Thursday, December 07, 2006

Lifeless...As Can be...

I'm so darn tired..Yesterday had dance prac..Back to dance pracs..hehs..Neways..I slept at 3am that morning..Coz some1 needed me by their i was there for tht some1 till that sum1 was ok..anyways..went to dance was the first time i found it ever so hard to just put on a smile...i dunno strength to even smile i guess..=P well at least i tried...i was just to tired...anyways to me dance team..u guys are really doing well..=) keep it up! make sure u take care of urself before this saturday's performance kays?
Hmms...about's like..finally here...18 days away...HELP ANYONE???!!! sighs...I just cant feel christmas...If u don't know..i'm some1 who loves christmas times the MOST..i was waiting for it the whole excited bout it...but now..its here..and i feel no nothing..Wheres my christmas spirit? that i dunoo..Can sum1 help me rmb? help me rmb feels have that christmas joy..that joy..and peace...that i love so much abt christmas..i feel very emotionless...i've been like this..eversince..i came back from KL..or rather..coz of something that happen in KL...that made me tell myself..."let it not affect you.." and maybe..because of that..i started to block feelings..and now i've turn to stone..turn to stone that i cant feel anything anymore...maybe..i've harden myself up to much...cause maybe..i hardening up myself..I'll stand strong...and no one can bring me that why..i cant feel anything? or rather..why i'm just simply emotionless? i seriously feel like i'm sumwhere else...far far far away from whtever is happening arnd me..theres like this blockage..preventing me from crossing over...Is there anyone out there to remove this blockage for me??
It's funny how..most of the times..when ppl have problems..or whenver some1 needs some advice..or when they come to me to talk...i can help them..i'm able to answer their questions..i'm able to counsel them..but when it comes to myself...i'm just darn blank...I CANT EVEN HELP MYSELF..I guess thats the reason why they say friends need friends...NO ONE in the world...could possibly survive..standing alone..theres always some1...right beside them..standing by..and helping them up again whenever they fall...
Most of my close friends would know that..I'm not the kind of be this way..i'm always the lifely person around...cheering ppl up..bouncing here and there like a crazy maniac..What has me....i seriously don't know...

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Alritey babeh!!!! Yesterday had dance prac...Went to pick Up jef fri..Wah...had a hard time finding his grandma's hse wei..Then prac was aite..teach bryan and steffi...from the begining of the dance...while the rest prac the whole dance over and over again..i'm reli proud of bryan and steffi..they both did really well..=) *cheers!!* well anyways...I"M RELI PROUD OF THE WHOLE DANCE TEAM!!!! u guys are great..=) MAKE SURE U DO WELL THIS SATURDAY YEAH? JIA YOU!!!
Today!!!!!i decided not to have dance prac...Anyways..I woke up at 5.30am..and couldnt get back to sleep...SO...i went downstairs...and started studying form 3 sejarah...I have no idea why i did that but i did..xD...studied untill 9.30am..hahahahaha...Then Me went out with Sue,Ellora,Mel,A.T & A.N! hahahahhaa...Had fun..=)!!!! Bowling...MWAHAHAH!!! FINALLY some time for me own self..hahaha...and thanks Sue for that EARLY christmas prezzie!!! =)!!!!
Talking bout bowling..this reminds me of a very very funny incident..xD...
Last week when i was in KL..Me,my 2 bro's and calvin went to Mid Valley to hang out..then we went after went to the LADIES rest room for e while..Suddenly this indian dude came in the LADIES rest room..I was like...In my head.."Wad the..excuse mua...Like..LADIESS???!!!" then i just looked at him..then he looked back at me and smile..I was like...Uh-Huh...then he said.."Excuse me..Erm..May...I..erm...Do U...erm..." i was like thinkng to myself.."SPEAK UR MIND LA TOOT and GET OUT" then he said..."Do u have Tissue?" i was like..Shake head...No...then infront me..was a sink..there was a used tissue there..he looked at tht tissue..then he looked at me..then he asked me.."Are u using tht tissue?" i said.."No..." then he said.."May i have it?" i'm like..-_-'''!!!! Thinking to myself.."TAKE LAH...ITS NOT EVEN MINE..." then i said..."er...Yeah..Sure..." Then he came..and take the tissue...smiled at me..and say.."thanks! =)" and stop there 4 a while..i was like..thinking.."Yeah..SHOO...Leave.OUt..FREAK..." then other woman came in...they looked..Confused..why is a stupid man in a ladies room..then he left...I was like...OKKKKKK...........then me went out...and Calvin was there...then he asked me..Why?
xD...when i think abt it again..its so damn damn stupid...lolx..Gtg..Ciaoz!

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Ouch Ouch..Feet Hurts...

Hmms..had dance prac today again after church..3pm to 6pm...FINALLY FINISH TEACHING THEM THE DANCE...i'm proud of them..=)! BUT then rite...Suddenly MORE ppl wanted to join the dance..I got a few calls just now...Saying they wanted to join the dance as well...Waaaaaahhh... I was like...o....k...SO NOW I GOTTA TEACH THIS NEW PPL THE WHOLE DANCE AGAIN...AHHHHHHH!!!!!!! gosh...and we are going to PERFORM THIS SATURDAY!!! PLAZA PELANGI SUDDENLY CALLED US TO DANCE....haiyor eh.....
And i thought i was DONE teaching..and just gotta prac with gotta teach a few more ppl right from the eyes...are darn panda like that..and coz of this..I gotta cancel all my plans of going out and all..coz...theres not much time left...=( so sorry to my fwends... T_T okays...

4th Dec/Monday- 2pm to 6pm
6th Dec/Wednesday- 2pm to 6pm
7th Dec/Thursday- 2pm to 6pm
8th Dec/Friday- 2pm to 6pm
10th Dec/Sunday-3pm to 6pm
11th Dec/Monday- Maybe...

9 Dec- Plaza Pelangi / 7.30pm
15 Dec- City Square / 8pm ( I won't be performing..I will be in KL)
16 Dec- City Square / 8pm
22nd Dec- City Square / 8pm
23rd Dec- Christmas Childrens Party
24th Dec- Christmas Dinner at Jade Palace
Dance Team...U all really need to catch up this week...ASAP! PRESS ON!

Saturday, December 02, 2006


ALRIGHT MAN!! okays..Today was the first OFFICIAL dance prac lar..b4 this is just extrasss...coz some of em wanted to learn earlier..anyways..IT WENT GREAAT!!! though..My ankle is kinda hurting...but..WOW..they catch up real real fast!!! ALL of them did really really well!!! WELL DONE y'all!!!
For me..The dancers that really stand out today was JACK!!! U did really well Although it was ur first ever time dancing!!! BRYAN!!! U did awesome too!! Though it's your first time dancing!! HE NEVER TOOK PART IN ANY DANCE b4 this...And for his first time..He did WELL!! Though u may not be as fast as the others...But YOUR DETERMINATION really impressed me!! and coz of that..U stood out! Thats one of the things that I'm looking for in a Dancer! DETERMINATION! thank u so much for that....=) JEF FRI!!! Eventhough ur Knee was Injurt...But u still came to learn..And thats great determination there..THANK U FOR THAT!! and hey..GET WELL SOON! better take care of that Knee of yours aite?
To Sophie..HEy..U know your a good dancer..=) Olivia! Well done! U've not danced Hip Hop b4..but your doing Alrite so far! =)! Just use more strength and "UMPH" hahahaha...JO! ur doing aites! BB! love u..=) Benson..Dun think u dance sucky..U dance great! And u know that..=) Jie Jie..U know ur good..=) hahahaa..
Just wanna say how great u guys were today! KEEP IT UP! Huggs!!
3rd Dec/Sunday- 3pm to 6pm
4th Dec/Monday- 11am to 5.30pm
5th Dec/Tuesday- No prac..Break for u guys..
6th Dec/Wednesday- 11am to 5.30pm
7 Dec/Thursday- 11am to 5.30pm
8th Dec/Friday- To be Decided *Depends on how u guys do*
9th Dec/Saturday- 3pm to 6pm *If not performin In Plaza.P*
10th Dec/Sunday- 3pm to 6pm
11th Dec/Monday- To be decided..
Hey Y'all...u guys reallly really need to have loadsa pracs this week..Coz from the 12dec to 16dec I will be in KL for da PS conference..So on the 15th Dec..U guys have to Perform on your own!! *so sorry i wouldn't be with u guys on the first performance..* On the 16th i will rush back from KL..and i WILL make it for the 2nd performance..and the others following performance..
We will be Performing..
15th Dec- City Square
16th Dec- City Square
22nd Dec- City Square
23rd Dec- Christmas Childrens Party
24th Dec- Christmas Dinner
MAYBE..on the 9th DEC we will perform in Plaza Pelangi..Depends on whether u guys are ready to..

Friday, December 01, 2006

Tired tired!!!

Ahha....!'s friday..That was fast..hahaha...well anyways on Tuesday..wht did i do on tuesday? xD Ohhh yeaaah!! My BESTIE CAME TO VISIT MEE!!! Me have 3 besties..One of em is this gal..=) Kalaivani!!!! Missed u sooo much!!!well this bestie of mine..i've not seen her for a loong loong time..1 year plus! haha..coz she shifted school.. Wells..u know..She came to my hse for 4 or 5 times alrdy to visit me..but then no one open the door..hahaha..maybe mom couldnt hear and i was in yeahss...Anyways i'm sooo soo happy she came..=) how nice and sweet of her to come by..=) Aww...Thanks ler!!!! really brighthened up my day!!! MUACKS!!! ILU~!!!
Wednesday..kaka...SLACK SLACK SLACK!!!! online whole day man..hahahhaa...On thursday..teached dance to some of da ppl in da dance team..came my hse..hahaha...Today too...teached from 11am till 6.30pm!!! tired ahhh....(they wanted to learn earlier) hahas...Tomorrow would be teaching too..but this time more ppl...have to teach another 6 more ppl!!!! @_@ gotta go CoGs and teach em...Hmms...then Sue came over!! =)!! Reli lovey that girl la..hahaha...Noe her for 6 years edy!! man..time flying so fasst...
Wells..i've not taken my bathe and i stink so badly...*Duh...dancing like how many hours straight?* and I'm just waiting for MEL to finish BATHING!!! like...sighs...i wanted to bathe..and she was having a headache..sooo...Let her bathe first...kinda taking forever la...hahahahaha...Hmms..sue wanna go hang out on tuesday! to celebrate her finishing of her SPM! hahahaha...Yeh Man! Aites...Ta~!
PS: The Song Linger by THe Cranberries so totally Rawks k..Its so nice!!! =)