hahaha..
Then JIA HAO! u arh..Joker betul..hahaha..
He took the egg yolk..and secretly..
put it into Guo Rong's coke..=.=!
And then he mixed the thing..then he asked guo rong..
"EHHH! Guo rong! u see! Got Milo worrr!"
xD!!! Laugh like crazy lar tonight..hahaa...
and they all took a sip of it..xD...

Then coz Jia Hao was like..purposely..
Harming everyones drinks and foods..
xD for example..he took black kicap..
and poured it into Zx punya coke..=.=!
So they all wanted when we were full alrdy..
And When Jia Hao went some where..
Chong Jie took a whole lot of SALT..and poured it into his coke..=.=!
And then poured like the whole bottle of salt into the soup..
Hahaaaaa..and All Jia Hao's food was in there..
PLUS they poured a cup of coke into the soup..
So when Jia Hao came back..and took a sip of the coke..
He was like..Ehh..Yer...taste wrong..
We all trying to tahan not to laugh ni..
Then he took the soup..and drank..he was like..
OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hhahahaaa...
It was damnnnn salty! I tasted it myself..hahahahaa...
So yeah..Really fun night..hehe..LOVE! =)

Mom and Dad came and pick me up..
then they went for i just watched them eat..
My two brothers are at camp..
and My sister is yeah..Me..
Go out with friends lor..xD..
Anyways.. the restaurant they were eating in..
Damn funny lar wht happened there..
I wont go into wht happened..xD..
Only Apple knows about it..hahahahaha...

Then oh ya! we went to jusco right..
And we like jamed there..
more like me and mel ni lar..
Benson not here..haha..So yeah..
Nice lar...xD ... Okays lar..had a great day..=D
Now..gotta work my butt finish my geo proj..
and get the design for the badges done..
And WHYYYY must HONG's farewell party..
be on the exact SAME day as my PBSM camp..
Dammitttttt!!!!!! Grrrr...i MUST go lar..
Miss him..Hong i miss u ar..=P
And i'm gonna be missing Planet Shaker's concert this year..
Wht a bummer..its like..tomorrow..
and..and i'm not there! T_T and my friends are..
And i always only get to see them during Planet Shakers..
but i wont be able to this year..Hin Loong!!!
I miss uuuuu.....Sigggghhhh...

Okay lar..enough ranting abt the day..
xD i gotta..erm..gotta...go.
Or not. xD i shall end here today. =P
Good night! Wait..
its 2.30am.. Good Morning! =D!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Ever felt like?

Ever felt like..U did nth wrong but got blamed for nth?
Sheeesh..Thats what just happeened to me..
I came back..So tired after teaching some ppl dance..
I was in school from 6.50am till 5.30pm..
I reached home..Still sick..PLUS tired..
Came to the com room..Wanted to use the com for a while..
Saw my sis aka melissa at the com..And i said..
"Jie..I wanna use for a while."
Then i took my phone and charged it at the plug..
And suddenly the internet connection got cut..
And she started blamming me..Coz it got cut..
Dont tell me u guys dont have internet connection probs AT ALL?
Its just SO RIGHT TIMING that i had to be there..
And she started blamming the heck out of me..
SWTS........................Aih whtever lar..My fault lar.......

Hmm...While waiting for Sue Mei's mum to fetch us just now..
Me,Her and ZY was just waiting at the bus stop..
And then..Suddenly..this question started playing in my mind..
So i asked them..

"What if..U and Ur friend..Was in a robbery..And the robber was just seconds into stabbing ur friend with a knife..wht would you do?"

Then Sue Mei answered...
"I'd look for sumthing heavy to whack tht guys head." xD..

ZY said..If it was a good friend he'd jump infront and take the stab.
If it wasnt a good friend he'd try to whack the guys hand or sumthing..

Then ZY asked me..Would you die for your friend?

I said Yeah..(cause i've thought abt this b4)

He said..What if it was someone who HURT u like really bad..And u dislike them too..?

I said...I would...

He asked why..I just said..Maybe..Just maybe..By giving that person a chance to live..That person would change...and live life to the fullest..and just change for the better..

Sue Mei asked..What if it was a total stranger? Would U die saving them?

I said...Yeah..I would..

She said..HEH..Crazyy..

ZY asked me why..

I said..Coz..I may be only 15...But i've had the best family anyone could asked for..The BEST friends anyone could ever have..And I'm saved by my Lord Jesus Christ. That stranger may be a non-believer..And he have yet to be saved..That person maybe..Didn't have as much blessings..As i have had in this 15 years of my life..That person may deserve to fufill more in his or her lifetime..or rather correct a few things they may have done wrong in life..

He said..Your not Jesus u know that right?

Me : LoL..Of course i'm not. But i believe in HIM and I was saved by HIM. And Blessed in SO
many HIM. Thats Enough for Me. =)

Sue Mei said to Zy.. "Eh..imagine..she's only a 15 year old and she's talking like this..Abit weird huh..."

ZY : *laughs*

Sometimes i wonder...How some of the children in this world..could hate their parents so much...Although...some of them parents may have been the meanest..evil-est parents anyone could ask for...but after all..they ARE still after all our parents...Arent they? Without them we wouldn't be here? aint that true? so frequently...tooo frequently...I see ppl around me saying... "I hate my mum". "I hate my dad" these days..i noe..i may not be in their shoes..but..just..hmm..cant seem to find the words to say...I guess HATE is kinda a strong word without you knowing it.....?

Maybe it just shows me and reminds me..
How blessed i be where i am.Who i'm with.
Awesome parents...siblings and friends..
Though sometimes conflict happens..Like just now..=.=!
Conflict DO happen in our life lar..we're humans not GOD.
Nobody is perfect...Zzz...

Haha..Yeah..My blog entry today kinda...hmm...
Not like what and how i always blog my entries..
Always about my days..well usually that is..
Dunno..During the break sessions..
of the dance prac just now..I was just flowing in thoughts..
About everything and certain ppl..
My thoughts just flowed to the ends of the earth..
And high beyond outer space..
I always have a smile on my face..Coz..I like making ppl smile..=)
Coz seeing their smile..Just makes me Happy.

But Heyy! Then again..... i think to myself..

Wheres that Smile In My Heart?

Thursday, June 14, 2007


Aye..I went to school today..
And I passed by some teachers and they were like..
"Heyy! U feeling better already?"
I was like..whoaaa..How u noe i sick wor?
xD! then..DA XIANG! he bought me fishermans!
Haha..Coz he saw i had a sore throat..=)
Thank U da xiang...~~~! ^^

And..Just feel very blessed and loved lar..
Like..I sick ni..Not so serious sick..
But still..Alot of ppl show their care and love..=)
I love u guys! HUGS HUGS AND KISSES!!!!

"Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take,
but by the moments that take our breaths away."

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Zzzzz.......Sore throat leads to?

Hmm..Monday started to get like a bad sore throat..
Tuesday it just became worse..And in school..
Had a slight fever...
Then at night..Had Fever till morning..
I wanted to go school..
But mum wouldn't allow me to..
I wanted to start teaching them dance today..
But mum wouldn't allow me to.. time already wey..Sigh..
This few more weeks left u guys gotta really work ur butts off..
No joke...we're really running out of time..
Aiiihhh..why sick at this time one..Blerh...

k larhs..No mood to blog much today..
And..It seems like we're drifting apart.
Hopin and wishin things go back like how it used to be.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Yays! =)

Well..=) before genting..which was on thursday..
I went out with my jie aka mel for....
SHOPPIN! =P haha..Its been loooong..
since i've shoped...=D! anyways..I really had fun..
And it totally kept my mind off other things..
that were happenin...=P so anyways..
I'm so glad i got to find some tops tht i liked..bwahahha..
And Jie got me an early birthday present!
Something that i wanted since like...Dunno when!
hahahaha...SHE GOT ME A HOODIE!!!!
WOOOT~~! Ole ole ole ole! ole~ ole~!
xD hahaha..Hyper..=P

Neways..Slept pretty late that night..=/
Coz..I was...erm..after shoppin..came back..
Then lay down on the sofa..and...and...
Listen to some musico..bwahaha..and thennn...
my emotions caught up with me....=.=!!!!
Slept at like...4am? wait..5am..xD

Anyways..NVM abt that..The next morning..
Woke up at 7am..then got ready..
and went to church to wait for the bus..
Bwahahaha..Yesh..Church camp is at Genting this year!
So we reached church and left at 9am..
Then when we were at like Muar..
The front left tire suddenly punctured..!
And the bus swayed to the side..and almost hit the kaki lima..
Like..WHAT THE ............?!
There were like tire marks along the road..heh...

So anyways..There..look closely..
u can see the tire marks..hahahaha..
quite blur though..xD haha..
So we stoped like beside a plantation area..
And flies started coming into the bus..=.=!
Sigh..It was HOT..and there were FLIES.
EvERYWHERE.! gees man..

Haaaa! Serve u right..Stupid fly..=P
A small kid named bryan smacked it..bwahhahahaa..*evil laughter* =P
Thats mel's finger btw. xD

Took a pic while stoning in the bus.
Gosh..Look at those eyes of mine.Dashyat.
This shows i've been sleepin "alot". =P

After sitting in tht dang..Hot..Bus..
With flies everywhere for like..2 or 3 hours..
Another bus came and fetched us to perhentian PAGOH.
So we waited there..and just chilled there..
till 4pm..and then only the bus came..
So when we went was colder then earlier.
so tht was good. But the stupid flies!
Then like..Want to sleep also cannot..
Coz the anoying iritating flies..
kept flying on my face and nose and like..GRRR!
So i woke up and looked at Mel.
She took her hoodie and covered her face.
I was like...Ehhh? Not Baddd~!.... so i took MY new..
HOODie..=P *ceyy so proud to say..MY hoodie..xD*
Then covered my face too..bwahahhaa..
No more disturbance of flies..Ladidum~!

Woke up..then..after a while..reached KL.
Then we started cam whorin. bwahhaa.

{Bryan Yong,Me,Mel,Bryan Ho}
The four ppl sitting wayyy at the back of the bus together. =)

Finally at about..8pm.
We reached! I was like..When i saw the genting sign.
I could hear the halelujah chorus! xD
The lights and sight was just awesome!!!!
Haha..11 hours bus ride to genting. =.=!
Anyway..When reached, had dinner..
and went to our rooms. or rather apartments.
At first..My whole family was in their own apartment.
And Bryan Yong was with them too.
BUT..but..I WASNT! i was with becky jie and charlotte jie..
And Abby,sally and her son. Hmms..
Abit weird eh? xD but i was glad also..
to be with them..Bwahhaha..Awesome ppl..
awesome room..awesome junk food they brought.=P
In the end..There was one more empty space ..
in my family's went over to stay with them.

Me and Mel's room.

Bryan and Benson's.

Mom and lil bro's room no pic. =P
Haha..Then went down for service.
Short one. and came back and bathe!!!!
After tht went to my In the first place apartment.
Or rather my apartment i was supposed to be in.
And hang out with them. bwahhahaa...
Ate all the junkies and played PS2. =P
I OWN BENSON! I OWN U MAN! =P bwhahahahah!

Next morning. Woke up at 7am.
Went for breakfast, then listen to sermon.
and had photo sessions!!!! after the photo sessions..
had our OWN pic taking..bwahahhaa...

Aunt Nerissa (Bryan's Mum),Ps.Tim,Me,Mel.

Darling Becky Jie,me,Joe Kor kor! and Ben.

Haha..Charlotte taking a pic of me and me of her. =P In the lift!

Then went back up for 2nd sermon..
And had lunch..Hmm..
The others went up to the Genting Highlands..
theme park there..after lunch..
but my mum wouldn't allow us to.
So we din go. =( so we just went for a swim instead.
Like..yeah..i know..SWIMMING in GENTING.
xD yeah..the water was COLD. haha..SYIOK! =P

Came back..slept like a pig till 6.30pm.
And went for dinner..hahaha..b4 dat..
mum took some pics of me..=.=!
She was like..Waiit! Waiit! then take..haha..

WHOO WHOO~! POSER! xD! bwhahahahaa..

H e A r T s.

Went for dinner.
And went for sermon.
After sermon was games. bwahaha.
xD had fun lar..=) yays! haha..

LOL! GIRLS VS GUYS! Bwahhahaha..=P

So after everything..Went back up..
And changed..bwahahaha..
Nicholas invited us to his room.
To hang out and all..hahaha..
So everyone brought their junkies to nicholas's room.
And hang out till LATE in the morning..hahaha..

Left nicholas room att....1am?
Haha..then went back..
And..i was like lying on my bed..
Suddenly a friend called to talk..
So talked till 3am! haha..
After tht..realised how red my cheeks were.
xD haha...

BOOM! SO RED RIGHT?! lar..thats coz of the lights..
If my cheeks were really THAT red..sumthings wrong wei..=P

Ladidum~~~! xD Taking pics at 3am..

Naah..See..The red cheeks..xD hahaha..
And check out those tired eyes..=P

So slept around 3.30am..
Thenn...Woke up at 6.30am..
Haha..Had the last sermon..
Lunch..and went packing..=(
Leaving fast...

Bryan..Aww..He's happy. xD! haha..


Aww..cheeks are still red. haha..

So neways..On the bus..
Sat behind again..but this time..
With Bryan,Mel and Benson! =)! yays! haha..
And credits to Mel for taking awesome pictures..
of the scenery when we were in the bus..
on the way back down..

Just simply B e a u t i f u l isnt it? =)
Reached back JB at about 10pm! T_T
Got stuff ready for school and SLEEEP! 12am.haha.. was okay.
got some results.
some dissapointing some..okay lar.
improvement. hmm.
AND and! i got a Present for Kaw! =) awww..
haha..he went to pulau redang..and rmbered his bestie. =P
Lalalalala~! PICTURE OF IT! hehe...

Awww...So cute! =) Thx kaw..Hugs! ^^

Hmm..And Sue Mei gave me awesome news!
She said i could learn breakdance for FREE!
From this studio near my hse..
coz their looking for B-Girls to join their crew..
So yeah..If they choose u..then can learn for free..
And guess wht happened when i went home..
all excited abt this awesome news?
Dad said. "No. Concentrate on your studies."
*crushed* yerrr...T_T sobs...
sighs...oh well...i guess...some dreams..
are hard to come true. heh. whtvr lars.
sheeesh...k lar..enough blogging.