Wednesday, November 13, 2013

November already?! :O

Hey guys!

It's been ages. I know. Tell me about it!
Gosh.. You know, i thought i would have more room to breathe after my party. Guess i thought wrong! I've been so overwhelmed ever since i got back from the UK ! The series of events that just keep on coming and going in a consecutive manner has been crazy!

To start,
How did my party go?

My Birthday Cake! Designed it and decorated it myself! :D
A cake of the things I Love. =D.!
Kit Kats and Oreos! 
Well, to be honest, since I was practically the only one planning my 21st Birthday party, i guess you can only imagine how stressful it was! There was soooo many things to deal with and it overwhelmed me. It did. Thank God for friends who helped tho!

Thank you all, who helped to cook some of the things on the menu! and to those who helped before, during and after the party! I couldn't have done it without my family and friends! But the whole party had went according to how i pictured it. =)) Everything was exactly like how i imagined it to be! It really felt like a celebration and there was just so much love and warmth surrounding the place! Also! thank you to those who performed! it was lovely..  Thank you for all the gifts, and for simply sharing this precious memory with me. =)) It was definitely a night to remember and a 21st Birthday Party that will be kept close to the heart and mind for a very long time.. =)

Here's some pictures of z Party! :D


It felt as if it was a dream. A Vintage dream that came true. ='))
Thank you all for being a part of this happy and memorable celebration!
One that was filled with laughter,singing, and dancing. =)


After my party, the load of my studies came crashing like a tsunami. Unannounced.
Job opportunities for my Dancing Life also came knocking at my door, more often than ever!
And so, I have been having a very tough time at juggling both my final year of Law School and my Dancing Life.!

I have had the opportunity, just 2 weeks ago, to dance for Dato Siti Nurhaliza on a TV show called "Akademi Fantasia"! 

Dato Siti Nurhaliza and I ! :D
I have always, always had this dream of being a back up dancer for an Artist that i look up to, on National Tv!

And this came true, this year !
After all these years of dreaming and wishing.. Hoping..
And I couldn't feel more blessed to have been given the honor of dancing back up for Siti Nurhaliza, someone i grew up watching on TV, hearing about, and listening to, on radios!
It was a great, great experience.

I have also had the opportunity to dance for a Hair Show at Sg.Wang.
And they gave me this make over for the purposes of promoting their new hair product. haha. but yeah! Dark Green and Red! Never imagined having such a colour combination before! =P

With z Crew, HyperActive Crew at z Hairshow. :D
Massive make up and hair do. haha. Yes, that is I. =P
So now you know how i look like with massive make up and curly hair. :D

Had the opportunity to perform in Time square as well, for some KPOP TV competition, which also went on TV! :D

Performing at a Youth Event.! :D

And was surprised with this pretty pretty flower after z Show! ='))

And then came the deepavali holidays! Finally had a proper Sunday, the way sundays are supposed to be! contrary to the 9-6.30pm spent in Uni, having class, on a Sunday. D:

So yeah! T'was a happy sunday! got to rest, go to church, have lunch with friends, dinner with parents. Such a nice day of rest. Really needed it!

And i've also been working part time at events as well to earn a lil extra. U see, it's quite difficult to maintain your own car when you're a full time student, with no monthly income. Hence! The dance jobs and extra part time jobs! Yes, this month is service month. Boofus is gonna be sent to z workshop and it's gonna cost a bomb. =( So many things to be changed!

but yeah, besides that, all is good. Just the typical wear and tear of things.
So yeah! Been so difficult to work, study and dance at the same time!
Sometimes, i really don't blame my mum for getting all worked up and angry for not having enough time for myself. =(
Last Night, with the Finalist of AF 2013. :D
Sucha lovely bunch of people! 
Will also be dancing for the Akademi Fantasia Finals, this Sunday, 17th of November at Stadium Negara. =D so yesh! been busy with this as well! 
And assignments are piling up..time is flying and i've yet to read so many textbooks and journals and articles. =((

I guess, it's never easy wanting to balance two completely different worlds, but it is something that i want to do and so i shouldn't be complaining! In fact, I am actually really thankful and happy for all the doors that God has been opening to me lately! I am, very very much. Couldn't feel more blessed. 

But I also feel really bad whenever I get so overwhelmed and busy to the point where I can't keep in touch with my close friends. =( I try, but its just so difficult sometimes. Because as of now, I don't even have time to have sufficient sleep. =( So yeah.. i feel really bad for taking so long to reply some of the messages they've sent me.. be it thru fb or smses. But being the person I am, I dont like to give people short, 'cin cai' replies. So whenever i read their messages, i think to myself, okay, i'll reply them later when i have time to give them a proper reply. But sometimes, that time just never comes.

I guess, time is a luxury that I cannot afford at the moment. =/
But anyways! If you're reading this! You know i'll get back to you sooner or later. You know that i really miss you guys too and that I want to tell you, in detail, about all the things that has been happening lately, but i can only do so prolly.. idk.. in december. D: My november schedule is like, maxed out!

I knowwww. so busy.
But i promise! You guys will hear from me soon!

Miss you all!
Can't wait to meet up and talk to you guys asap!

But in the mean time, please take care and be safe!
Till next time! =)