Monday, May 31, 2010


i'm having a major headache now. but i need to do this.
this thank you list.
i know i havent been replying my smses..
haven't been telling everyone whts going on..
all everyone know is that i've been going through alot..
which they have totally no clue about.
so whtever i cant really say what has been happening..
coz my headache is really killing me but here it is..
my thank you list. in no particular order..

Marilyn,Kim,Janning,Chi Wing,Boon sin,Dick Shen,Kok sime,Jovenne,Sheryl,Wei wei,Wai King,Melissa,Joseph Lai,Jamie,Lyn Yie,Fishy,Yee Siang,Joseph Lee,Serena aka Broadway Baby, Aaron Ong

and so many more. im sorry if i didn't put ur name up there. coz im really .. literally blurred out right now. till i can collapse any moment now..

but i just wanna say that.. Thank you so much for just showing me that you care and for being there even though i showed tht i didn't wanna respond to ur care u still continued caring .. and im just really blessed to have u guys in my life really. and i just want all of you to know that i really appreciate every single one of you..



One of the offline msges i received. From Aaron ong..

yeah, no problem. and if i'm not online, just wanna say, I dunno know what happened and I wouldn't know how you feel, but just remember not just me but your other close freinds are with you always along with god. and I'm honestly, worried for you, I'm sorry if I'm not been able to cheer u up like I was years ago, but hope you would feel better soon.


aren't i blessed.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

On The Verge of Exploding.

Someone calm me down.



try to act what u preach.
If not, shut up.

Would you.?

If i stopped.

Would you go that extra mile just for me.?

Because i would.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Then Stop.

i hate how people treat you like their hotels.
they come to you only when they need you..
or if they're bored.. or if they have nothing else better to do..
or no one else to turn to.. ur like some spare tyre or smth?

It is very simple and it doesn't take rocket science to figure this out. If it has become a duty for you, THEN STOP.

these kind of things need no obligation or basically, IF YOU DONT FEEL LIKE DOING SO THEN DONT. whose forcing you? seriously.?

i seriously cannot take people who are not sincere.
people who just fake it. or do it just for the sake of doing so.
Am i like some charity to you or smth..? seriously?
I need no pity from u nor anyone for that matter.

Do u actually think that i share things with people just because i HAVE to? do you think i like sharing things with you because i NEED to? yes, i admit that i love sharing things with my friends. but its all only because i choose to do so. like i said, i can share a thousand things with a thousand people..but share a million more things with you.. but i can also choose to not share even a single word with you.

if its a duty to you, then i'd rather you not do it at all.

PS: sorry if i am not replying anyones smses at the moment. Sad to say that i'm in that state where i dont feel like sharing or talking to anyone about anything. at all. so yeah. My Apologies really. Alot has been going on and its not just merely about what i have blogged about in this entry. this is only part of the whole reason of me being the way i am.

I Hope ur happy.


Shyt man.. damn emofied atm.
sighs.. too much to say..
untill i dunno what to say..

its like.. i wanna find so many people..
but i ended up finding no one..
i dont even know why..
Maybe i emofied untill dont even feel like pressing them mobile buttons.. pfft. my thursday was pretty alright. i think.

but yeah la. whatever larh. sighs.. =(
i dont even know how to express myself atm.
All i know is that im feeling really down and emofied..
and No, it aint pms.

i should just stop.

i may share a thousand words with a thousand people,
but a million more words with you,
But i can also choose to not share even a single word with you.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Crappy day.. =(

Sighs just had one of those crappy days when everything doesnt go ur way and everythings just the total opposite... D: my week hasn't been pretty thus far.. =(

but lemme just talk about today..

After Law class i planned to go timesquare to watch Nightmare on Elm Street with Ching.. coz last week when i planned to go with Lyn they said the movie wasn't on the free list movies listing ticket yet.. so they said only next week we can use the tickets.. so went to the monorail station.. tried to use my touch n go but it couldn't work.. =( so the security dude asked me to check my credit with the counter. n the counter said that their machine is spoilt and therefore they cannot check. so then.. i had to buy a ticket.Sighs. i just reloaded rm20 u noe.. =( and i only used it twice which suppose to only cost me rm2.60! sighs.. anyways.. reach timesquare after class to catch the 2.15pm show to find out that they said we STILL cannot use the tickets because its still not on the free list stupid.. sighs..

so yeah ate lunch with ching..
i wanted to save money so i decided to eat mixed rice..
instead of all those claypot stuffs.. and all..
guess wht? i took one tau fu,one fu chok and one dunno whts tht fried stuffs.. and they charged me rm6.67! like WTH?! sighs.. and the food tasted like crap. seriously.

D: so yeah.. felt even more.. Zzz..
so wan ching had to ciao coz she needed to do smth initially..
but since i asked her to go watch she came..
bt since we cant she had better go get her stuffs done.
so yeah.. since janning n benson n janning's friends were in Sg.Wang..
i decided to go look for them since i couldn't do anything else..
almost watched a movie alone. Nvr done tht before. =P
then yeah all the timing nt right.. even felt like going home..
bt i would have no one to fetch me home from ktm..
and i dun wanna waste money on taxi.. so yeah.. sighs..
so went there.. it took me 45 minutes abt there to actually find them..
coz i sesat in sg wang.. =.= they were at 6th floor..
when i finally reach 6th floor.. they went back to the place i was..
originally.. =.=!!!!!!!

then walk walk a while.. i actually damn tired..
then they say wanna go Pavillion.. T_T
so yeah.. i decided to go back to college to study..
and wait for dad and go back with him..
so as i was at college.. Jia Yi suddenly called me..
and say Kok Sime can fetch me from ktm..
so at the same time i went to KL sentral to check whats wrong with my touch n go. and it was about 4.50pm.. and my train is at 5.16pm..
so i was really rushing.. i ran to touch n go place..
and had to take a number.. Zzz.. so waited..
and btw, THEY'RE SO SLOW! T_T
well well whats new ey? so anyways..
when it was finally my turn i found out that..
RM16.50 have been deducted from my card..

why? coz on monday it seems that i touched the sensor twice.. and IT WAS ONLY BECAUSE.. the first time i touch the thing, the barrier did not open. so the security dude asked me to try again.. n BECAUSE OF THAT, i was charged a penalty of RM16.50! my goodness! thats just very.. unnecessary and unreasonable. =.=! Zzz.. got charged for smth that wasnt my fault! Pfft!! so i had to fill in some complain form and they said i have to wait for 1 month to get my refund. then i said WHOA! That Long?! and then the girl said, "eh wait, u used ktm right? oh sorry, ktm is longer and slower. u have to wait for 2 MONTHS to get ur refund." WTH?!? sighs. damn stupid la. so anyways, the girl took her ON SWEET TIME to process my stuff coz she's like some noob..some new worker. so as she served me she is like learning. Zzz.. so anyways i finished at 5.10pm and ran to the KTM ticket counter. as i was running, i have no idea how or why my books suddenly dropped. everything that was in my hand dropped to the floor.. and i had to pick em all up ONE BY ONE! Which made me even slower!! ahhhhhhhh... and everyone was just staring at me. =.=....................

felt so crappy. geez. In the end, i got to catch the train.
coz i ran like some Mad Dog. pfft.
reached ktm around 5.45pm?
And i dunno how in the world i ended up banging my head on some iron bar. GAAAAAAAH. by that time i couldn't care less about anything else or whether my head was in pain or anything. Sighs. and kok sime only came at 6.13pm like dat.. coz he was changing his car tyres and he didn't know it would take him that long. so yeah.. i just waited.. anyways.. had dinner with them and manage to catch up after quite a long time.. it was nice. seriously. they made my day less crappy.

so yeah man. geez. this is, my 26th May 2010.
what a day eyh?
what a day..

Tomorrows the last chance.
The one and only chance left.
We'll see.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Darling You,Are... The only Exception..

when i was younger i saw
my daddy cry
and curse at the wind
he broke his own heart
and I watched
as he tried to reassemble it
and my momma swore
that she would
never let herself forget
and that was the day that I promised
I'd never sing of love
if it does not exist

But Darlin...
you are the only exception..

maybe i know somewhere
deep in my soul
that love never lasts
and we've got to find other ways
to make it alone
keep a straight face
and i've always lived like this, keeping a comfortable distance
and up until now i had sworn to myself that I'm content with loneliness
because none of it was ever worth the risk

well you are the only exception
you are the only exception..

i've got a tight grip on reality
but i can't let go of what's in front of me here
i know you're leaving in the morning when you wake up leave me with some kind of proof it's not a dream

you are the only exception..

and I'm.. on my way to believing
oh and I'm on my way to believing..

Holding on to something that was never mine in the very First place.

Monday, May 24, 2010


haha the super duper long entry is finally done! haahaha.. it's like below this two first entries. coz it was in draft for quite a while. =P


have fun! =)

Noob only after 2 months!

Helloo.. =(

I finally drove a manual car again after 2 months..
and it was only 2 months..
and i sucked so badly. =(
Haihs.. feel so crappy and useless atm.

i was alright actually..
just that.. my engine died when i was the a hill..
i usually pull hand brake then balance and go..
but benson was like saying.. dun need!
just go!!!!!!!!! and i never done tht before..
or never learnt so before.. so.. my engine died..
when i decided to do wht he said.

and there were so many cars behind me..
but they were so nice to me. none of them honked at me..
at all.. although i took forever..
but still, i felt and still feel terrible. sighs. =(
Then benson asked me to get out of the car..
and then yeah.. he took over. sighs. T_T

i suck dont i? =( sighs..
i knew this would happen. sniffx..
i can drive auto.. but manual..
haizz.. i wont stop driving manual.
gonna make sure i master it then only drive auto..

Anyways enough about my failure in driving..
Had my mid term exam for Moral Studies today..
honestly? i wasn't ready. I planned to wake up early..
to study.. but i ended up waking up at 9.30am..
and i was so angry with myself for over sleeping. =.=!
i had a grumpy morning. =/ Anyways..
i was so tired.. i couldn't hear my hp alarm..

Felt kind nervous. coz.. its been a while since i've last sat for an exam.. the invigilators were scary.. and grumpy..=/ the only face smilling in the whole room was my lecturer. she gives me that motherly wibe and makes me feel like.. she's comforting me just by smilling. haha. =P im weird i know. =D but yeah anyways the minute i opened the exam paper i was like omggggggg nooooooooo.. xD the first few objective questions were hard! =( But after that i managed to do the rest and the essays turned out quite alright. i guess? but yeaaah. i finished the exam one hour earlier and left early..

supposed to go jogging at desa parkcity today..
with Benson.. but the minute i reached the ktm station..
it started to rain.. =( So Tak puas hati.. my plan tak jadi! Pfft!
Boooo~! so yeah ended up going to Jusco with Benson..
and he shopped.. and i bought some stuffs i needed to buy..
Hmmmm.. i've been lacking sleep alot lately..
and my mood has been pretty low lately..
Been thinking alottttt..! maybe too much? =P
But yehhhhhh.. thats abt wht has been going on with me..

And ahh.. Lucinda aka Cobaltviolet also kena spam with some chinese comment from "Me". I really dunno whats going on and what is happening and HOW its happening but i really cant do anything about it since i've totally no clue about whats going on. D: SORRY LUCINDA! hope nth happened to ur blog.. =(

AND. let me tell you about my ride home.
i took the ktm and this lady beside me.
OHHHHH EMMM GEEEEEE~! she was like..
and she wasn't that lil.. she was like really big sized..
and so almost half of my seat was taken over by her..
and she kept shaking her leg! and it got so annoying!
Dont laaaaaughhhhhhhh. D: its not funnyyyyyyyy~!

seriousllyyyyyyyy! u've no idea how annoying it was.
Pffft.! I officially dislike people shaking their legs today!
i was really tempted to just like use my hand and touch her thighs
and say.. KAK! boleh jangan goyang kaki tak?! in a nice way of course..
i even thought of shaking my leg like Crazie just to hint to her what she's doing to me. but i did none of that in the end. sad. x) but yeah! annoying seh!

ish.. so yeah. DONT SHAKE UR LEG when ur sitting next to me. I will so totally smack eu.! hahahaha.. well thats what i usually do to friends anyways. =P haha.. Kay larh.. i got my economics test to sit for tmr.. So.. Study timeee!

and i musssssstttt sleeeeeep more today!

PS: My super alot of pictures are actually already uploaded on my bloggie.. just that i havent published em yet coz.. quite a few more pictures are still not uploaded yet. Haha. So yeah.. Await meeeee! =))


Saturday, May 22, 2010

Being Hacked?

Hello everyone..
I just found out that Me aka my blog,Celine Yap has been spamming chilly and vickie. I received a comment from a blogger, Chilly that i have been spamming him and he had reported me..

Vickie on the other hand said that i have left a comment on her blog and all her pictures disappeared after she tried to reply my comment in chinese or smth like that and when she copied the chinese comment (my comment was in chinese) I dont even know how to write or type or read chinese! T_T =( and yeah she translated it and it was abt porn and all those stuff.

oh my goodness. that is just super disgusting!
why would i say any of those? =(

sighs.. well at least i know what "I" have commented on Vickie's Blog but i still dont know what i have spammed Chilly with.

Both of them are complete strangers whom i dunno and have never seen their blog till now.. Seriously. Sighs. i dont even have time to upload pictures to my blog. Why in the world would i be so free to spam and hack people? =(

I really dunno whats going on at the moment but i just want to apologise for all the trouble and misunderstanding that has happened! =( I hope this will resolve soon, really. I'm a person who blogs alot and i understand what they feel. So i dont blame you Chilly for getting mad..

Anyhoo, I'm still waiting for your reply chilly.
To know what i have been spamming you with.
Do get back to me yeah?

Friday, May 21, 2010

Lovely May. =)

HELLO EVERYONE! HAHA. i'm so sorry this entry took forever! x) so yeah! lets start with mother's day! =) here's mummy reading my letter.. =)

the present i got her! =)

hahaha she's a good poser ey? =P MAYBE THATS WHY I'M ALSO LIKE THAT LA! hahahaha its in the genes! we posers! =P hahaha.. so dont blame me! pffft! hahahahahahaa.. yeah glad she liked it. =) smth she wanted. =D
my letter to mummy. =)
then went to church! =) heres Gwyneth! =)
Michelle! i was suprised at how easy i got to get a picture with her. it was like impossible last time. i guess she finally got used to taking pictures. hehe. =D
da gurls!
Small kids. xDDDDD not me. the people behind me. hahhaa..
And Joe.. =) his pants made his leg look dislocated. =P
Then i suprised mummy with another gift. ! =)
bought her, her fav cake from secret recipe! =)
hahah look at her happy face. x)
=) we had dinner with her during her break at the Manhanttan Fist Market.
hehe. =D
first time eating in this restaurant.. nt bad la.. but i dont really fancy the food there. =/

wonder how it tasted. i dont eat prawns just so you know. Allergic. =(

FAMILY PICTURE! been a while. =)

i love u ma! =)

so do your sons! hehe.

Mummy and daddy. =)
Isn't she lovely?
isn't she wonderful?
The best mummy ever! =)
Pretty mummy deserves pretty roses like these. =)
hehe she looks like miss universe or smth. haha!
Beautiful pwetty roses! =) So yeah.. that was my mother's day.! =)
Yup! Watched the Bounty Hunter with Janning 13 May,9pm at Mid Valley.
It was such a tiring day.. coz right after law class, i went to TimeSquare to fix my specs..coz it was senget-ed.. It was so nice of Wan Ching to accompany me.. =) Although she was sick..
Then i went to mid valley after that to meet up with Jann. LOL. she sesat.. got lost and ended up in subang or smth. HAHA. aih.. jann likes to sesat. x) so yeah.. i waited for her in the cosmic bowl. the same place i wait everytime when im in mid valley and waiting for someone. Why? Because they always blast trance.. =) and its dark.. and i dunno.. i just like the atmosphere.. =) weird i know. to wait in a bowling alley. but thats just me i guess. haha. =D
Then she finally came and we hung out for a while and ate kfc and i TALKED. ALOT. yes.. i just talked and talked and talked untill it was time. haha. Then we went into the hall and got good seats. it was the premier of the Bounty Hunter. =D
Tried to take pictures but failed. haha..
OBVIOUSLY. xD anyways i had fun and i enjoyed the movie.. =) Jann sent me back after tht.! haha.. was super duper tired tho. Collapsed the minute i finished bathing. =P
Saturday, 16 May. Had band practice in church. Jann was leading worship and i played bass for her. Yep. Finally did something else than leading worship for service. hahaa. =)
Then we went to OU only because i wanted to eat the TGV popcorn! HAHA. =P
After finishing my popcorn i randomly looked at my watch and dragged benson and janning to the rooftop. haha. coz i wanted to see the sun set. =)
I really love and admire stuff like these. =)
It so pwetty.. how can i not? haha..
I never fail to observe the sky .. =)
Amaizing.. =) not the best, but still, lovely.
Haha.. i actually made them walk super fast. i was like.. WALK FASTER! and they had no idea where i was bringing them. hahahahahaa.. i was scared we miss the sun set. =P
and Jan was enjoying her Chicken.. she took forever to finish it. =P

haha. the shiny glass. =P


Talking.. benson said smth wrong..
Benson *White flag!* x)
Janning: Not so easy! xD

Yeah so that was my day. went curve after tht to wait for mum to finish work.. and yup! this is the day mummy bought me those 3 necklaces! hahaha.. havent taken pictures of em yet tho. =P
Sunday, 17 May. Stayed back after church..
To help Joseph and Jamie with their Pre-Wed favours. =)

i did these! the doves! i cut so many untill super tired and.. yeah.. felt like eating em! xD i was like gimme smth else to dooo! T_T if not imma eat them doves! LOL! hahahahahaa. stayed back till 7pm k! then got stuck at curve again.. waiting for mum. another tiring day!
Monday! it was another tiring day. haha. But it was nice. cause marilyn came to college to see me. She needed me.. =) So yeah.. glad i could be there for her and make her smile and laugh in the end of the day.. when she first came to me in tears. =) U know i love you babe.. *hugs*
And yup! played badminton with my seniors after coll. =) The guy jumping there, thats Kean Ho. He drove me home. haha. =)
He aint that tall but he can jump really high! and he quite pro one kay.. =)
the guy in lime green, thats Daniel. He's terengganu's State player. =)
LAI LAI LAI~~~~~! xD
The guy in Yellow, tagging with Dan, thats Thomaz. He's also one of the pros. haha.. =)
This is calvin, Penang State Player! hahaha.. ahhh.. played with all the pros that day.. T_T xD but they very nice to me la. din kena bully. hahaha.. =D
Yup yup! cant believe i finally got it! hahaha.. =)
Looks exactly like the pic in my wishlist ey? =)
Was so happy i finally got it. But sadly to say, i just sold it to Sheryl on Sunday. D: Yeah.. sighs. Why u may ask? coz like the gold strap on top doesn't really fit my leg well. if u strap it fully the space for ur leg is like only "THIS SMALL WEIH!" So yeah.. it fits sheryl better. sighs. so sold it to her. =( my baby.. one sec with me.. another sec with someone else edy.. =( Oh well. sad case i know. =/
Is Lim Wan Ching.! =) the girl i've been wanting to introduce to all of you since like, idunnowhen! hahahahaa... yep yep. =) she's the closest friend to me in college now.. she's someone i can do almost everything with.. talk about everything and yeah.. everything larh! hahaha.. so glad i found her. =)
And lookie lookie! ahaha.. Joseph introduced these sweets to me.. =) It called NERDS. yes. NERDS. hahaha what a weird name.. tho.. it taste really nice! and it looks so cuteeee! =)) hahahaha.. seriously.. when u put alot in ur mouth at one go, u can taste the juice flowing out.. =) Yummy! hahaha.. it was so funny how he kept opening his bag to take out a handful of these every 2 minutes. xD ONES U START, U CANT STOP! hahahahaha...
Had my Law test on wednesday. my first law test. ahh.. i have no idea how i did.. T_T hope i did alright. sighs i need to buck up on my law..
Well.. after lunch.. i was feeling kind of down coz of something.. Somethine happened during lunch.. and it made me feel kinda sad.. but.. *plays superman song*
WAN CHING TO THE RESCUE! haha.. just when i felt down and i was alone.. wan ching suddenly called me! =)
She did not come for our law test coz she had some stuffs to settle. and she was sick.. but she came college after lunch coz she knew i'd be alone and so she accompanied me.. and she also had to get smth done. =) Felt so much better after wan ching came. and she bought me waffles somemore!
AND SWEETS! hahaha.. Awwww.. =)
You made my day wan ching.. =) seriously. haha.. the minute she came i hugged her and she was like.. Why why why?! what happen?! hahaha.. =) Aren't i bless to have her? =)

And Kim finally finished class at 6pm.. haha.. and we wore the same pattern kinda clothes! xD =) i love the heart picture! hahaha.. i rotated it but it came out like this. haha. whtever lah. =P

Kim, the other person i'm so bless to have in my life.. =) we went to makan with gary and lee tat after that at kaveri. and that was the day i got my free milo ice! HAHA. i believe i blogged about this before in my previous entry.=P it was so nice being able to accompany her home. hehe.. I love sleeping over there.. =) the view is awesome.. so is the place! we watched The Notebook that day! =) hahahahaa.. someone cried. =P *lalalalaala~* xD its a really good movie larh. seriously. =) GO WATCH.!!!! =D
Thursday! after college.. had badminton!! =)) wan ching and edwin joined us this time! so did kim! hahaha.. alot of people came on thursday. but yeah before we went home like 1 hour before that i stopped playing and started observing some things and yeah.. i started to emo. =/ Why? got lah.. got reasons. haha. so i went outside the hall.. sat somewhere and it was cooling and nice.. and i was alone.. and played some music.. =) its nice to be alone sometimes. =P anyways..
after badminton we went to Thomaz and Daniel's hse in kelana Jaya to have dinner. MARCUS COOKED US DINNER! =D
Introducing another one of my senior, MARCUS! =)
Thats daniel, and theres kim seeing the mtv of "I See You" =D made me feel like watching Avatar again. =P hahaa..
theres thomaz!
and TADAAA~! could finally eat dinner! hahaha.. was so hungry lehh!
we decided to cook coz we were sick of eating outside food. =P

heres kean ho!
thomaz cooked the rice! =)

Heres daniel!
and the tired cook! hahahaha...
Lai yee interviewing marcus. x)

hahaha.. we were really hungry.. =P

so yup! had fun. showed them alot of dance videos and intro quest crew beat freakz and all to them. haha. =)
although it was my last night in kim's place.. we both were really tired. especially kim. hahaha.. so she slept after bathing. but i.. suppose to sleep early too.. but.. hahaha.. yeah.. that was the day shawn called.. and aaron called too.. and the morning i webcamed with aaron. haha.. so slept really "early" =P
eyebags! =X

hahaha but yeah.. this is definitely not our last sleep over. many more to come! =)
the view from Kim's window. =)

the view from her balcony..!
Pretty isn't it? =) haha..
YES! CHECK THAT OUT! the sky on friday was so beautiful and BLUE!
feels like hollywood! hahahahahaha..see the trees summore! haha.. so pretty.. and blue.. =)) told cha i admire stuffs like these! =)

no photoshop at all! =) serious stuffs! hahahaha.. pretty ey? =) TOLD CHA! hehe. =)
hehe.. Wee...~!
This is what Celine always do.. =P
when she's in the front seat.. and when she has a camera. hehe. =P

On the way to college. =)
WAN CHING BROUGHT ME CHOCOLATES!!! hahahahahaa.. weeeeeee~! =) she's so nice to me.. =))))
Joseph and Ong was like eating like siao. hahahaa.. they ate damn alot of chocs. xD
She also brought me sweets.. AGAIN! hahaha..
Awww.. =) thanks alot ching!
Meet Edwin,Chun Hwang and Dennis. 3 of them call me Jiejie / Dai Kah Jie. xD Dont ask. i have no idea why. seriously. in fact, i actually think i'm younger than all of them. HAHA. they started calling me that the first day i knew them edy. hahaha.. i also got used to it edy.. xD yep. these 3 always hang out with me and wan ching. we're always together.. us 5. haha. =) BTW.! Chun Hwang reminds me of Wei Loong! Dont u think so?! hahaha..
And heres Joseph! =) My new friend in coll. he sorta just came.. haha.. =) he is a buff guy kay! He go macho body.. hahahaa.. and he's like super tall! T_T when he sit next to me i feel like his xiao mei mei. when stand lagi worse. i feel like some 5 year old. hahaha.. 190+cm.
And wan chinggggggg.. =))))))
then Lyn yie picked me up from the ktm. hehe.
this was the day i carried super DUPER alot of things! ahhh.. good thing i had a seat in the ktm. my books were so heavy. and my clothes.. hahaa.. coz i stayed over at kim's hse so i had alot of things to bring home.
and yes. no one can evade my picture taking. coz they're driving. hahahahah! they cant do anything abt it! =P =)))) hahahahaa...thats just meeeee. =D
yep yep. went to OU. suppose to watch Nightmare on Elm Street but..
yeah.. only can watch it this week coz of the free list movies thingy.
But we had fun. ended up shopping. hahaa.. he shopped. i picked. =D haha..

so yep! thats all. phewh! took me forever to finish this entry. hahahaa...
like i always say after a long long entry..
sometimes i really wonder where i get the patience to actually blog entries that are THIS long. xD