Saturday, January 29, 2011


Wohoooooo! heeeeelloooooo peopleeeeee!

i've just had an AWESOME MOSOME POSOME Friday! =)))

i manage to hug + meet + catch up with DANIEL RAJ!!!
he's back from Russia.. but leaving on the 6th..
he randomly called me and it was some unknown number..
and suddenly he asked if i was studying at Brickfields..
and sudd found out tht he was just standing right opposite my college..
waiting for a bus to Puchong! omgosh! i havent met or talk to him since 4 years ago weih!
tht was when i was 15 ..and just finished PMR or smth..

wah sehhhh! super long or what?!
hahahaha.. so imagine how happy i felt.. =)
to have met and catch up abit altho it was only 20minutes..
but it was a whole good 20 mins i'd say. =)))))

Dan and I.. :)
Had my last class..and im officially on my CNY break! =D
then after class i met up with Kim! but she kinda came late..
and had to fetch mum home d.. so she followed and in the end..
we ended up at Jusco Kepong, randomly. =P
and ended up watching 'FASTER' starring.. THEEEE ROCCCCK!
hahahaa.. it was a YENG MOVIE weih! =DDDDDDD
other girls .. well most girly girls would NOT like this movie..

hahhahaa.. but Kim and I LOVED IT! it was SHO COOL! =D
hahahahaa... best part was we didnt even need to wait for the movie..
everything was just so in place!
and after the movie ran under the drizzling rain to get to the car..

but as a whole, I HAD A GREAT FRIDAY! =))))))))
and ended the Night talking to Mei till 1am plus plus..
and i'm suppose to pack like.. NOW!
LOL! but i ended up blogging. =P  *dadadadadummm~* =P
ooooooooooooh! im packing btw because!
in a few hours, i'd be leaving for a place called ULU YAM!
its a youth outing. and sort of a Getaway from the city life..
and be surrounded by Nature for 2 whole days and a night..
waterfalls and all.. its gonna be great! =)

So im off!
Couldn't have NOT blog about my day today.
It was nothing special.. but.. its been a while since. =)


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