Friday, January 28, 2011

The Hawties Awesome Bday Suprisee! =P

Hahaha..i know its been MONTHS!
but i just didnt have the time to blog pictures! =) so here are a few pictures of Kim and Karyn's birthday suprise! =) and Kim's birthday outing. hahahaa.. didn't upload everything coz if i did. i dun need sleep edy lah. hahahahaa.. its like 2.30am already now.. So i selected a few pictures.. =) SEE! im getting better at this okaaaay. hahaha.. i used to upload almost EVERYTHING..which would then make me super zombi-fied after tht. =P Enjoyyyy!

 SHAN looks squashed! =P hahaha..

 awesome picture by an awesome photographer. =P Hee.!
 Sun set.. kinda missed it.. but ah wells we had fun with our dares didnt we? =) haha..

Had a really fun time ! so glad the suprise was a TOTAL SUCCESS! hahhahaha till Karyn even cried.. =) awwww! i feel so happy to see people so happy! especially when they're my lovelayyys! =) And im so glad u really enjoyed your 19th birthday Bestfriend. =) <3!

More pictures of my previous activities to come!

i've super determination and motivation to blog now!
hahaha my new blog layout keeps me coming back to visit my blog over and over again.. and i just feel like posting and posting and posting ! =P 


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