Thursday, November 22, 2012

What Drives Me?

Hey guys.

This is an entry specially dedicated to all of you peeps out there who supports me, encourages me, motivates me, to my friends.. and to my family.

The question i always have to answer:

" How do you juggle both Law and Dance? "

A very simple question yet, a very deep one.
I used to be able to juggle both dance and studies.. because i would only have to go to dance class once a week.. it used to be manageable. Till 2012. When HyperActive Zone was born. When we had our first competition together as a crew in February. And now, with HyperActive crew, a crew that is constantly growing and moving.. It has become pretty tough for me. We have practices on a very regular basis.Especially with the upcoming concert, pracs have been down right crazy. It doesn't only affect me physically.. but it automatically affects my ability to focus as well. Body tired = Mind will eventually be tired as well.

I have to travel all the way to cheras from my place and it isn't very near per say.
And so, with the early morning classes.. the bulky and energy brain power draining classes, i have become SO tired.. so tired for anything.. for anyone... not even for my own self. I barely have time for myself. Sometimes, i even find myself being too busy for God.

I have been fighting with time. I have been in a race with time. It's flying... and i'm trying my utmost best to catch up with it. I have a very tough time juggling dance and studies. I keep hoping that things will ease up after the concert. Will it? well, only time will tell.. But i am trying my best. To strike a balance between my studies and dance. Both of which, requires ample of time.. Both of which, is equally important to me..

But my main point is..

I know i have been very busy to meet or see or spend time with any of you.
I really thank you for understanding and staying by my side still..

For those who will be coming for the concert on the 1st Of December..

You have NO IDEA... how much encouragement and motivation you guys are giving me.. I have a list of names of the people who will be coming for the concert. Everytime i get tired.. everytime i become too exhausted till the point where i feel i can no longer push on and press on... I take out this paper and look at every single name on this paper. YOU GUYS.. give me alot of support and encouragement.. alot of motivation in ways, you cannot see.

When i feel like giving up when the going gets tough, i press on.. I PERSEVERE .. because of you guys.

So Thank You... Thank You for supporting me.. Thank You for going out of your way, for making time, for spending some money, Just to come support me. You have no idea how much it means to me.. and You have no idea how much it DRIVES ME.. to continue and to do my best regardless of the challenges that i currently face.


I appreciate every single one of you guys.. and i hope to MAKE YOU PROUD! When you see me perform on the 1st of December. Please do not leave right after the concert k?! I wanna see u guys and take picture with u guys! =P hehe. yes.. picture... *ahh typical celine.. * =P shh! Let me be! u know u love them pictures! =P

Much Love!
Celine.  : )

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Feels like forever.

It feels like forever since i've last blogged!
Actually... it has only been 2 weeks plus.. almost 3...... yeah, ok fine. It's been a while. :P

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I have been, so so busy.. i hardly have time to sleep!
So! where do i begin?!
Well, i went to the graduation ceremony to receive an award for scoring the highest for a subject. =) I was the book prize winner for CLR. :D

It was my first time attending a graduation ceremony. =)

It was such a great day. A long one, but a great one. It felt as if all the days spent burning the midnight oil, paid off. =) I wasn't aiming to be the best in malaysia nor to be a book prize winner. All i wanted was for me, to know that i did my best and i gave it my best. Truly, all of this are blessings from God. i couldn't have gone through inter without His Grace and Mercy. =)

After the ceremony, the girls and i headed to DOME for a drink.
This guy who seemed in charge.. saw our trophies and started making conversation with us. The 3 beautiful ladies, he called us. =)

Anyways, he decided to buy us a cake for our achievements. hahahaha.. How rare! how rare! So out of the blue.. =P Flattered were we not. ;)

Anyways, i went to the graduation ceremony thinking i'd be alone.. bored and all.. but to my surprise, i ended up sharing the day with alot of people! =)

So glad to have been able to share such a moment with u girls. =)

Also, i got to see a few of my friends graduate too! 

I was inspired. definitely was. I will be there one day. I will. =)

For the past 2 weeks of november, i have been busy as a bee! I hardly spent time at home. I was always out early, back home late. Parents not too pleased with it tho. But their daughter is a busy bee! Always have been. I'd think they'd get used to it, but i guess i'm glad that they care enough to nag me still. ahaha. =P
EnAi's birthday @ Italiannies!
Started my november with a Shangri-La buffet! =P Perks of being a dancer, maybe? =D

With HyperActive. =)

Along came mummy's birthday with november!
My Superwoman. :)
Was, Is and Will Always Be.
I love you Ma!
Karaoke with my parents!! =))
Dinner @ Chillis with Z Brother.. :)
My Lovely Parents. :)))
Happy Birthday Mummy!!

And as you all already know, the HyperActive Dance Concert is only 12 days away!!!
It'll be held at UCSI, Cheras (taman connaught) on the 1st of December at 8pm.
Come come if you're able! =) You can get your tickets from me! 
RM20 for students, RM 25 (normal seating) and RM 50 for front seat. =)

Due to the upcoming dance concert, HyperActive has been having roadshows to promote the upcoming concert..! =)
First time meeting the Lau 'triplets' !
Thanks for coming! =))
Hi ! =)

Teaching some random moves.. hahahaa..
Met chris for the second time. =) Thanks for coming!
hahaha.. picture with the cute meimeis..
Day 1 of the HA roadshow.. =)
Day 2 of the HA roadshow! Thanks for coming again guys.. =)
Meet Zachary, Darren and Daryl. =)

It has been a really crazy first 2 weeks of November.
Perform here and there. tiring! but fun... i got to meet alot of new people..which is really cool.. and alot of them who came to support were really encouraging and motivating.. Sometimes, the slightest word of encouragement can sometimes mean alot to someone.

I had my self-esteem issues again during these 2 weeks. 
The exact same way i felt after the Genting performance.. 
I felt horrible.. i was so down.. so low.. that i became pretty sensitive because i was in doubt.. I was doubting myself. So much so, when people made jokes and made fun of me, tease and 'bully' me like they always do.. They = everyone. ( i have no idea why, but people love teasing/'bullying' me. Apprently, i'm fun to kacau.. =.= )  

To be honest, i dont really care/mind. Guess i'm used to it. But in the moment of doubt.. when people say things to tease me.. which are most of the time not necessarily encouraging and nice, i doubted myself even more. It wouldn't be fair for me to just blow up at them and be pissed because of whatever they're saying or doing because in normal times, i'd not care at all. i wouldn't bother. But in these pass 2 weeks, i have never been more insecure than i've ever been in my lifetime thus far. Guess i'm feeling this way because of a few reasons which, i will not share with you guys. But yeah.. sighs. I have been going through a pretty rough ride.. So when they say stuffs like tht.. i'd just keep quiet and tahan the pain.. tahan only. They might not have meant it, but i guess i AM pretty vulnerable at the moment. So yeah.. =/

Status: FRAGILE - Please Handle with Care.

But i've been trying to sort out these issues... i've been trying to pull myself up again and be the strong,confident girl I am. I guess everyone has their moments.
I may be really open minded to certain things.. i may be nice to tease.. to 'bully'.. to kacau... but i hope that y'all will not forget that i am human too.. and that i have feelings too. Everyone has their limits.. I have mine too. =( 

I stayed over at 7 and 11's house the whole of last week. 
We practically danced 24/7. Practicing for the concert. It's a killer really. 
Wake up.. eat.. dance dance dance.. eat dinner.. rest a while.. dance dance dance again. Sometimes, till the wee hours.

Ur prolly wondering how i juggle my studies with dance if i dance almost 24/7.
I wont deny it. It's hard. Sometimes, i get really demotivated when i cannot juggle both dance and studies. Two different worlds.. two different paths.. but both requiring the exact same amount of time and commitment. It's tough. But because i want to do my BEST in whatever i start,  no matter how tough, how difficult, how stressful, how tiring it is, I will try. I will push on. I will do it no matter what. I lack sleep. Alot of it. I'm really hoping that my current lifestyle will change after the concert. I try very hard to sleep early but time just flies with the amount of work load i have to deal with. 

Why dont you just give up dance then? U ARE a student afterall right? isn't studying ur priority as a student?

True. True that. I am a student and i should focus on studying.
But i guess.. it's called a Passion for a reason. You dont just give up when the going gets tough. Instead, you push on and you try to work your way through the tough times. It's always easier said than done though. I struggle all the time. ALL THE TIME. Dont forget my responsibilities as a daughter, a sister and a friend. How now? *faints* i guess i can only do so much.. i feel really bad not having the time to spend with both my family and friends for the pass few weeks.. but like i always say.. slowly but surely. =)

Talking about friends...
Eshia. Mel. Celine. Selishia.

My sister and her family came up to KL for a few days during the holidays. =)
We decided to visit our childhood friends! We used to hang out in their house ALL the time! We were tight. =) but we've sadly, not met up for 12 years eversince we shifted to JB till recently! =) I Guess distance got the better of our friendships. But with the recent meet up, it was really nice to know that we're still as close. =) Guess its true. True friendships never die even after distance and time. They remain.

it was good. :)
Just like old times!

Anyways, it's gonna be a crazy mile till the concert arrives.
It's gonna be a stressful, tiring and tough week for me.
But i'm gonna persevere. 
With Christ, All things are possible.
Gotta start learning again, how to rely on God's strength and not my own.
If not, my human strength will definitely give way.
I can do this!
CYKM u can do this!