Saturday, January 15, 2011

Here we go again..

My days since the 3rd have been a roller coster ride..
though.. i just keep going down.. down down..
down and down and down..

Been really busy. As always.
But its crazy how i teach dance early in the morning before class starts. yup. thats whats been going on.

Wake up at 6am ++..
follow benroy and dad out when dad sends benroy to school..
then he drops me at the Ktm in kepong.
i've to take the Ktm from kepong to Kl Sentral..
and from Kl sentral to Subang. and wait there..
for the follow me ppl to pick me up and then teach dance.
after 2 hours.. they send me back to the Ktm and i rush back to college..
and go for class. Mmmhmmm.. crazie tiring to be honest.

its all coz of the travelling. it eats up my energy..
coz of the super 'efficient' ktm..
me travelling to Subang takes me 2 hours.
i get on the train by 7am. and i only reach Subang at 9am.
how crazie is tht?! ahhhh.. but theres only One more class to go..
cant continue this much longer.. its really tiring..

well, all my hard work shall be fruitful! =D
They're inviting me to their dinner in Penang but dont think i'll be going tho..
because i'll miss 3 days of class if i do choose to go..
which i dont think i will..
college has been alright.

Just had my second economic test today..
its always scary.. but after the test i feel grateful tht he's giving us tests. it actually makes us more exposed to what we will be facing during our finals.
Contract has been alright thus far.. my contract lecturer is funny. =)
Tort. At first it was alright.. but suddenly theres a change of lecturer n i dun reli like the way she handle things.. sighs.. =( dunno leh. felt so.. blur confuse n annoyed. in a way.

she not steady enough leh. kena bully by the students..
it makes me frustrated to see a teacher not having authority and being stepped on blindly.. =.= untill some of us have to scold the other students ourselves. ish.. seriously. i dont get some students who go to college just to have breaks and chit chat away. i mean. whats the point then? leave the class and give us peace la. =.= sien. gaah. and Business has been alright.. =)

i like business when we're studying it..
but when exams come.. GONE. LOL.

so yeah. sides studies, i've been to the dance studio once..
went to the dance studio after class with benroy..
and we just danced all the waaaayyy till 8pm smth..
we both super SS lor tht day. hahaa..
and i've nt been to the gym this whole week weih..
last week i went almost everyday..
guess the dance thing really draining my energy till i just wanna go home after class..

and also lately alot of things been making me sad..
disappointed.. super MAD. and Angry.
not really alot of things. more like one person.
but whtever lah. im done.
coz u noe, i dunno what u want la seriously.
ur so here and there. one minute angry one minute damn nice.
one minute wanna settle the next wanna fight.
u tell me hw ppl will think its nt fake.
its only normal if we think its fake.
anyways. u chose ur own path.
i've so much more to say.. but u know wht?
im fed up. and i think i've already given up.
bye to you. so long.

anyways. dont care about the above small paragraph.
its a stupid thing. which i dont wanna care abt anymore already.
and im serious abt it. i dont care abt it.. anymore.
go ahead and call me cold hearted. =)
im always the bad guy and ur the pitiful one..
being hurt and whtever by me. how sad.


Yes. full stop. done,gone,thrown,trashed.


And this week has been hectic. Teaching Dance + Classes = busy.
Plus studying for the econs test+preparing for PnW = Even more Busy!
and other stuffs.

alright.. aihs super not in the mood to blog already..
dunno what to say.. mind blank. till next time..
i hope my next blog entry will be pictures of my new baby.
soon? hopefully.

other than that.. Gosh. do i need the sunshine right now.
Actually, i just need You.
I need You, God.

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