Monday, May 31, 2010


i'm having a major headache now. but i need to do this.
this thank you list.
i know i havent been replying my smses..
haven't been telling everyone whts going on..
all everyone know is that i've been going through alot..
which they have totally no clue about.
so whtever i cant really say what has been happening..
coz my headache is really killing me but here it is..
my thank you list. in no particular order..

Marilyn,Kim,Janning,Chi Wing,Boon sin,Dick Shen,Kok sime,Jovenne,Sheryl,Wei wei,Wai King,Melissa,Joseph Lai,Jamie,Lyn Yie,Fishy,Yee Siang,Joseph Lee,Serena aka Broadway Baby, Aaron Ong

and so many more. im sorry if i didn't put ur name up there. coz im really .. literally blurred out right now. till i can collapse any moment now..

but i just wanna say that.. Thank you so much for just showing me that you care and for being there even though i showed tht i didn't wanna respond to ur care u still continued caring .. and im just really blessed to have u guys in my life really. and i just want all of you to know that i really appreciate every single one of you..



One of the offline msges i received. From Aaron ong..

yeah, no problem. and if i'm not online, just wanna say, I dunno know what happened and I wouldn't know how you feel, but just remember not just me but your other close freinds are with you always along with god. and I'm honestly, worried for you, I'm sorry if I'm not been able to cheer u up like I was years ago, but hope you would feel better soon.


aren't i blessed.


  1. you will get well soon! muahahaha! :) it's going to be ok. just leave it to God k? go do ur thing, He will make ways. :>

  2. 你要保守你的心,勝過保守一切,因為一生的果效是由心發出 ..................................................