Saturday, September 15, 2007


Haha..I was tagged by miss evonne.. =)
And the funny thing is that a few people have been asking me..
about the almost same thing i'm about to answer.. =)


1. The tag victim has to come up with 8 different points about his/her perfect lover.
2. Have to mention the gender of his/her perfect lover.
3. Tag eight other victims to join this game and leave a comment on their blog.
4. If you are tagged the second time, there is NO need to do this again.
5. Lastly, and most importantly, HAVE FUN DOING IT.

8 different points about my perfect lover :-

-Someone who loves God like i do or even more than i do =)
-He can make me laugh and bring up new topics to talk about when theres silence.
-Appreciates me,loves me and shower me with gifts. *wink*
-Always MEANS wht he SAYS and dun break promises he made. Nvr lie.
-Will take every chance he gets to spend time with me.
-Punctual! he'll nvr make me wait. instead he'll wait. =P
-Knows how to suprise me/capture my heart no matter how angry or sad i am
: Shower me with gifts though theres no special occasion, Hug me from the back out of no where. etc.... haha..Romantic guy lar.. ^^
-Shares everything with me/keeps no secrets from me and he'll always be there waiting to catch me if i ever fall. =)

1.Melissa Yap
3.Bryan Yong
4.Yee Siang
5.Di Sheng
6.Mr. Turtle aka Ken Wei!
7.Michele Lim
8.Shawn Beck

PS: Sorry lar.. My new song for my blog no stop button.. Therefore! u have to stop whtever song ur listening to and listen to my bloggy song.. mwhahahaha.. Hey! come on.. its a nice song.. listen to the lyrics carefully. their meaningful by lots! =)

Chorus: I will never let you fall I'll stand up with you forever I'll be there for you through it all Even if saving you sends me to heaven (sniffx. so sweet.)

. . .If you wanna be close to someone, you cant keep secrets from them . . .

I'm So Blessed! =)

Okay.. U know.. I've said this so many times..
But hey! I'm a blessed girl who cant stop mentioning..
how bless she is.. hahahahaha.. HONESTLY..
Last week.. i was watching my school's sports day video..
this years one.. and like.. suddenly there was this part..
where me and "Her" were like hugging each other..
laughing together.. playing together..
me, protecting her when someone wanted to bully her..
and the sadness just all came back.. and my whole family..
looked at me while tht part was playing..
and i was like.. what? dun look at me as if..
we were in a relationship and we broke up..
and mel said.. yeah.. pretty much tht way..

so i went upstairs.. looked at the blue sky..
and just started thinking.. so much..
Thinking how a stupid small matter could..
break our 7 years of friendship..
thinking if we could ever mend tht friendship ever again..
thinking if we would ever be like last time..

BUT ANYWAYS.. the next few days..
opened up my eyes again larh..
coz of sumthing she did.. hmm..
i was dreamin and in the world of fantasy for a while..
but i got back to reality.. and this week..
has just been so awesome.. so many of my friends..
are like ALREADY asking me wht i want for my birthday..
when its like a month away.. ok.. maybe less than tht..
but anyways.. really touched lar.. then..
Jien Long.. on friday.. he told me to make sure..
tht i would be free in the morning of my birthday..
I asked why.. he said.. "Coz i already booked a room to celebrate ur bday before ur party. so from there we'll straight go to ur house when its time. and dont u dare bring any money at all. We wanna treat you. =) " i was like.. *jaw drop* hahahaa.. omgg.. so sweet.. and i asked who would be there.. and he told me..
And all of em happens to be the people i so totally love.. =)
Oh how bless i am.. i just kept smilling the whole day..

I really thank God.. at how much he's been blessing me..
and although She decided to do wht she did..
and hurt me.. but God still shows me tht..
there are still SO many people around me..
whose still there and loves and care for me EVEN MORE..^^
Thanks guys. really love u'all. =)

I'm blessed indeed. =)

Thursday, September 13, 2007

. . . O.O! . . .

Ahha..Actually.. i'm out of titles for my entries..=.=
ANYWAY right..Lately..studying like crazy lor..
Duh.. as usual.. hahahaa.. Hmm.. 17 more days!
Till my PMR.. so.. wooohooo!! Lets get this done with babeh!
xD hyper. wokays. =X OH YEAH..
I wanna proudly and gladly announce tht i got..
A for Maths. LOL! alah.. i'm like so happy bout it lar..
hahahaa... always get C.. trials get B.. Now A..
mwahahahhahaaha... Come come everyone.. *clap clap* xD
I got 87.. bwhahaha.. COME ON.. i know ur also happy..
hahaha.. so lets all be happy together.. wheee~~~ =P

Today is like buka puasa day for the Malays..
so its a holiday for us. hahaha.. okay..
at first. plan for today was to go tuitor Jia jie.
Coz he needs help from me. and i promised him.
But he couldn't in the end. coz he's mum goin S'pore.
So... next time yeah? And if like REALLY desperate d..
can come my house.. dun need go tebrau city. =)
Just let me know kays? ^^

So i ended up goin to Tebrau City with Mel instead..
Went to ask for Jobs..hahaha.. for after PMR..
LOL. aiyar.. she was goin to collect her pay slip..
so i follow only lar.. and ask in got vacancy lor..
hahaa... The legal age for working is 16..
and.. and.. =( i'm 1 year younger.. BUT..
i still have hopes! mwhahahaa.. the boss said he'll consider..=.=
But then... uncle david whose the husband of the Bread Talk..
erm.. Boss.. and he also have high position in Memory Lane.
So i called him. and he asked me if i was intrested to
work at BreadTalk or Memory Lane. hahaha.. He said..
if i didn't like working there he can help me look else where..
Awww... how nice of him. =) SO YESH! i hope..
i get employed.. hehe.. =P i wanna work lar..
I NEED da money. so broke. =( wanna go camps! hahaha..

Then after tht.. Mel had to go tuition..
So i went to the Foodcourt there..
And sat there for 3 hours straight studying..
haha.. dunno how many people came and left..
Then decided to rest a while so when and take a walk..
suddenly got fight..=.= Zzzz... Like..
go fight in the lorong or sumthing lar..
Fight in public.. Zzz.. then alot of people..
started running after the guys who were fighthing..
coz one guy was chasing another guy..
then the other people kepo so they also run after them to see..
..................... lame arses. heh.
K larhs. off i go. feel so dead without music. =(


Sunday, September 09, 2007


T_T still very the *bish* abt my stuffs..
being GONE.... =( i wan my stuffs back! =(
aih...took me YEARS to get all those stuff..
then my friends help me dwnload and all..
now its gone in like a SECOND.. .....=.=

anyways right.. my sunday was spoiled..
grr. it was all going well. till benson yap had to spoil my day.
Dang. i felt horrible. yeah.. anyone who knows him..
can go bash him for me. xD sigh.. STUPIDD FELLLA!!!
GRRRR! felt so the angry till when i close my eyes..
i see his face and see my hand *bish-ing* him.. =(

........THANKS FOR RUINING MY SUNDAY!!!! .......
Dun even feel like talking to him at the moment.. blergh...
SERVE HIM RIGHT. haha.. so funny..
when i was like super angry..
mum asked wats wrong.. at tht moment..
i was listening to the *blasted* radio..
and sitting down there.. with my eyes closed..
then she just keep asking and asking.
i said. I'm like VERY angry now. so dun ask me.
later okay. then yeah.. she know if i talk summore..
i'd blow. hehs. ppl close to me will know tht..
when i'm angry i like to be left alone and quiet.
so yeshhh... sat there for quite a while. heh....
today there was this renewal marriage thingy..
for all married couples. and then they had..
slideshows of the couples wedding pics..
waaa.. so sweet.. =) like REALLY sweet..
hahaha.. i kept goin aawwww...~~
Then think..hmm.. how will mine be like? xD
and who'll be da bridegroom? xD!!!! *thinks*
hahas..and dad swept mum off her feet..
She was like so happy k.. hahah..=)
i was like.. Is that my father? xD..
so romantic wor daddy today.. haha..
anyways i gtg lar. on for a while only.
till i dunno when. take cares.
hugs! =)

Saturday, September 08, 2007

I'm so upset wei! computer like totally got busted..
and now EVERYTHING..
ALL my stuff in the com is GONE.
walauuuuuuu~~!!!!!!! my TECHNO!
T_T sobs. and now benroy is trying to get on my nerves......=.=
I gtg.. ciaoz.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Hey i'm back!

Yesh i'm not sposed to be on.
But i needed to update lar my beloved fwends..
Who wants to know whts happening..
So anyways..I'll make this a really brief entry.
On Tuesday, had practice. Got back home at around 2am.
Packed and bathe and slept at like 4am.
Woke up at 5am and moses came to fetch us to Ai mei's place.
Started practicing AGAIN. Yeah..1 hour sleep and back to dancin.
Heh..thats tough practice man..haha..
So anyways practicing half way i stopped.
coz felt really sick. Body was aching all over coz..
injured my shoulder and hand while practicing breakdancing..
Then lack of sleep. lack of meals. proper meals i may add.
So yeah.. Went on the bus. woke up with a fever.
When we reached KL..walked all the way to the MRT station.
Took mrt to taman melati, took cab to TAR coll.
From there took bus for like 2 hours through the JAM..
To sheraton hotel. Hmm..Greg and Rhoda were really nice ler..
Actually everyone there was really nice..
They like REALLY took good care of me.. =)
Thanks ler! i love u all!!! they went all the way..
to i dunno where on get panadol, 100 plus, bread..
and all those stuff for me.. really touched.
EMERGE was great on the first night..
there was cheerleading and alot more of other stuffs..!

.....HAD ALOT OF FUN K!!!......

All of the cheerleading teams were awesome!
there were alot of performances and all. haha.. lazy to be specific.
Anyways! went to Sue's sis's hse to stay.
Nice house really. =) woke up the next day..
Fever went down by a bit..then me and mel took the girls..
from singapore to shop in 1 utama..which they've nvr been to b4..
So they practically stopped at EVERY shop. =.=!!
But anyways had fun getting to know them lar.
Sadly didn't get to meet up with some people in KL. but oh wells. had a tight schedule also. hmms... after tht from 1u we took a cab to sheraton hotel.
reach back sue's place at arnd 4am. =( woke at 7am.
went to city harvest church KL for service.
i was like sleeping the whole way lar. so tired man.
after tht was our dance competition.
it was great! hahaha.. but we had better competitors.
they were this 4 breakdancers..(guys)
After the competition, they came and asked me "Eh! u were the bgirl just now ya?" then i said yeah.. then they took pictures.. we took ALOT of pics.. Funny ones i must add. hahaha.. Hmmsh.. nicesh also lar.. got to take pics with the winners and breakdancers of the dance com. it was sumthing like, BREAKERS UNITE! hahahaa.. lol... =P

At night had an awesome closing.
left KL at 3am. reached JB at 8am.
Shin Huey needed to do something in UTM a while.
so she brought us to Ai mei's place to sleep a while.
my phone was on silent mode. was feverish. and tired.
slept like a sick dog. and when i woke up.
it was 2pm and my phone had 10 misscalls from home.
i felt so bad really. i quickly msg ben.
but i knew i was in deep trouble alrdy.
even mel was asleep and forgot to inform parents.
haih. so when we reached home. kena the punishment lor.
and tht is! we're grounded. =( till we gain back dad's trust.
aihs. anyways.. i felt really bad and yes i know i'm wrong ler.
no matter how tired or sick i was should've at least think of informing them.
but i was so blur i didn't even think properly.
aih.. its passed lar. whtever d lar.. hmm...

Getting pictures from daniel now.
havent got pics from the EMERGE.
but anyways.. gettin the last time one from dan.
hahaa..i shall post up some. =)


he's leaving for russia like tmr.. =(
2 months passed to fast. haihhh..
K lar. i gtg. imma bzbz girl xD.
wooooh~~~ 1 month to catch up.