Sunday, July 30, 2006


Hmms..Okays...Yesterday well...Morning din go hang out..So i thought could sleep like longer..Mana tahu..Mel pulled the blanket...I woke up...And i couldn't go back to sleep...And the Great part was tht it was only 8am!!!!!!! How 'great' is tht huh...? Then went on9...At 3pm..had Music Ministry meeting..Then after tht Had Band Practice...But b4 band prac was just we 3 sibs in we go blast loud...hahahahhaa....Wad...No ones arnd wht..Hwaahahahhaa...=P
Then after band prac...Me,Mel,Ben and daddy went to eat Mc'Ds! On the way there..suddenly the radio was like playing techno all da way man! hahahaha...Then play alot of hardstyle..then there was 'Listen To Your Heart' after tht alot of hardstyle again..hahhaa..i was just there thinking in my head.."Hmm..I wonder if their gonna play everytime we touch by cascada.." Suddenly tht song PLAYED! I was like....@_@!!!!!! hahahahahaha...I was happy tht i accidentally said it out loud..I KNEW IT! hahahaha..Then my bro and sis was like...argh.....Dun get why ppl like it so much.........hahahahahha...After the techno session over...Suddenly the radio like started playing all me favy syiok wei I tell u! (FYI..I did not like techno at first untill 'sum1' lah! go influence me....hahahahs! xD!)
Then reach Mc'Ds! had fun..hahaha...Dad was analizing us one by one..saying tht Mel is this this kind of person..Benson is this this kind of person...I'm this this kind of person and so on......hahaha...Lazy to type wht he said..anyways..After tht tapau-ed for Bro and MUm who was at home..hahas...Our exiting of Mc'Ds was HILLARIOUS! LoLs..I dun wanna type lah..So erms...Lazy! hahahaha...Only ONE person lazy to say lah..hahaha..anyways..Went home..then Mel,Ben and dad wanted go jusco..they ask me go..i lazy lah..hahaha..So happy man! daddy bought Chocolates!!!!!! OH! CHOCOLATEs! I HAVEN"T EAT YET!!!!!! hahahaha..Go eat after typin this bloggy lah..lols...
Today! Erms..Church..then..makan..and now back at home..on9..Oh Oh! Tomorrow's a hol for whoever stayin in JB! Wheee~! So Kewl! Me gonna go watch Pirates 2 with Fuends! Wahahahahahahhahhaha! No school tomorrrow for ME! YaYs! I'm So Carazee from yesterday till today...LOLS! HYPER SIA! hahahahhaas...Must be the chocs calling me to eat em now..Ciao!!!

Friday, July 28, 2006


So tired wei..Today after i mentioned..we would be giving a bday suprise for a the plan was for me to go back and then Sue Mei's mum come pick me then we go..But u bus came friggin late..And Sue Mei's mum forgotten tht school ends at 12.15pm today..So...Me and Sue mei had no choice but to walk to the hse Hot wei..haha...Then mark came today to get his documents or stuff..then he asked all his friends to sign his school uniform...hahahaha...Hmms..Gonna miss him...Okays...anyways...It was first tht person couldn't come..coz sick..then yeah..we say..must come wei..we have to show u this bla bla bla...coz she thought today meeting yeah...Then when we came down the stairs with the cake..and everything..She cried...hahahhaa..Awww...lols...
Was there like untill 5.30pm leh....I was so tired man..Sue Mei larhs...dun wanna go back yet coz of *AhemAhem*...hmms..bully bad....hahahahas....Thens went to Sue Mei's hse..but b4 tht i went to buy sumthing...Then the guy who was attending to me..Omgosh...i dunno how to describe lah..Then he gave me one thing extra of wht i was buying free..Then he said.."Next time u need anything come back here ya? I'll give u discount.." dunno or dunno wht scary lah wei..So pai seh...Then finally reached home...So So So tired! gudness...Ems oh yeahs..School was eh....Ok larh...gettin use to the new place...haha..every teacher tht came in was like.."eh..why u sitting there one?" ish..Sobs Sobs..lols...anyways...School was find lah..Coz i got to eat chocolate! hahahahaha...Hmms...LoLs...I think i actually influenced my sibs to like...LIKE techno wei..Coz my playlist like full with technos send by Ahem Ahem Calvin..hahahhaa....Tht guy...Wht larh...He influence me and now i go influence them pulak! Hwahahahahahs! I can go burn a whole cd of techno d! lols....
Tomorrow Sat...Morning go hang out with "Core" ...then at 3pm go church for dunno wht music ministry meeting..Hmms...Gonna be a loong day for me too...And i'm glad its a few more days it would be a new month alrdy...Carnival day coming..teacher requested me,mel and ben to perform 2 dances..Hmms...gotta start practicing..yays! i lurve dancing! hahahaha...Then 17 other schools would be coming to ma school on the Carnival Day..i oso dunno why...Hmms...Oh yes....I just remembered tht i have......Tons of hw to be done....Aiks.....See! Come back late...cannot on9 untill late night adi...have to do hw...hahaha...anyways..dun feel like on9-ing to long either larh..i'm tired...Exhausted...dun even noe whether i can do my hw anot..Okays larh..Nth much..Ciao.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

I'm Blessed..=)

Heys..Today was..Erms..It was okay at first..AT FIRST..Till it was during History period..Which is my class teacher..Yes..She teaches me Hisotry..And..Me,Sue Mei doesn't like her a bit..Shes just so...fake...Anyways..The day before yesterday..I went into the teachers room..then..I bump into Ms.Ong..(The teacher tht likes to make my school life more difficult..) Aihs..Then..She said.."Why aren't y'all listening to anymore? Din i change ur places the other day? I'm watching over you all..Rmb tht.." Wad the heck..Ok...Lets take a look here...She was my class teacher last year...LAST YEAR! WAS! And to make things worse...she doesnt even teach me a SUB! NTH! she doesnt teach me at all! Haihs...The day i din go school because i was sick..yeahs..tht day..she changed our place in school...I sit beside the window..And friends from other classes..Well..Lower classes tht is..always come by the window..

So she says..I would get influenced by em and become bad...haihs..wht larh..i wun she change my place and sue mei's place to the other end of the class..Ish......
But we din we just sat back at our places..So for a few weeks nth happened..untill the day before yesterday when i bumped into tht teacher...Haihs...
Then today she asked my class teacher to Make Sure we change our place..And dun go back to our old places..So she asked us to change..Hmm..I was very angry with her larh..coz..She like..Kinda a lil kepo larh..And i dun reli like it..Aihs..And i hate tht friggin hot...Ish...Not only that..My table sucks! The underneath is like bent..stupid larh..then i cannot put books or anything..which i do need to...Haihs..So When Zi yang found out..He said..Tomorrow he will go and get a new table for me..a better one..Thanks..=) Then went to the com room..had no mood to online larhs...

After english was Maths..b4 the maths teacher come in..Kaw Meng Chung came to my place..(He's one of my Best Friend)..Then just chat..Then suddenly..he ask.."Ehs..U not going to change place alrdy arh?" I said No..then he said oh..okays..Then he walked away..Then when i was doin notes...Sue mei suddenly said.."Oy Oy! Look!" Then i turn arnd..I saw Meng Chung bringing his table to my place..Then he took my Sucky useless desk and replace it with his....Which was perfectly fine..Awws.....Thanks loads wei..=)...Then yeah yeah yeah..the whole class started making ALOT of noise..and then started to ejek ejek..Wads larh..He's my bestie oni larhs...Nth else..You know..I dun get why they just dun get bored...They've been teasin me and him for like 1 year and 8 months now..Wads man..Not bored of it meh? hehs..

Then yeahs..I was like feeling very blessed larh to have great friends...When we change place..I was like angry..Sue Mei could she kept tryin to make me smile..hahaha...Cracking all sorts of weird,cold jokes..hahaha..But..its not the jokes tht makes me smile..its the effort she puts make me laugh..=)...Aww man! I lurve u guys loads lerh..Nice to know tht u actually have friends by your side..With u when ur happy or sad..And friends..Trying to do the best they can to make u smile..although it may make them look dumb..or rather make u feel better eventhough they cant help fix the situation entirely...Thats wht true friends are..And i'm glad it exist in my life..=) I'm glad tht there ARE sum ppl who are actually THERE for me..I'm glad those ppl exist in my life..And its truly a great blessing to know em..It sure is..

Wells..tomorrow...Friday..Would be going out after school..To a friends hse to give a friend a Suprise birthday partae..hahaha...Then on Sat going out again with core..Then on sunday,Church,And Choir Prac..Hahaha..Ayes..theres this choir first i din plan to join..but since my dads involve in it..and i wanna give him support..i shall join then..On friends would actually be doin another birthday the evening..but i guess i wouldn't be able to make it..Sorry Guys! Monday! Holiday..Would be going out with a big group of friends..hahahaha..Well..Since i want to go out with both groups tht invited me out..My classmates decided to join together lorhs..although they dun know my other group of friends..But since i want to..hahahas...they agreed..Wells..I'm thorn in between..Dunno whether i should go out wif My classmates or with Yen Fah,Jackson,Ben,Eunice...THORN IN BETWEEN..Yersss....I dun like to make decisions like this as i said b4...aihs....

Hmmm...So...I imagined this situation...Classmates infront...I in the middle..and the other group behind..hahahas...Wht lah...funny...Hmms...So susah larhs..see how things go larh..Then oni i make decision..hahas...I'm so glad tht tomorrows friday and mondays a hol! Whoo! Darn happy....hahahahaha...Okays larh..I know my blog is like friggin long alrdy...PpL read also wanna sleep alrdy..Okays larh..Ciao!

-*YaP*Tai*KaW*! Besties 4 evr!-


Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Another day is gone..

Hmms..Another day has gone by..My day today?? lols..So pai seh wei..In the morning at the assembly there..suddenly a teacher ask me to stand up..I was like.."Oh no..wad.." Suddenly the teacher said.."Tengok Rambut Dia..Rambut di depan tak terlalu panjang..Tak terlalu pendek..Cantik! Amoi Amoi patut ikut contoh dia.." I was like.......@_@!!!! Pai seh man...And here was i thinking my hairs messy........................Contoh..rites..............Okays..after tht my class went up alrdy..but suddenly we were called to go down to the assembly again..and then we kena spot check..after dats..we sat there for like an hour or more? Just coz It's science period and our science teacher happens to be the dicipline teacher..Hmm..So she scared we create hevock and decided to make our asses hurt by sittin on the floor..for 1 hour plus..BUT! hahahas..NICE! Got show to watch! lols..We saw all the ppl tht kena..The teacher check the bag..Then in the bag got knife..then in the belt got this very expensive looking belt..Youch..En.Rashid took the knife and cut the belt into half..OOoohs..Youch..Poor guy..hahaha..then teacher found rokok and all...hehs...And this poor guy had to cut his own pants just coz the bottom is like yehs..Hhahaha..Funny larh..
Anyways today was Mark's last day in school...=(...

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He's going for dis Exchange student thingy..Hmms...He'll be going to Mexico for a year..After PMR..In december...We're all gonna miss u lerhs!!! Sobs..Another friend shifting away..aiks..I hate perpisahan's man...Hmms...I hope i dun have to go through anymore perpisahan's! Dun wan too!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ALVEN AND SHI QIN! so gud girl leh me! After school din online untill i finished my pile of hw'sss! Oh yes...HELP! My maths teacher is a trainee..Omgosh..I cant have this rite now! I need Back Cik Sharimini! At least untill the exams are over! Aih..Wht lah pengetua...Why my class?! Why?! Hmmph......Okays lerhs..Dun feel like typing much todays..Ciao..

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


AYes! Today..I dunno larhs..time seemed to past as fast as it could go..Hahaha..Before i knew it..School was over...I was like..Whoa..Thats fast...Hwahaha! Anyways..Theres this particular place i lurve to go to in the morning at school..hahaha..Just cause i'm there early..And if i'm free..I'll just go up there and sit there alone untill the bell rings..lols..First of all..It's's's peaceful..And it's COLD! hahahaha..SUmtimes the SkY is reli reli beautiful! Well..Today Bro And Sis decided to join me up there..hahaha..And..Brought camera! Therefore..i shall Post Up some Pics! YaYs! hahahahhaa..

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LoLs! xD! Possing! Possing!

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Wad larh..Choke me..Haha..Oh! The last pic..Of Mel & Ben..i guess u can pretty much understand why i lurve tht place so much..hahaha..Oyh! Curi my fav place ah Jie And Kor! lols!

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School looks peaceful in the morning yeahs?
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YUp Thats It! Fights! TaKau! TaChia! Everday..Xian..hahaha..Oh yeahs..The read circle..Thats where my class is..hahaha..No idea why..fights always happens infront my class..Hwahahas! Hmm..Nice to have sibs together in the same school..Hahahas..I lurve my sibs..We're all 4 so close..Sad thing is my dear youngest brother is alone in primary school...=(

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Okays larh..Enough of pictures i guess..U've seen too much! Hahahas..Aite...Take cares Y'all! Hugs!

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Monday, July 24, 2006

I Miss It! So Badly! T_T

Aww Man..I Miss Christmas Darn Much..All those Memories..Its all just so PeaCeful..First of all..Hols..Then Camps and Conferences..And Performance in Shopping Malls..I just miss it all So Much! Thats Just simply the time of the year which i really really love..It's filled with total Joy and Peacefulness..=] In tht time of year i like feel so trouble-less..Like everythings gone...far far away...I so So Miss the Dance practices during Christmas!!! I LOVE CHRISTMAS! I MISS IT SO SO MUCH!!! When i heard some christmas songs i missed it even more! Sobs! I can't wait for christmas man...I can't wait for it to be back again! =]
Heres...A very Nice song..U can feel the peace when u listen to it! Hugs!



Hey There..Wells..First of all..My day was..Pretty aite..hahaha..Normal stuffs.. same old same old..Got some test results..Boy...I did not study and my results seem to be better than those who studied! Haha..Weirds..I seriously did not study..except if u call opening the text book 5 minutes b4 the test started studyin...Hahahhaa...Well...Its weird..How some ppl who i thought were better then me got lower marks..WEIRD LARH! But Hey! Budak budak di luar sana..Dun follow me kays..Its NOT good..heh..Getting quite gud marks without studying doesnt tell me that i can do tht all the time but instead it tells me.."Hey..If i din study and could get this kinda marks..Imagine wht greater marks i can get by studyin?!" hahaha..Yeaps..So...KIDS! Study! hahahaha..Anyways..Next monday is a hollie..and friends are plannin to go out..Hmmx...See larh..If they not going then i have another bunch of friends tha invited me out..Hehx..Busy busy me..lols..i cant believe how fast times flying..This is alrdy the last week of july! And next weeks alrdy August! Whoa..More than half a year is gone man..

Hwahahahs! For the PMR candidates out there! Just incase u dun know whens ur trials..ITS IN TWO WEEKS TIME! 8th August Mind you...Hahahahhaa..Ur PMR would be on 2October..And would most probaly end on 6thOct...WHoooHOOO! PMR ends before my bday reaches! So kewl! Can go hang out alrdy! Hahahahahhaa...Or should i juz do another partae which everyones requesting for? Hmmm..*thinks* Anyways...5thAugust coming..Which is da DOLOUS program thingy...Hahhaha..Kewl! Emx..12th August would be my schools carnival day..OMGosh..Last year my ELS persatuan made me Sell Rojak..Wadtha...So tiring wei..No more rojak Puh Leez! I have to cut this and that..Then the whole day standing there stiring and campuring the thingies! NO MORE ROJAK THIS YEAR! HUHUHUHU! Should i go help at koperasi club or ELS club...NoooOoOo! I'm thorn in between again..Hahahah..Go help both..Later run here and there..Lolx...Siao..hahaha...See larh who needs me more..Bwahahah! Tengok! My *HELP* is not tht easy to get okays! hahahaha..Whose first then they get my HELP..hahaha...

LOL! You know wht? Lately i've been going Music Carazee! I like hear nice songs on the radio...Dunno the title..So me go search untill I found it! The title only..Sobs...Cant find where to dwnload it..No limewire..aihs..Ermx..Does Anyone have any of these songs?

You And I Both-Jason Mraz
All or Nothing-Athena Cage
Greatest Story Ever Told-Oliver James(Aww man do i love this song!)
Only One-Yellowcard
Have A good Day-The Click Five
Ocean Avenue-Yellowcard
All Star-Smashmouth
I'd Do Anything-Simple Plan
Dancing In the MoonLight-TopLoader
Wake Me Up When September Ends-Green Day
Satisfaction-Benny Benassi(Club Mix)

Sunday, July 23, 2006


LoL! Okays! First of all rite..Theres this concert tht would be held at Danga Bay which is a beach on dunno wht August! There would be alot of Actors,Actresses and Singers plus Bands There! First..I was invited to go..but i decided not too lah...Suddently today Steffi told me that she have 2 V.I.P tickets and decided to go with me..LOL! SO KEWL! Cause she said tooo many of her friends asking her to bring em..So she din choose any of em and asked me instead...Aww Man..I feel so honoured! hahaha..So now see lah if MuM lets me go...Hmm...The freaking mosquitos are so like...DISTURBING! U know wht..Why are there even mosquitos in this world? Urgh..Blood suckers! Ish! Anyways..After church me went To Bryan's new hse..OMGOSH! His hse Damn nice man! The wind oso Like So strong..Wah..I can fall asleep there so easily..I just got back from his hse..huhuhuhuhuhu...I pratically spent the whole day there..hahahaha..Apa larh..He keep askin me to Swim..Dun wan! So maa fan! lolx!
Yepx yepx! So happy! Get to catch up more with Doreen today! So long alrdy since i got to like CHAT with her! She's HOT okay...hahhahahhaa...Aiyahs..Tomorrow got school agains...I cant wait for the hollies! YaYs! hahahahax...Hmmm...Aite larh..Dun wanna blog so long...Lazy...All i wanna say is...I LOVE CHOCOLATES! HUHUHUHUHUHUHU! lol...Oh Yahs! Maybe I would be going to EC's IU! I asked daddy again and he din say NO..But he din say Yes either..Hwahahah! xD! So i'll just havta see lorhx...Hmmm...
YaYs! Thank Eus So So So much to Calvin! YaYs! Now me got the song i wanted liao! Muacks Muacks Muacks Muacks Muacks! Hahahaz! Beng! U wan da Veronicas de? I got de! wan then tell me yas? Thank Eu agains!!!!! Hugs!
Oh Yesh! Hwahaha..If anyone has these songs pls Send to me ya? Its reli reli kewl and nice songs!
katy fitzgerald-it doesnt get any better than this
Frankie JordaN-once again

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Fuh FUh FuH!

Hwahahaha...My day ahh..Such a long day...Woke up at 6am..Then i started talking to myself in my head..."Okay..Wht day is it...Monday? No..Tuesday? No..Wednesday? Nopes..Thursday? Nuh-Uh..Friday..Tht was yesterday wasn't it? Ahh! Its A SAT! Whee! Wait..then why am i up so early?" Hahahaha..After tht i went back to La La land...And after like 30 minutes plus..I was awoken from my beauty sleep by my sis sayin.."Oyh..Wake up lah!" was eh..dunno wht time..Then i had to get rdy for me is gonna go hang out wif fwends..hahahhaa...So friend came..Got in the car..And i had me choco's with me! YaYs! So nice..Yesterday daddy bought some chocolates for me..=D! So i waited for the choclates..ate it..and went to sleep at 12am..Which was today mornin? hahahhaa..
Then woke up..B4 goin in the car..grab some chocs and went off...Fuh fuh..hahahaha..I LOVE CHOCOLATES! YaYs! hahaha..THen yepx...Friend went to fetch other ppl..Went to Makan..Ok..I had eh..One roti canai? hahahaha..After tht bla bla bla then went to Angsana to hang out..We are juz a crazy bunch lah..Ok..Lets just say the shops we went to had no peace till we left! hahahaha...
Saw sum1 at Silver Planet who reminded me of sum1 else..Hahahhaha...Then Hillarious stuff hapened! It was Eunice Wong's *Privacy* tht was eh..Invaded oleh Kelvin Lim..Huhuhuhuh! I will not say wht happen lah..Later she angry pulak! Hwahaha! Okays..I had a great time there lah..=] ermz..then went for band prac..and yeah..came back..Had curry..i accidentally put too much curry and it became like soup...-_-''' but other thn tht it was a great dinner! Cooked by me daddy! Hwahahah! I gonna go mandi now lah..I noeh U can smeelll Me! SMELL THE BAU *HARUM* OF CELINE! HUHUHUHUH! lolx..and then i'll go finish the rest of the chocolates! YaYs! hahahaha..Awrite..Ciaoz!

Friday, July 21, 2006


Okay..First of all..I thought..Well..We all thought this freak program thing is something to do with accounts or sumthin..So we went to school..Then left..when we reached there we realise tht everyone accept us was wearing P.E clothes..Right..So we found out there would be some fizikal activities later on..So we went there early and had time to go back and change coz the school is abt 15minutes away from my taman..So went back..Change and went back there..First it was a ceramah on a Game called "PETANQ" Wad...?'s this reli weird game which was very famous back in the olden days..So Uh-Hmm...we learnt the history and everythin and how to play it..Okays..Now i found out tht this freak program is juz on learnin how to play tht lame game...Wad the...Waste of time plus energy..TooTNess!!! Argh...Then at 11am we went to the field..and da penceramah showed us how to play da game...Hmm..after tht they break us into groups and asked us to compete...Right...I wasn't interested and just simply through the ball so tht i would loose and can go mind my own things...Arghs...
Ok..Tht school..How shall i describe it? It's placed on a hill..The poor students there would have to walk up the hill which is like 1.5km away from the school..The hill is like steap..okay..Besides tht..Da students there seem very...Good..and diciplined unlike my school..The corridors were empty..Well..My school corridors are always filled with ppl..heh..Anyways..The girls tie's up their hair and yeah..dress neatly..Most of the girls in my school juz let down their hair..And their dressin? I dun wanna start..The guys there..Hmm..When they see gals they dun go all wild and start Pikat-ing em..Well..The chinese guys don't..The Malay And Indian guys there practice tht alot..The guys in my school pulak..All 3 races do lah..heh..Emx...That school got alot of plays for students to go dating..Haha..I mean..Seriously nice places..lolx..
Anyways..Me and Sue Mei was just so freakin bored that we found a nice cozy place under the tree and just sat there untill 1pm while the other ppl were competing..Oh yes..It was burning HOT! Ish...Waste of time..Thank Gudness My HP was with me..Hahaha..Not so first it was spose to be untill 4.30pm..madness..But the thingy finished earlier then expected..So we left at 2pm..I was like so happy okays..Wat a turn down tht was..Wasting my time..Ish...
Today...Friday...Happy? Yes i was...Hah...Din do anything the whole day..JUst slack slack slack slack...Hmm..Then haha..had an interesting 'chat' with Jian Ming aka LJM,Phillip Err and Kuan Chong..Or sumthin..I dunno how to spell his name although he WAS my neighbour..hahaa...Bad bad me...Anyways...Planned to go out today...But then...
Aiyah..Nth lah..Wun say anything lah..I'll just keep my mouth shut..Let me just say sum stuff came up and i din get to go out..BuMmer...Aih...First of all...I feel bad coz i said i would go out with *anonymous* twice alrdy and in the end did not..TooT larh..Oh yes...Yesterday i spent my time finding layouts and re-modifying blogs...Well...I lurve my bloggy layout alots! Lurve Lurve Lurve it! I so dun like lookin at html codes...Pain to the eyes...arhh...My blogs nice..I'm satisfied with it..But i did not do a good job on the *other* blog..Aiks..I'll go re-modify it larh..Like not nice larh..So..Dull? anyways..Not in the mood to type alot now larh...(Though it's alrdy considered alot..=P) i'll just go look at more html codes and toture my eyes...Kays...Ciao...

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Blekz! xD!

Hmmmm..Tomorrow would be ponteng-ing one whole day of school..Going to another school...Hahahax....I hope it wouldn't bored me out...I hope its not tht boring and bad...I HOPE..! Yah yah yah..Oh yes...Sunday gonna go visit Bryan's new homey! hahahaha..Belagaknyer tht fella..."Eh..Got Tennis Court,Swimming Pool,Gym and a Sauna!!!!!" Well..thats part of the sms tht i rmbered he sent to me..hahahahhaa...yepx...So yeah...Actually I plan to go out wif Su Hui and Her cousin this Sat but then i guess i would have to go to Immanuel...So yeah...seee if Friday they can anot...Then yeah..Go watch Pirates! I reli wanna see it larh...Ehemx...Times Flyin darn Fast...I tak tunggu tunggu the Next hols which is on 19th August! YaY! hahahahhaa...=P wads...I lurve hollies! OMGosh...My new Teachers are driving me crazy larh...It's soo Obvious tht they are teachers undergoing training..the Pengetuamust have put em in my class just coz he Thinks we wouldn't be givingthe trainee teachers a hard time....1st and last class..Same laah..U think my class dun bully teachers? I think my class bullies the most! Hah!

LoL...Okays...Right...I have new nick-names..
First ones Cute Yak..Given by Ahem Ahem Cheng Chee Yang...
Then Second ones Special-Crazy-Miss...Wadda?
Given by Cough Cough Chew Wen Long and
Chea Chen Siang aka Da Xiang!!!
hahahaha...wad lah....Simply giving ppl must admit tht these ppl actually gets to brighten up my days in school larh...hahahahaha..Wow...Chew Wen Long have changed alot...Compared to his sucky attitude last year..hahaha..he's actually changing into a better person...Heh...I oso realise tht Sum 1 i will not say who is learning to become a Gentlement...Oooh....hahahahahhaha....Weird,Shocking...But Nice to Know tht there IS change....And yet for the better...=)


Aiyaaks...I feel bad...but i know this is the right thing to do..Like i said before...the PBSM punya AJK tertinggi has chosen me to be in the schools kawad team to wakil and go compete..I reli reli dun want to...
I have No Transport
I do NOT want to walk home
I tak bermaya to stayback 3 times a week..
I don't wanna get sun burn again..
I don't wanna tire out myself like i used to do..
I promised sum ppl tht i wouldn't do this to myself anymore..
I Don't want this to affect my studies..
I do not have the uniform..
I Dun wanna walk home with LPF and HCJ evday..
I Don't Have the will to compete and I have no time..

So Yeah..thats pretty it...I really have no mood for kawading or rather have anymore strength to kawad for 3 hours and then walk home 3 km with my bags and books...Yesh...thats not NICE you know...and then go back..have to do all da hw untill i have no time for myself..And no time to on9..and i'll be having mood swings...and be dead tired...Untill i cant do sum stuff which needs alot of my energy this and next month..So yeah..I told Khoo no..But she tried to kept persuading me..Plus i told myself no more and also promised sum ppl..So i shall not and stick to my word..Plus i will NOT let anyone FORCE me into doing sumthing i dun wanna do..Coz thts just not the right thing to do to me for i do things better in free will..Which i do not have...and it would rather much be forced will instead...Bleh...So i told her to find someone else to replace me...Yeah Yeah...I know tht alot of other ppl are dying to get into the school team and get chosen..Give it to em laah..I seriously dun wan laarh...So so sorry...It wasn't easy rejecting the spot in the team...But..Hey...I dun really have a full interest in Kawad-ing okays...If this was sumthing to do with dance then...I 100% free will...hehehehex...Wad? Wad to do..i like dance..I lurve dancing..And I miss Dance pracs...

Yesh...I reli reli reli luurvve dancing! Talking bout dance...I wanna go learn Breakin laah! I just dun get why my parents dun approve of it...MoM says it's more for guys..Yeah lah..I know...But it's also for gals wht...Dad...I dunno larh...Aiks...Really really reallly wanna learn!!!! then my God Bro who happens to be like pro in breakdancing doesn't reli wanna teach me coz he say.."Oyh..Dun leh..U'll heard yourself.." Dey...Brudder...No Pain No gain waht.....Correct? Agree? Argh...Fine...I'll learn myself...konon...hahahahhaha...Hmmmx....If i could just go learn....Man...I'll give a full 100% wei..hahahahhaa...I don't mind going for dance pracs Everyday...Yesh...I mean EVERYDAY! I'm Dance Carazee!!! hhahahaha...Ah welllz...Sobs Sobs...It'll come true one day..I hope.......hahahahha...Not hope...I KNOW! I will master breakin one day..hahahax...I miss dancin loads man..So muchs! Thats one reason why i lurve Nov and Dec so much..My time is always filled with dance pracs and all..Hahahhaa..Putting aside camps and conferences larh..But yesh! It's coz of dance pracs tht fills my time..I really just lurve those days!!! I miss it! And i'm looking forward to it!

Aye...type to much get complains..Blekz! Ciao!

xD! Hah! Finally....

Okays...Like i finally updated my blog..
And thank gudness it doens't look as sucky as it used too..
Anyways..Modblog sucks..Hmm...It sure does...
Urghhs...I guess i would be pretty much be blogging here
and in xanga for da moment..
Gosh..Not so familliar with blogspot...
Wanna design it also so cacated...
Aiks..Okays..Nth Much..