Sunday, January 30, 2011


Hey guys.. am already back from Ulu Yam! =)

anddddd.. hahaha YESH! i've finally seen a Peacock LIVE!
ALSO! i finally saw a turkey! yeah yeah yeah.. i know la 'Jakon' you'd say..
ANDDDDD! I SAW AN EAGLE LIVE! but wasn't that close up yet tho..
and got tonnes of mosquito and ant bites.. hahahaa...
especially the house! its HUGE! and really creatively built / designed..
and i can finally memorize all 66 books once again.. =P
i used to be able to.. but i lost it. but its alright, i've got it back now! =))

and i took tonnes of pictures and vids! With my HP.. my awesome HP!
awesome humble HP. hehehe.. =))))))))))
love the camera.. love the picture the video quality~!
it cant online and stuffs.. but its good enough i guess.. =)
learnt alot of other things about the bible as well..

in short, i had fun. =)
shall blog about the pictures next time!

ahhhh! missed him so muchhhh!!! he's so adorable!
and cute and chubby and SMART! he is one SMART boy weih!
no joke! wait till you meet him in person. =) only 1 year +.. but so smart edy.
=D happy happy happy! sleepless nights awaits tho! hahaha...



Saturday, January 29, 2011


Wohoooooo! heeeeelloooooo peopleeeeee!

i've just had an AWESOME MOSOME POSOME Friday! =)))

i manage to hug + meet + catch up with DANIEL RAJ!!!
he's back from Russia.. but leaving on the 6th..
he randomly called me and it was some unknown number..
and suddenly he asked if i was studying at Brickfields..
and sudd found out tht he was just standing right opposite my college..
waiting for a bus to Puchong! omgosh! i havent met or talk to him since 4 years ago weih!
tht was when i was 15 ..and just finished PMR or smth..

wah sehhhh! super long or what?!
hahahaha.. so imagine how happy i felt.. =)
to have met and catch up abit altho it was only 20minutes..
but it was a whole good 20 mins i'd say. =)))))

Dan and I.. :)
Had my last class..and im officially on my CNY break! =D
then after class i met up with Kim! but she kinda came late..
and had to fetch mum home d.. so she followed and in the end..
we ended up at Jusco Kepong, randomly. =P
and ended up watching 'FASTER' starring.. THEEEE ROCCCCK!
hahahaa.. it was a YENG MOVIE weih! =DDDDDDD
other girls .. well most girly girls would NOT like this movie..

hahhahaa.. but Kim and I LOVED IT! it was SHO COOL! =D
hahahahaa... best part was we didnt even need to wait for the movie..
everything was just so in place!
and after the movie ran under the drizzling rain to get to the car..

but as a whole, I HAD A GREAT FRIDAY! =))))))))
and ended the Night talking to Mei till 1am plus plus..
and i'm suppose to pack like.. NOW!
LOL! but i ended up blogging. =P  *dadadadadummm~* =P
ooooooooooooh! im packing btw because!
in a few hours, i'd be leaving for a place called ULU YAM!
its a youth outing. and sort of a Getaway from the city life..
and be surrounded by Nature for 2 whole days and a night..
waterfalls and all.. its gonna be great! =)

So im off!
Couldn't have NOT blog about my day today.
It was nothing special.. but.. its been a while since. =)


Friday, January 28, 2011

The Hawties Awesome Bday Suprisee! =P

Hahaha..i know its been MONTHS!
but i just didnt have the time to blog pictures! =) so here are a few pictures of Kim and Karyn's birthday suprise! =) and Kim's birthday outing. hahahaa.. didn't upload everything coz if i did. i dun need sleep edy lah. hahahahaa.. its like 2.30am already now.. So i selected a few pictures.. =) SEE! im getting better at this okaaaay. hahaha.. i used to upload almost EVERYTHING..which would then make me super zombi-fied after tht. =P Enjoyyyy!

 SHAN looks squashed! =P hahaha..

 awesome picture by an awesome photographer. =P Hee.!
 Sun set.. kinda missed it.. but ah wells we had fun with our dares didnt we? =) haha..

Had a really fun time ! so glad the suprise was a TOTAL SUCCESS! hahhahaha till Karyn even cried.. =) awwww! i feel so happy to see people so happy! especially when they're my lovelayyys! =) And im so glad u really enjoyed your 19th birthday Bestfriend. =) <3!

More pictures of my previous activities to come!

i've super determination and motivation to blog now!
hahaha my new blog layout keeps me coming back to visit my blog over and over again.. and i just feel like posting and posting and posting ! =P 


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Freshy Freshieee! =D =D =D

Yayyy! after HOURS.

i finally decided to change my layout..!
after 5 years of having the same old layout..
i've finally put on a new skin! =D

5 years! I KNOW! super fast right? hahaha..

It took me hours to decide whether to change. AND. wht to change to.
I preview preview. then exit and decided not to change it.
then i went back and started playing with the templates..
backgrounds and colours.. and FINALLY! i came up with this! =D
i've also finally changed my header picture! =)

and thats a super meaningful picture to me.
ITS MY HAND LEH! hahahaha.. =P
the picture looked as if i grabbed it off the internet eh? =P
hahahahaha.. ITS ORIGINALLY, Mine? LOL.

So yeah. Hope u like it!
comment! or whtever. lemme know what ya think. Hee. =)


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

All Things Are Possible With God.

Hey hey! oh boyyyy!
i've been away for so long!
okay.. 11days. BUT. still very long leh! hahaha.. =P

Anyways! EMO MUCH in the recent entries hey?
haha.. yeaaah maaaaan.. SOOO MUCH SHIT has been happening..
seriously. if u knew the other side of my life..
You'd think its a movie. Aihhs...
and thats why many times i say to myself..
if i were to write a book about my life..
it'd be one interesting book to read!

but seriously.. Although im a worship leader in church..
i dance, i go for outreaches, i serve..
i go church every sunday.. i read my bible..

I honestly have yet to grow so much more in my Faith..
in my walk with God.
I'd say i'm still a baby being fed milk from a bottle..
siggghhhs.. =( i'd say i stopped growing for a while..
stunted growth. pfft..
You know, there were times total shit happened..
my emotions super disturbed..whether angry/sad/hurt..
and so many times in the pass weeks.. whenever some shit happened..
the day i read my bible,it'll be totally something SUPER..
how do i put this? super relevant to my situation..

like if i was super pissed off.. with someone..
suddenly the verse.. "be quick to listen,slow to speak,slow to anger"
would appear. and it makes me feel so.. its just so difficult!
when you are so angry and u read tht.. and yes, yes of course you'll feel like.. ohmy! this is NO coincidence! But then you're so angry u just ignore the verse and say.. okay i will i will.. but u never ..

if u get wht i mean..

its like i tell myself. okok i will settle this later. but later never came. and i dare admit, there was once, a paticular verse was SO TOTALLY not a coincidence and i was like.. gonna explode..volcano gonna happen and everything and im at war with myself and my emotions and everything.. and when i saw the verse, i said to myself, "nvm lah. its nt everytime u read this and tht and so happen its relating to what ur situation is ..but its just teachings of the doesnt mean u have to immediately follow and obey wht it says." and i just told myself, no i cannot. im sorry but i cannot do whtever im reading..i cannot..

and one day i just spent my few hours thinking.. and u noe wht? i realized that, those times when the verses were relating to my situation.. It was God talking to me. Through the Bible. Through HIS word. And His word is not merely teachings but Orders from God. I know order sounds like a very Big word and some may think, oh God's ordering you. But thats just who He is. He IS GOD. and when i did wht i did, it wasn't just not following the word. it was also considered as Disobedience. it was as good as me telling God, No God, i cant do this and thats final.

its like a child telling the father, NO. i wont go to school and thats final. or NO, i WILL go to my friends party, I will drink all i want and I WILL go do this and that even though i know its wrong whether you like it or not because thats just what i want to do.

I felt so bad after that. I realized, gosh, it was as good as me telling God, hey man, look, ur teachings are good and all , but Im sorry, it just doesn't work for me.And i cant do it. its too hard.

whoever said that Life on Earth would be easy? whoever said that once u have God in your life, your journey in life would be a smooth sailing one? Sighs.

i seriously have tonnes and loads of fixing up to do.
to fix up myself within. to get myself straight again.
to get back on my walk with God.

sometimes its just SO HARD! but i guess, these are challenges in life that we must face and overcome. I've no idea how i'm gonna fix the problems that i have in my life right now. i've no idea how i'm suppose to fix things. because everytime i want to, suddenly when i have the opportunity to do so, i'd just throw it away. and more anger builds up. more ill feelings bottle up. i really need God to go through this with me.

so besides my war with myself,
I've finally stopped all forms of Jobs.
I've stopped working, yes. FINALLY.
its time i go full force on my studies. Exams are in another 4 months.
and thats Not long, AT ALL.

i've just gotten my AS results.
I got straight B's. 3B's.
i expected at least 1 or 2 A's for my Cambridge A-levels.
But i guess, now i know where my standard is in the UK standards.
and Guess wht? All my B's are 3 marks, 4 marks away from getting an A.
Coz on our results slip, they give us both Grades and Marks.
Geram? Abit lah.. but i guess that just shows that i've still hope..

so i really gotta bust my ass for my A2 exams..
and get my 3A's for the end results.
coz they Will take the AS results plus the A2 results..
and get the average. And according to my lecturer..
My results are good enough to push up to Straight A's.
So thats gonna be my Goal.

I WANT MY 3A's !
And thats not an option. =)

So yeah.
i'm gonna lifeless study after the CNY hols.
and im not sure if i should get a laptop before my exams.
lol. Exams/finals starts on MAY 27.
so hmmm.. shall decide soon.
Dancing tho? yes im still dancing. =)
exercising? oh boyyy.. i've not done tht in the pass 2 weeks plus.
and when i went to CHC to dance that day the crunches..
the crunches.. oh maaaaaaan.. did so many right..
when i lie down on my bed,when i wanna get up..
SAKIT GILER WEIH! LOL. hahahahaa.. yeah.. become AMMA edy..
and my muscles aching and all.. but thats cool lah..
i gotta get back and be fit again. =P
i dunno how or when to slot in time for exercises..
but i'll sort it out. =D

and and and, im so totally gonna start breaking again.
breakdance. ;)

i became noob-er that the noob i was last time edy lorh!
so gotta make a come back. =P
till i dunno when, Happy Chinese New Year everyone!
those travelling, do have a safe journey back. =)

With God, All things are Possible.



Saturday, January 15, 2011

Here we go again..

My days since the 3rd have been a roller coster ride..
though.. i just keep going down.. down down..
down and down and down..

Been really busy. As always.
But its crazy how i teach dance early in the morning before class starts. yup. thats whats been going on.

Wake up at 6am ++..
follow benroy and dad out when dad sends benroy to school..
then he drops me at the Ktm in kepong.
i've to take the Ktm from kepong to Kl Sentral..
and from Kl sentral to Subang. and wait there..
for the follow me ppl to pick me up and then teach dance.
after 2 hours.. they send me back to the Ktm and i rush back to college..
and go for class. Mmmhmmm.. crazie tiring to be honest.

its all coz of the travelling. it eats up my energy..
coz of the super 'efficient' ktm..
me travelling to Subang takes me 2 hours.
i get on the train by 7am. and i only reach Subang at 9am.
how crazie is tht?! ahhhh.. but theres only One more class to go..
cant continue this much longer.. its really tiring..

well, all my hard work shall be fruitful! =D
They're inviting me to their dinner in Penang but dont think i'll be going tho..
because i'll miss 3 days of class if i do choose to go..
which i dont think i will..
college has been alright.

Just had my second economic test today..
its always scary.. but after the test i feel grateful tht he's giving us tests. it actually makes us more exposed to what we will be facing during our finals.
Contract has been alright thus far.. my contract lecturer is funny. =)
Tort. At first it was alright.. but suddenly theres a change of lecturer n i dun reli like the way she handle things.. sighs.. =( dunno leh. felt so.. blur confuse n annoyed. in a way.

she not steady enough leh. kena bully by the students..
it makes me frustrated to see a teacher not having authority and being stepped on blindly.. =.= untill some of us have to scold the other students ourselves. ish.. seriously. i dont get some students who go to college just to have breaks and chit chat away. i mean. whats the point then? leave the class and give us peace la. =.= sien. gaah. and Business has been alright.. =)

i like business when we're studying it..
but when exams come.. GONE. LOL.

so yeah. sides studies, i've been to the dance studio once..
went to the dance studio after class with benroy..
and we just danced all the waaaayyy till 8pm smth..
we both super SS lor tht day. hahaa..
and i've nt been to the gym this whole week weih..
last week i went almost everyday..
guess the dance thing really draining my energy till i just wanna go home after class..

and also lately alot of things been making me sad..
disappointed.. super MAD. and Angry.
not really alot of things. more like one person.
but whtever lah. im done.
coz u noe, i dunno what u want la seriously.
ur so here and there. one minute angry one minute damn nice.
one minute wanna settle the next wanna fight.
u tell me hw ppl will think its nt fake.
its only normal if we think its fake.
anyways. u chose ur own path.
i've so much more to say.. but u know wht?
im fed up. and i think i've already given up.
bye to you. so long.

anyways. dont care about the above small paragraph.
its a stupid thing. which i dont wanna care abt anymore already.
and im serious abt it. i dont care abt it.. anymore.
go ahead and call me cold hearted. =)
im always the bad guy and ur the pitiful one..
being hurt and whtever by me. how sad.


Yes. full stop. done,gone,thrown,trashed.


And this week has been hectic. Teaching Dance + Classes = busy.
Plus studying for the econs test+preparing for PnW = Even more Busy!
and other stuffs.

alright.. aihs super not in the mood to blog already..
dunno what to say.. mind blank. till next time..
i hope my next blog entry will be pictures of my new baby.
soon? hopefully.

other than that.. Gosh. do i need the sunshine right now.
Actually, i just need You.
I need You, God.

Monday, January 03, 2011


Gosh its a new year this year already and i cant belive tht its gonna be my last year with the 1s in my age.

i had an awesome new year's eve. cant believe my hollies were only 2 weeks.
but it felt seriously long. felt like a month of hollies. Maybe coz i was so busy i hardly had anytime to feel bored. heh. anyways..

i spent new year's Eve with 3 small boys. xD
B, Nick and Joe. we went out on the 30th and sleepover at joe's place and hang out the whole of 31st together. we went to the curve again this year. but it was definitely a better new year's eve for me and the rest of us. =) compared to last year tht is.As usual, the fireworks was the highlight of my night. seriously! they were so pretttyyyyy! =))))))))))

especially when you are looking at them pwetties with people who are close to you and who you love. =) so yup! had a great one. and guess wht? on the 2nd at 12 midnight. i had problems sleeping. the Phobia came back. coz on the 2nd of Jan 2009, my hse got robbed after i went to bed. and so before i went to bed the day before yday i felt really worried for some reasons. coz the situation before i went to bed was exactly like hw it was last year and so it triggered the memories of wht happened. so yeah.. had trouble sleeping.

anyways i spent the 1st in seremban at my cousin's wedding. =)
had fun! its always fun getting to reunite with my cousins and aunties n uncles.
and i drank quite a fair bit of wine tht day. =P
hahahaa but i didnt get myself drunk. I noe my limits. ;)

and Yes, the 3rd, here i am in college using my friend's lappie.
hahaha.. yeahhh goshh time is just flying crazily fast..
and im gonna be away from the internet life for a while..
coz theres no more internet at home now.. =( got cut off..
and besides, before this i could hardly use the comp coz it ws always occupied.
and now, no internet connection at home. so like tht lah.. heh..

really cant wait to get my pay.. =D
and results.. ahhh.. mid jan.. its coming out in mid jan..
Ooooh! and college now have more stuffs than just a library.
theres a dance studio which im super phsyced about !
and a gym ... which i'll be visiting really often now..
in fact, im going to the gym with the girls after class.. =D

cool. Few new year's resolution in my head atm..

1.Get myself a lappie
2.Ace My A2 examinations in May/June out like siao till i become daaayummm fit! *wink wink* =D
4. I sooo hope the plans to go KK will carry on.

so yup! thts abt it for nw!
and yes, im still working..
teaching dance in USJ 12. and the sampling jobs..
and promoting jobs.. well they're on hold for the moment.
so yup! Free-er nw to meet up with pals..
tho, cash is running reaaallllyyyy dry. =S

till next time!