Thursday, January 27, 2011

Freshy Freshieee! =D =D =D

Yayyy! after HOURS.

i finally decided to change my layout..!
after 5 years of having the same old layout..
i've finally put on a new skin! =D

5 years! I KNOW! super fast right? hahaha..

It took me hours to decide whether to change. AND. wht to change to.
I preview preview. then exit and decided not to change it.
then i went back and started playing with the templates..
backgrounds and colours.. and FINALLY! i came up with this! =D
i've also finally changed my header picture! =)

and thats a super meaningful picture to me.
ITS MY HAND LEH! hahahaha.. =P
the picture looked as if i grabbed it off the internet eh? =P
hahahahaha.. ITS ORIGINALLY, Mine? LOL.

So yeah. Hope u like it!
comment! or whtever. lemme know what ya think. Hee. =)


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