Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Okays..TODAY! hahaha..
Morning woke up at like 7am..
then at 8am went to Morning Market in Kepong..
Bwaahahhaa..been so long since i've went there..
how nice to be back again..Awesomee!
then walk here and there...saw some nice stuffs..
but din buy..=( haha..then makan! yays..kopitiam..xD
after that..went home..saw the bed..felt tired..
then tidur..hahaha...slept for like 30 minutes..
then woke up at 11.30pm and got ready to go out..
Bwahahhaa..went to One Utama..again..xD
first..went to Yipee Cup and met up with Yi soon..
hahaha..Then while waiting for the rest to arrive..
we had a few rounds of black gosh..Yi soon..
so totally own-ed me in tht game..blerhhh..
then after sien play black jack alrdy..
Challenged him to a game of chess..! haha..
And guess what..CELINE YAP KAH MAY..
lalala~! cool..xD..

not long after..Tak Kei and Bryan arrive..
then Marcus came..then wei lim came..
then waited dunno like 1 hour..then only calvin came..
apa larr...then jun liang came..after thtt..
go to the pool and foosball there..and stoneeee..
Then me,yi soon and tak kei wanted to watch pirates..
but the rest of them dun wanna watch..=( (coz they watch d)
in the end all yi soon go line up for tickets..
but the 2.40pm show was fully booked..
so tak jadi watch pirates..sigh...
So we go play foosball..hahah..siao lar..
they go throw so many balls at once..xD...
then after tht..watched wei lim and yi soon play pool..
my gosh..wei lim snooker pro wei..hahahaha..
then after that..played bowling with Marcus,Wei Lim and Yi soon..
Bwhahahahahaa..Guess who won?!
WHEEE~! I,celine own-ed ,marcus,wei lim and yi soon in bowling!
bwahahahhaha...*evil laughter* xD funnn~! hahahaha..
while we were playing, boo chong,kien yee,joey,chee hau,chee sing came..
Then wei lim left early..coz got tuition..
after that..went to Burger King and yum cha..
haha..yi soon belanja-ed me..Thank you..=P
then just chill with kien yee,boo chong,yi soon,chee sing and chee hau..
after a while..calvin,tak kei,joey,bryan,marcus and jun liang came..
hahaha..hmm..that time abit weird
got 11 guys there..and i'm the only girl there..
lol..........................nah was okay..lolx..
kien yee and chee hau is just...................haha..*speechless*
lol...their funny but lame in some ways..hahaha..

after thattt..go to the foosball place there again..
hehs..but this time i din go in lar...
me,yi soon,chee hau,boo chong just stood outside..
then chee hau started playing some technos..
hahaha..then shuffle shuffle shuffle..
xD..later ALL of them came out..then just hang around there..
hahaha...then Kah V and Chee Huang came..xD..
then stone there for a while..then calvin left..coz he got tuition..
then kien yee needed he ciao-ed too..
hmm..then we all went to Jetty..but then i dun feel like..
yam-cha-ing again lar..bloated..lolx..
so went to the pets world with chee hau,boo chong,yi soon,chee sing.
hmm..then my aunt had to ciao..
so they teman-ed me till i reached the car..
haha..sweet of em..=) thanks! hehex..
and wei lim wanted to come back to 1u..
just to say Bye to me..haha..he's tuition ended at 5.30pm..
so he came back all the way to 1u just to say bye..xD
but before he arrive at 1u i alrdy left..
so sorry ya wei lim...=/ but i appreciate it..=)

When reached back home d..makan dinner..
then went to pasar malam..hahaha..
then Kok How,Kah Wai and Pua came ALL the way..
to The Kepong PASAR MALAM..that was just..
opposite my grandma's hse..just to meet up with me..
OMGosh.........thank u guys so much lerr...
reallly appreciate it..=) then after walk walk..
we went to mamak to yam cha..and kok how belanja-ed me!
haha..thank you kok how..=) then after tht..
had to go back yeah..they waited for a taxi..
but they walk all the way to the train station..
which is like VERY far..and took a train home..
=( so sorry lar made u guys untill so san fuu...
felt bad lar..but good they reached home safely..=)

Today was of the best days ever !
=) i love my friends..Every one of them..^^
I had a fun fun day..And i'm very Happy..=)

Okays..time to sleep..tired..Pictures..shall be uploaded..
when i get back to JB..Good Night. =)


WHEE~! omg..i'm so like the happy..*giggles*
Hahaha..okay..i'm still in KL yesh..But..
I think i should blog b4 i forget wht to blog..
by the time i get back in JB..haha..
Well lets start on the first day..FRIDAY,25th of May..
Went down to KL at abt 6pm+ and only reached at 11PM..
The journey was quite bad..coz...
First of all..We had no air-condition..
so we had to open the windows for like 5hours..
and some people may say.."Good what..cooling.."
Sorry man..ur wrong..its NOT cooling..
Its like so darn air..high way..hello? gaaah..
Then 2nd-ly..the spring or rather the suspension..
of my dad's like..GONE CASE...
so as you know..the roads are not as smooth the whole way.. ass hurt like......................crazy.

3rd-ly..oh wow..i love this one..
Lets just say a Big truck..almost hit us..
that bugger..i dunno he drunk or wht..
we were on a road where there was no its like..
one lane for going this direction and another lane for the opposite direction..
So this big truck came onto our lane..
and almost whack,smash,bash us..xD..
i cant seem to find the right which ever..
hahaha..yesh...thank GOD my dad was quick ..
and he managed to like
aiya..he managed to move further to the left..
so tht we wouldn't get knocked by tht darn truck..
it was just like merely a second..we missed the truck..
Pffft..BOO YOU! dunno how u get ur license..HMMPH!

okay enough bragging bout bad stuffs.. morning..on Saturday,26th May..
Went to One Utama to meet up with Calvin.. the first was just me and calvin..
Then later on Boo Chong came..
so we went makan in KFC..haha..Calvin belanja-ed me..=)
Thank you...=) haha..
Then we bumped into Aaron,Tak Kei,Marcus,bryan,err..and alot of ppl..
while walking in the end we all ended up..
hanging out it turned up to be a BIG group..
in the 10+ ppl..
hmm..did nth much lar..walk walk walk..yam cha..
follow Aaron go do some shopping...
then stone the rest of the day in Yipee Cup..haha..
till i had to go yeps..abit boring lar tht day..xD
but got to see calvin and boo chong tht yeah..*smiles*
Reached home..then go makan dinner with family..
well..u see..My cousin brothers..and my brothers..
would be going to CC from 9pm till 4am..
I wanted to go also..but then my mum and grandma..
Objected...eeeeeks! wht ler...=(

then On Sunday,27th May.
Went to SIBKL for church service!
Oh man..the service and the sermon was just..
AWESOME!!!!!! so totally loved it..
haha..i'm gonna go to SIBKL now..
everytime i come back to KL..hehe..=P
Then after church..went to the A&W opposite AMcorp Mall..
to meet up with En AI and Benjamin!!!
So and Benson waited there..
but in the end we walked over to Amcorp Mall..
and met up with them there..OMGosh! Benjamin Foo..
looks sooooo DIFFERENT edy lar..hahaha..
He grew his hair long..and he like REBONDED his hair!
haha..Yesh..suprised? So were we..hehe..
He say me and benson changed too..
hmm...he said i grew taller! Bwahhahahahaha! lalalala~! =P
Then after that En AI came! whee~! *phewik!* hawtie!
haha..she's alwayssss a hawtie lar..hahhaa.. we went to Mc.D's and just chat chat chat like crazy..
then we went camwhorin..bwhahahahahaha...
then walked over to A&W's coz En AI wanted her.. yesh..had a great day! =)

Monday..28th May,which was yesterday..
Woke early..coz..was awoken by parents..
they were leaving for JB..and Benroy wanted to folllow..
So now its just me and benson in KL..haha..
Then yeah..morning go makan..
then stone and slept the whole day..till..
My aunt came to my grandma hse..and brought me to her hse..
hahaha..i dunno why..felt so darn tired..
from saturday till monday..tired gila..
just felt like sleeeepiinnnggg only..=P
then went aunt's hse..onlineeeee..then..
go to Chan Wan kor's office..aka..aunt's bf..
haha..went to pick him up..from work..coz..
aunt took his car..xD so yeah..while waiting for him..
we went to Mc.D's had McFlurry and just chill..
that Mc.D's nice lar..very cossy..hahahah..
so yes..finally met her bf for the first time..
then we got stuck in a stupid long long jam..
that took us like 2 hours..ishh..
oh well..wht do ya noe..thats KL roads..
always jam here,there and everywhere!
Finally reach home then makan..
after that went Aunt's hse again..then go back grandma hse..
watch movie..and TIDUR!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

HAPPY..aiyok..SO HAPPY..xD!

Hahaha..Heya guys!
Wohoooo!!!!!! *screams* xD!
So hyper now..
Hahaha..Now..lets see..Exams have been okay..
Well i feel like HAPPY lar k..coz like..
I can do my exam papers without any probs..
So far at least..=/ tomorrow gonna sit for maths paper 2..
Waaaaaaaaaaaaa......*drops from a buildin* hehs..
Maths 2...i hope i'll do alright..
BM was essay i like do finish alrdy..
Then..CIK ROZIMAH pass by my table..(my english teacher)
Then question 2 had this timetable..but i din use it..
coz the question din say i have to use it..
Then she pass by me and say..Ehhh..have to use the timetable!
why u din use..I was like harrrrrr...................
Then ok lor..I go do my essay..AGAIN..
Then for that section..cannot over 150 words..
i count my essay got in the end i cut out the timetable..
So considered i re-do my essay again for NOTHING..

Then Sejarah..History..OMG....
I cant believe it..
for the first time sejarah was like so UNDERSTANDABLE!
MAnn..Studying really Helps..ALOT..
So totally helps..Then next day had Maths paper 1..
And yeah..Maths paper 1 was like..I CAN DO!
Hahaha..So happy..yays! English memang can do lar..=P
Today..Had science paper 1 and 2..
Plus KH and seni paper 1..
First they give us Science paper 1..When we about to do only..
A teacher come in and say.."STOP DOING! Put down ur PENS!"
Then they re-collect the exam papers..
OMG the question so damn easy..ahaa..
After tht..they say..Now u will sit for you KH exam..
Science 1 u take another day..So everybody go take the kh book..
and revise..suddenly they come back and say..
OKOK..Keep all ur books..SCIENCE 1 NOW..
WHAT theeee......then they give us back our papers..
So the lame..Blarhhh...BOO YOU!!!! Pfft..

So then science 2 and the other papers was ok..
Hmm..just awaiting tomorrow to come..haha..
Hope it'll go well..=) PLUS I"M GOIN DOWN TO KL TMR!
AWWW YEAAAAAH~!!!!! Friday not goin school..=P
Coz dad got meeting on friday in KL..So might as well go down
at the same time since i'd be going kl for the hols..Hehe..
WHeeee~!!!!!! Okay lar..


AND to Grace and Sue Mei..
Just wanna say..I Love you both alot..
Thank u so so much..u dunno how much it means to me..
So touched ler..*sniffx* HUGS! I'm blessed to have friends like u both!

Looking forward to this saturday..=)

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Friday, May 18, 2007


Okay..About my previous entry..
Don't worry about that..
Bloggin out my feelings..;)

Hmm..I wouldn't be coming online much after this..'s cause i cant..Not because i'm not allowed..
or anything of that sort..Hmm..I can't coz.......................
no streamyx for a while? hehs..
Kaw Meng Chung heard abt me not being able to on9..
And he was like..
"You can come to my House if you wanna on9! =D"

xD...that guy..hahahaha..

Exam was okay today..Had Moral..Zzz..
Boring-ness..I finished the paper in 2ominutes..
and slept for the few more hours i had to wait..=.= week is when all the harder papers come in..
hehs...All the best to ME! =)
And after the papers i'd be goin HOME! yays! =)

"I'm going home,
to the place where i belong,
where your love has always been enough for me"
(Chris Daughtry - HOME)

I love my new bloggy songs..
Yesh i know i change my blog songs alot..wahaha..
KL KL KL..I'll be back in KL very very soon..
Wheee~! the city awaits me...! xD haha..
haha..Yays..Cant wait..=)

Now..For Sue Mei's request..Here u go!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

i just ask myself why.

I..dont know why..
You have to be so upset and depress
just because we're goin through financial probs..
We've gone through this before havent we?
We'll be okay..We'll be alright..
We'll pull through...Wheres that FAITH?
Sigh..i was happy that..Before this..
Everyone was all okay..Everyone was just livin our lifes..
Like every other day before..I was PROUD..
that everyone was taking this with faith and just pure TRUST.
I know things arent gettin better like we hope it would..
And your starting to get worried..But still...
When we were tryin our best not to let it affect us..

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


HIN LOONG!!!!!! =)) HAppY BirthdAy!!! Miss u lotsss!
HUGS Hugs Hugs! ^^

Ahhhhs...Hey guys..
Well..these few days has been kinda aite..
Just that i have panda eyes..hahaa..
And i din realise that studying history..
Could bring u into another world..
Till u loose track of time..
I started studying history at 3pm..
took a break at 6 and continued at 7pm..
And suddenly i look at the clock and its 12am +...
I was like..WAAAAAAA....Times Flyin..FAST..haha..

Hmm..I'm happy i've gotten that..
"Study Mood" in me already..hehs..
All i ever been doin this 3 days was just..
Hardcore study wei..hahahaha..
Hmm..Dads in KL right now for training..
He's only gonna be back on like friday or saturday..
So he left the car behind for Mummy to drive..
And mum hasn't been driving since I WAS BORN.
Hahaha..Maybe my whole life she just like..
Drive lil here and there..But not really DRIVE..long distance..
Haha..So Mummy has been sending mel to SMKPJ which is like..
SO FARRR away from my hse...
And yeah..sending us wherever we need to go..
TWO THUMBS UP FOR MUMMY! She actually handle the wheel..
Like...GOOD! hahaha..Steadyyyy weyyyy!
=)) Muacks! love u ma!

Hmmm...Enough bout studyin..
About TODAY..which happens to be teachers day..
Okay..actually i dun wan to go..
But AS USUAL..i have duties to fufill..Zzzzz...
Membosankan..aihs...So yeah..went to school..
Did all my duties..and all..
Then at 10am, me,sham,faridah,marhanis,ecah,and
a whole lots more of ppl..Wanted to cabut keluar from school..
Well u see..we're just walking here and there like dummies..
And like waisting our oh-so-precious time..doing NOTHING.
So yeah..BALIK AWAL LAR...Zzzzz...The other years before this..
Wanna cabut keluar easy only..Just walk out..
This year ar..The NEW guard..So the what lar..
Dun let us go out..Hmmmph...LOL but in the end..
The ppl who got to cabut were Me,Sham,Faridah,Ecah and marhanis..

The guard was like..
"Hmm..Ur not my children,not my siblings..just go..Faster faster go now if u wanna cabut..Before the teachers see you..." We were like....LOL..........Okayyy... walked home..yeah..
Now home alone..ahakz..lil bro in school..
Mummy and Benson went to fetch Mel from school..
Blarhs..Aites lar..I'm still in my uniform..=P
Smewwy smewwy..hahahahaha...Take cares!!!

Wheee~! MSG MSG FOR ME darlings!

Hey darl..I've not been comin on much but heyyy got anything mush mush sms me or anythin okayss? MWAHS! Love uu..=)

I cant wait for the hols..! And We'll so totally have our own girl's outing..Just me and You ALONE...=) For now..All the Best in your exams k? Don't think so much yeah..We shall do the pourin when we meet up..BIG BIG BIGGY HUGSS! Miss u banyak banyak! =/

-Teddy Bear-
One word...IWALU...=) Miss u alots alots alotssss!
And me only owe u TWO things okayyyy..=P
Ahahha..Dun forget what u owe me ar..
RMB to design k..I wan See! hehe..=P

And I'll Nvr Fall nor Shall I stumble
for your always there givin me
the love,support and care i need =)

Sunday, May 13, 2007


Haha..okay..First of all..
Today is MOTHERS day!
But it's also Yee Siang's BIRTHDAY! =)
So Happy Birthday Yee siang!
Hehe..Glad to be the first one to wish ya..=)


Today..Nothing much also..
Went to church..
Then stayed back ..
then back home..
LOL..My Jie Jie aka Melissa is gonna be back in school..
This Tuesday..xD ahaaa..Mewwysa is goin back ta school!
lolololol... =P the only thing that would be different
is that she would be driving there..haha..

Hmmmsh..I'm starting to miss alot of ppl AGAIN..

I miss my st.peters fwends..
I miss dyc campers..
I miss MAD campers..
I miss My KL fwends..
I miss some peeps in Banting..GFS peeps..
I miss my KL famileeessss...
I miss PS conference fwends..
I miss some peeps from CA or used to be..
I miss the Core..

Ahhh..I miss so many ppl...Blarhhh..

Most Of All..

I miss my Amma..
I miss my fruit aka AppLe..
I miss rachel tai..
I miss Kimmy Ong...
I miss jack jack and flower..
I miss teh teddy bear Aloootttt..
*listing doesn't matter*

Mwahhs! Time for me to get back to my books..
My books miss my face already..=P

L.O.V.E u'all muchs!!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Been Sleepin Late. Notty Girl. =P

*yawns* lol..
I've been yawning non-stop..
Blah..Hmm..Monday..came home..
Studied...studied..then do my folio..
Or rather did both my History and Geo projects..
Done history by wednesday..and wht happens?
Teacher tells us tht we have to do some changes..
More like..ALOT of changes..and the thing tht made me..
So...the annoyed is tht..I wrote a 584words essay..
And it all went down the drain..Blarh..Alrdy write a new one though..
539words..=P Well History project done..=D! *cheers!*
Just Geo project left..and i'm free from doing projects!

Hmm..Next week is a total no-no to doing..
Anything else except studying..
Not even doing my geo project..
I gotta get this mid-term exam right..
I gotta score on this..I must..!
Ahhhs..must must must..xD..
I sound so stressed and pressurised..
Nah..i'm ok..xD hahaa...

Hmms..Yesterday Sue Mei and Zi Yang..
came over to my hse to learn k lor..
teach them...then when they left..go do project..
And yesterday...=/ Since yesterday..starting from yday..
I'm incharge of the WHOLE form 3 students..
So if they got any problem or wht so ever..
They will come and find me..=.= What lar..
En.Amin asked the form 3 students to pick a leader..
and a ketua..for the students..and they just HAD to pick me..
Blarhhhhhh....I've got enough duties lar..Ishhh..
Then En.Amin was like "Celine,Now u've got alot of children that u have to look after"
Swtsss....Aiyar..whtever lar...hmmmsh...

Just now went over to Sue Mei's hse..
To help her out with the projects..
And taught her dance..ya..
thats abt it..hmm...
Oh Yes..


Just to conclude this week right..
One word.Exhausting!
Yesh..I've been sleeping at 1am..
1am plus..the earliest would be 12am plus..
Yes thats very..very..bad..
My eye bags are like..WHOA! hahaha..
Therefore...I need My beauty..lovely..sleep..
before going back to studying my arse off..

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Be Positive and Improve.

Well heya guys..
I just got back from Tebrau City..
Haha..Went out with Sue Mei and her sisters..
And also with my bro and Zi yang..=)
Had a great time..Thx Yang for Treating me..=)
Thanks sue mei too for treating me..^^ hehe..
Well Watched Spiderman 3 ...AGAIN..But with different ppl..
hahah..But it was still nice lar..
Nice to watch again..=)

In short. Today was a Nicesh day. =)
Yeah..u can tell by how many "=)" i've already used..
In this entry..haha..

Dad confronted me today..
He say my grades are droping and
i'm loosing interest in my studies..
And it made me ask myself this question..
"Am I becoming lazy?" Whats my answer? Yes.
"Are my grades droping?" My answer? Yes.
"Losing interest in studies??" My answer? No.
"Going out too much?" My answer? Yes.
"Using the computer too much?" = Yes.
"Studying and revisioning less?" =Yes.
Yes..Theres no use lying to myself..
Might as well take dad's confrontation positively..
And try to change and improve..
I do know that i've been slacking way to much..
Considering i would be sitting for my PMR examination.
Now..The most important question is..
"Do i wanna Score straight A's?" Yes..I do..
Therefore..I will try my achieve that goal..
I looked back at the goals i made in the starting of the year..
And realise that temptations have gotten the best of me..

Well i guess its time i got back on the right path and start walking that path..I've been abit unstable and have went right and left instead of going straight. I Believe i can Achieve this goal..and that is to Score 7A's for my PMR. I must and I will. Well..I guess thats all for today..

To Daddy..Thanks for confronting me and letting me realise how lazy i've become and how much i've been slacking..I'll try my best to change..And I know its not for you..neither for mum..or anyone else..It's For ME. I love you. =)

Sometimes,Taking Confrontation
isn't that bad after all.
It's only the matter on how you see it and
the way u accept it.
Whether Negatively or Positively.
Your Life,Your Choice.
And People Only Bother to confront you..
Because..They Care.
Nth else. =)

Friday, May 04, 2007

Teacher Who? Teacher Me! =P

Hello...! Now..About Yesterday..
Hmm..School like normal..Haha..
Nth special..=P
Today..Kinda tired lar..lolx..
Stayed back to teach some ppl dance..
LOL..Yeah..They nvr dance b4..and..
It was REALLY hard trying to get them to..
Do the FIRST step correctly..*faints*
Nvm..My lollipops kept me alive..=P
hahaha..So yeah..real tired right now..

Hmm..I do realise how many ppl have been calling me "Teacher" nowadays..xD First of all..My KH teacher..whenever she have to go for a training course..she would be like.."OKAY! Class! Cikgu Yap akan mengajar kamu untuk hari ini." LOL..Then when she talk to me also she's like.."Cikgu nanti tolong kunci Bengkel KH dan berikan kerja rumah." Waaaaaaaaaaaaaa............xD feel abit weird lar wey..I"M A STUDENT lar..and and..LOL..then all my classmates are like.."Terima Kasih Cikgu Yap" when the bell rings..LOL..what lar..hahaa..Then today..My english teacher..She gotta do oral ..So she asked me to teach the class..And like..She was like.."Teacher Celine..Do you have enough chalk? Or do you need anything?" Ahhhh...THE WEIRD-NESS.....! Haha..And when them teachers talk to me..they talk to me as if i were one of their friends or one of the teachers..Haaaaa...What is thiss...xD Then when i teach some ppl dance also they are like.."Okay teacher / Xie xie Lao Shi!" Haha..I FEEL OLD.........lolx..No lar..just feel kinda weird..ahakz..

Well this Month of May have been pretty alright..So far..So Good..Of course this month would be a great month ler..Coz the starting of this month was just simply awesomee! =) I got to go out with darlyn kim..=) Well..I Hope,Wish and Do look forward to a great great month of May..hahaha..So far so good..I hope it stays good..xD...=P Tomorrow would be Da Xiang's bday..=) Gonna giv him a call at 12am..hahaha..I dun care he sleeping anot..=P AND not forgetting ZHI SHENG aka G MAN! haha..His Bday also tomorrow..=) I REMEMBERED aite..hahaha...Better appreciate it OKAYY...=P hahaha..Ahhhs..I LOVE the month of MAY! =P Of course what..Another reason is because it's PART of my NAME! =P Celine Yap Kah MAY! hahaha..The lame-ness..Bare with me..! xD
Okay lar..i also dunno wht to blog about already..

Just wanna say Congratulations to My FRUIT! xD Aka AppLe! Aka LIM KIEN BENG! Haha..I don't need to say what i'm congratulating u for..You Know..I know..We both know..Thats enough already..=) All the best! =P hehe...I lovey you! =D!

In "Me" Theres "You".
Haha..Still remember this? I still Do..=)
*7143* Hugs! xoxo

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

SO CUTE~!!!!!!

OMG! u gotta watch this!
So so cute! Thx kim darlyn for sharing! =)
The person behind the voice..haha..CUTE!

I'm Bringing Sexy back..YEAH~!

Ahhh..One word.
T.I.R.E.D! Okay..
First of all..Its been raining like crazy every morning..okay..
And it's driving me crazy!
Now u should be thinking..
Why would the rain bother celine?
Well i shall tell u why..
BECAUSe every night..when i'm sleeping..
It starts raining heavily..AND..
My mom's roof starts leaking..
And oh so how wonderful that the part thats leaking..
is RIGHT at where i LAY MY HEAD. $@#!$@%$#!

Yesh..So everytime when i half way sleeping..suddenly i feel like..Ehh..why got like drips of water falling on my face one..then i come to my senses..and realise its leaking..Zzzz...and i will start throwing all the pillows on my mum..coz my mum's bed is right beside my mattress..Grrr...and this is becoming a ruitine..and its a sucky ruitine. GAAAAH..i had to wake up at 5am in the morning..Just coz of tht..Ish..

Neways i only woke up at about 11am..coz i was really tired..then ate till 2pm. Then Qi Yuan came. After that Sue mei,Shu Xin and Xiu Ling came too. Then i started teaching them a dance and all..after that..Wen Long And Zhe Ching came with a bottle of sparkling juice. xD nicesh..=P then we just chill for a about camp stuffs..and discussed some stuffs..SUDDENLY Zi yang showed up at the door..I was like..WHAT THE??! Since when u were here? hahahaha..Hwah..Like slowly by slowly one by one coming my hse. xD then we started talking..then watched some Videos and then they left except for Zi Yang..hahaha..He stayed back to ask me to teach him breakdance. LOL.

Hmmsh..Now super tired..haha..leg still pain..=P Hmms..nothing much to blog abt..tmr back to school already..Zzz! =( ANYWAYS..SHOUT OUT TO JUSTIN SEOW!!!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! *WOOOT~!!!!* =)

I Miss My Bear..=( Where are you?

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Perfect people,Perfect show,Perfect Day.=)

AWESOME-ness of today was just..WOOOt~!
Okay..I slept at..3am this morning? =P
lalalala~! Heyyy..Channel 5 was having Movie Marathon..
And It started from 10pm till 4.15am! hahaa..
And continued at 6am till
Hahaha..But anyways..I slept at 3am..yesh..=P
And today..I got awoken by an sms..=)
It was Kimmy darlyn! Thanks for the sms..
Hahaha..It woked me up! TQ! =D!
Then got ready..Then wanted to go wake Mel up..
Apparently she was already dress..
Wow..Thats a first..xD haha..I was..impressed..=P
Coz usually she'd still be asleep..Hahaha..=P

Anyways we reached City Square right on time! hehex..Thank God kim arrived there earlier and helped us line up for tickets! Aww..Thank You Muchs Darlyn! ^^ The que..Was...VERY...VERY....VERY LONG! and She..being so us line up while we were on our way..hehe..=) Then when she reached the counter..We reached already..So yepsh..Everythin was all cool..=D! Bought tickets for Spiderman 3!!! hahahaha..Although..we bought tickets for the 12pm show..and it was still 11am plus..the 12pm show was almost out of tickets! Pheww! God loves us. Whee~! =) After that..We just bought pop corn..and stared at all the trailers they were displaying..while eatin teh pop corns..=P hahaha..And YESH..Me,Kim,Dan and Mel was like waiting for bryan..MR.Bryan..Waited so the long lar..omgosh..Ish..(BISH*) bryan that was for u..=P Then Mel and Daniel went in me and Kimmy being so nice waited for bryan till he arrived..xD and while waiting we saw Philip Pang! =D haha..been ages since i've saw uu!!! Then when Bryan FINALLY arrived..he came with this ticket for spiderman 3. we were like..."Oh...MY....GOSH! BRYAN! u did not buy that ticket did you?! Coz we already bought one for you!" and he was like..No lar..someone gave it to me when i was on my way here..We were like...Ok........................"so what u gonna do with tht ticket?" and he said..Hmm..then he walked over to this group of guys and gave it to them..xD..

NOW..for the show..IT WAS SIMPLY...AWESOMEE!!!!!!!!!!! WooH yeah!! YOU MUST MUST MUST watch it! =D! LOL..When Mary Jane was falling down from this high and kim was like..Nooooooooo! then Bryan and Daniel was like "DIE! DIE! DIE!" =.=!!!!!! SWTSSS! hahaha..but watchin movie with them was fun lar..xD..Then in the end of the movie..Some people started clapping hands..and then bryan stood up and said.."Calm down people..This is just a movie." LOL! LIKE WTH???!!!! Hahahaha..But it WAS abit weird tht they were clappin...hahahaha...After the movie..We go jalan jalan..And then b4 we left..Me and Kim got sumthing for ourselves! haha..=) I LOVEEE IT!!! *smileeesss*

Noww...Did u think..That..
We would not have any pics taken?
If yes then..Ur so wrroonnggg..=P
PICTURE TIME!!!! hahax..xD

=D! Mel,Kim,Me,Bryan and Danny Boy!

Kim and Mel!

Bryan,Danny boy and Mel!


Kimberly Ong aka Kimmy aka My darlyn God Sis!
I LOVE YOUUU!!! =) Mwahs! I had an AWESOME time today!
HUGGIEX!!!! ^^ xXxPurpleSugaasxXx!

=) It's Beautiful.